After the Transfer, I became the Team’s Favorite


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After the Transfer, I became the Team’s Favorite [e-sports]

In the MOBA game “WOC,” professional player Jiang Min, also known as Lollipop, is a skilled player in the second position, nicknamed “Sugar God.”

Offline, he appears aloof and a bit arrogant, but when he streams online, he becomes hilarious and carefree, often inviting various teammates to play with him and build a fish pond together.

At the best stage of his career, when he is in top form, the team suddenly informs him that he will be transferred to the second team. Jiang Min feels disheartened by this unexpected change.

However, he is taken aback when someone suddenly offers 30 million to buy him out!!

What?! Who is this savior who rescued him from this predicament? Jiang Min swears to thank him sincerely, and everyone in his live-streaming room becomes witnesses to this promise.

After being brought into the prestigious JW Esports League, Jiang Min realizes that the entire team is acting rather peculiarly.

Teammate No. 1: Sugar God, I’ll clear the minion waves and give you all the money~

Teammate No. 3: Sugar God, I’ll take charge of the jungle and give you all the experience~

Teammate No. 5: Sugar God, I’ll provide you with ultimate support, muah~

The team captain, Yu Hao, seethes with jealousy, saying sourly, “Sugar, I’ll give you the minion waves, the money, and myself!”

Jiang Min: ???

Later, when JW wins their first WOC Professional League World Championship, the host brings up the topic of Jiang Min’s high-value transfer. He playfully asks, “Sugar God, how do you plan to thank Yu Hao for this?”

Before Jiang Min can speak, Yu Hao snatches the microphone, facing the camera with a lifted chin, and says, “Sugar already thanked me. Since he couldn’t repay me in any other way, he could only offer himself!”

The audience explodes with excitement.

Underneath the calm surface of a gaming prodigy lies a blushing, devoted, and incredibly jealous dog-like bottom who always wants to “indulge in sugar.”

Reading Note:

1. The cover features Sugar God and Yu Hao, and I won’t spoil the roles they play, haha~

2. “Fish pond” refers to the teammates who play with Sugar God.

3. Sugar God and his teammates only have an online gaming relationship. They occasionally flirt with each other, but it’s all in good fun.

4. 1v1, firmly standing by the sweet and fluffy genre~

5. This story includes a secondary couple.

6. This is an alternate reality game under MOBA mechanics, with original heroes and skills. Please refrain from nitpicking, thank you.

7. Not playing the game won’t affect your reading experience; please don’t take the couples in the story as real people~ muah~

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Emily rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c30
It's a pretty fun read, but ML gets on my nerves. He is so controlling, he doesn't like when MC to duo queue with others, make friends or interact with other people. He puts on a stinky face simply for people trying to be friendly and wanting to befriend MC, who is a god-like Pro Player, and an idol for most players from younger generations, mind you.

So yeah, while I was quite enjoying the story, everytime ML shows up with his stinky face and "can't let anyone get close to... more>> him" it irks me so much it kinda ruined the story for me. There are a few other minor things that bugs me, but ML attitude is just a huge NOPE for me. <<less
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