After the System Punished Me to Give Birth


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Because of recent news, his female colleagues had heated discussions about the pain of pregnancy for several days. Su Jingyang interjected curiously: “Does giving birth really hurt so much?”

Then….. he got retribution!!!

System: Whether it hurts or not, won’t you know after you personally experience it?

Su Jingyang: EXM?? Who are you? You’ll force me to give birth? Haha, very funny!

System: Ha ha.

Soon after, Su Jingyang, who crossed over into a world where men could give birth, was holding his big belly, tears of regret streaming down his face. MD, what did I ever do to you! ! !

System: Hmph, wait until you give birth to ten!

Su Jingyang: …. Please let me die quietly

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41 Reviews

Jul 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I feel, cleansed. After those bumps and hills, it finally came to an end.

The first half can really made you anxious and unstable, while the latter (end) part cleanses your whole self.

After waging a war in my mind whose to blame, I can only say; I don't know anymore. I don't know who I'm going to blame for all this.

... more>> Let it all just pass, the ending really suited my appetite.

Won't spoil, but my reviews says what I want to say.

This novel really told so much more about pregnancy, about the struggles of being a mother, and the unfairness of being the weaker party in a relationship. The novel also told us many lessons. One of it was how we shouldn't judge that being a mother/housewife was easy just because it looks easy to them (mothers). Overall, you'll really leave the novel with a good feeling. The Author didn't left any character or problem behind, she solved it all.

I love the characters, the one I admired the most though is Rong Hua. He's really decisive when it came to making a decision. He also stand by what he made a decision for. I also love Ling Li, what a strong person he is. I don't know, but maybe because I've read one the reviews before reading saying Ah Li and Jingyang should be couple. I looked at them more closely while reading, and quietly agreed.


Even Rong Ci said that without the two of them (Rong Ci & Ming Zhan), Ah Li and Jingyang with Ah Xuan would live together forever.


BUT I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP! It was quite nice to see how they progressed. <<less
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Rain in the sunny morning
Rain in the
Jul 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel was different. The novel is actually fully translated on Wattpad by PastTimer and is probably the best novel I've read in a while.

In most novel's you can guess what going to happen but with this I couldn't especially for the second half. Also all of the dog blood plot that's going on in this novel made me cry.

Overall you should read it, I don't know if you'll like it but you won't regret reading this.

... more>> :)

Also some people prefer Ling Li and Su JingYang as a pair, if you do I respect your opinions but I quite like ML & MC together. <<less
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May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
For this kind of novel, this story really exceeded my expectations. The characters aren't s*upid and have a will of their own. I just can't accept the fact that the MC

... more>>

was forced by the system to be repeatedly r*aped just to conceive. The trauma he experiences throughout the story really broke my heart. The physical and emotional pain that he goes through during his pregnancy, and even the stress after giving birth frustrated me. There's a lot of time that I really just want to hack down the second system (p.s the system was originally kind and created to help women and do them justice from their painful relationship with their husband and parents in law, however, it accumulated too much hate from people it help so it's broken into two system, one which is kind, and two which is hateful and don't heed reasons, which is specially mad towards men who let their wives suffer.) I'm scared of children noises, so I can connect with his irritation when the kids are crying, it's really traumatizing. Maybe it's not for other people, but for a person like the MC who's used to being free and dependent, suddenly having to care for the children he didn't even want in the first place, is really too damn ruthless and just plain suffering


In addition, the side stories from other characters are just equally as heart shattering as the MC's. I don't even want to start from one couple to another, I suggest to those who will read this novel to find out and experience each scenes on their own.

Also, my only regret in this novel and the biggest question in my heart is that, Why is Ling Li and Su Jingyang, not pair?😭😭 I ship them from the start and their bond aren't like any other, It's even more solid, loyal, and pure than the ML's and MC love. So why? From the beginning of the story to the end, These two have repeatedly proven that they should be and rightfully be, the main couple in this story. Their experiences together, the joy and pain that they shared, can never be compared to their relationship with their current partners. I even suspected that if they didn't each have a child from their current partners, no interruption from the ML and Emperor Ming, no responsibilities, they would undoubtedly be together, forever.

I Iove these two more than anyone else in this story. I can't accept that they aren't the main couple. I want to rate 4 stars because of this, but I figured that a 5 will give this story a chance to shine more and be read by other people.

I don't usually write a review, In my history of reading danmeis for 3 years here in NU, I only wrote 2 reviews— this one counted as the 3rd. Also, my english is very bad because it's not my main language, I apologise for wrong grammars and spelling if there's any.

To conclude, this story which I thought was just a normal read, with cliche plot (which I proven wrong) made me cry, but I never regret reading it. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, every side characters that you will encounter will have an impact to your views in relationship. It will especially teach you to appreciate your partner and their sacrificing, In addition, it will open your eyes to the bad things in relationship.

I hope that people will discover this gem, although it might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's not so bad and even reasonable. This book will give justice to your time. Just ready your tears for the angst, and your heart for the background stories of the characters— speaking of it, In my heart there's only Ling Li and Su Jingyang pair!💓 Fuvk the author for not making them a couple. I hate it here😭 <<less
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Oct 31, 2022
Status: --
I'm honestly surprised there isn't many reviews on such an amazing novel! I went in looking for some smutty Mpreg novel but boy oh boy I got a MASTERPIECE! If your expecting a short smutty novel (like I did because NovelUpdates has it listed completed and there was only 10 chapter listed there but it's actually completed and I think the translator just didn't link all chapters there), think again (because there's little to no smut, just really light stuff not overly vague but definitely not smutty enough to be considered smut and it's so brief). This was just an epic novel! It is set in the Ge'er world (in this novel they are called duos aka men who can get pregnant) and is filled with so much drama/ mystery (not in the detectivey way but a backstory/ plot way) and just the right amount on angst (that is not related to the main couple but there is some that is related to them towards the end; it's a good amount that I as a non angst reader enjoy). The MC is the silly, sweet and naive type while the ML is the tsundere type. Their first interaction was GOLD and from then on it was simply 💯💯💯. There was no messy misunderstandings between them, just a hard mouthed gong and a head filled with water shou interacting. Although the main plot line/ mystery was revolved around the side characters (which was where some of the angst came from), the novel was still really really good! After reading the story all I felt was "What a story!" Like this is what a story should be like! Side note, the MC was more like a passerby in the main plot.

He was just there to look-see as the main "world plot" was unravelled.

For his own story, it was not much going on. It was more emotional journey and facilitating the plot in a way. The translation was awesome and up to the end, I still did not find any plot holes and unresolved nonsense (ok maybe one or two but they aren't very noticeable) ! My summary of the story is below which mayyy reveal a wee bit of the story, which won't give you the omg moment when you read, so be wary when threading ahead! This is a story about an average gay (but no experience and naive) office worker, who oh so innocently let slip a comment questioning whether giving birth really hurt that much and was tossed into a world of mayhem by a system. The system forced him to pick a random guy to conceive a child with so every 5 days, he is forced into a dream to do the dirty with a guy. So warning, there's a mutual (?) r*pe tag on both ends (the other party don't know what's going on/ was forced into it too). So if you're ekked about this kinda stuff just don't read the novel instead of putting it down because of it. When he first arrived, he met a "infamous" duo who kinda helped him and later on when his protagonist halo kicked in and he was helped by a rich guy who was interested in him, he learnt of the duo's backstory (real tragic stuff but not really). After a few interactions they became friends and by a twist of fate the duo offered to let him live with him. They led their lives and then they bumped into the ML. Then led some more peaceful-ish life (there are some angsty part in some of the passerbys stories so be wary) but some mysterious stuff started surfacing about the duo, Ling Li, the ML and his friend, Rong Hua. And then the plot thickens and you should just read on to learn more! All I can say is the plot was just so good and unexpected.

As the story progresses, the MC learnt that the system was

a system who was supposed to help women who were treated unfairly but because it had absorbed too much negativity, when it was self repairing, it was split into two sides, the good and the bad side. The MC was pulled into another world by the bad side and was approached by the good side to resolve some of his confusions. The good side mentioned that if he wanted to go home, he had to do more good deeds and only for people who would be grateful to him and are good people. If they aren't grateful/ good people, he won't have points/ get his points deducted for the harm that follows. Unfortunately, by collecting points this way, it would take a lifetime before he could go home. However, he found out that he was actually sent into the world where there was a protagonist gong and shou. If he helped them get together, he could immediately increase his points to go home by 90%. And thus he began his search for the protagonist by randomly becoming a matchmaker which has led to some funny misunderstandings. But as he tried to help people, he encounters some "horrors" of the world, some of which contributed to the later part of the plot (it was such an expected omg moment for me) and a lot of the angst.


Anyways, the story ended with a truly satisfying happy ending (like really really gooddddd) so no worries! Hehehehehe

Ok now to some potentially questionable side of the story. Why was the MC so adamant about going home. I think the MC started out being adamant about going home because he was tossed into an unfamiliar world and just wanted to go home even though there was nothing to go back to. He just wanted that familiarity and to go back to where he thought he belonged to. Another factor that contributed to his urge to go home was the fact that he was stuck with a negative and crazy system who was sh*t and unreasonable. Moreover, he was forced to do the deed with a total stranger, who was like him, forced into it. As the story progresses, you can see that even though he had good times and people to tie him down here, he still wanted to go home. I think he still wanted to go back because he still had the system egging him at the back but later when he had his kids, you can kinda tell that his resolve was starting to fade (it was already wavering when he was with his friend Ling Li). Even though he said that he wanted to go home (especially when times were hard and he wanted to use it as a way to run away from his problems) , if the ML really insisted, he would have stayed.

Another one is Ling Li massive contribution towards his progress bar to go home, even though he isn't the protagonist of the world. I think it's because he plays a major role in the world protagonist's life (?).

That's my only conclusion. Side note

some people be like when did Rong Hua go from a she to a he (duo) in the comments on Wattpad. PEOPLE, read the story properly man! It was mentioned when the ML was talking about his father who was hiding his identity as a duo by hiding the duo identifying mark (a red mole on the palm) by wearing gloves which was the same thing as what Rong Hua was currently doing.


Anyways, this is a definite recommended novel to people who like mpreg, mysterious backstories, naive protagonist and hints of angst (I totally dripped s few tears) ! A must read guys!
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Jul 05, 2022
Status: Completed
You think it was Weird And Upsetting at the Beginning...

You think it was Comedic when you

But then... You will be presented with so Much Emotional scenes that you would never Expect...!.... and now you're sad.... Very Sad...... Especially on MC's Breakdown scenes.

... more>> It has the Most Evil System I have ever know. MC and ML was truly wronged by it! For your Information, the r*pe tag exist because BOTH MC and ML was FORCED to have s*xual interc**rse with each other.

Most Evil system we know in many Novels usually only Mentioned as Past thing/History OR actually siding with Evil/Bad People. But not in this Novel... MC was Wronged and He Has To Endure.

This Novel has the Most Breakdown scenes of a Protagonist I have ever read in any Novel so far. It was actually only few scenes, but was pretty impactful! Poor MC... But MC has lot of people who cares about him and tried to Protect and Comfort him, so he never Suffering alone for long.

But yeah, this Novel is a Dog Blood one. Though suprisingly it main focus for Dog Blood was not focused on MC nor ML.

It was Truly Wildest Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions!

But do I regret it? NO! Especially because the way the Author wrote the Ending. Chef Kiss~!!!

Yes.... I felt slightly deceived because I thought it was a Funny Novel but apparently not. But still Absolutely Breathtaking one. And I LOVE IT!!! Loving it!!! <<less
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Jun 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It was really satisfying and thrilling read. All the side characters and side couples were so 3d and had enough screen time, but not too much to outshine the main couple. Each one of them has their own character, decision and love and hatred and anguish and distress towards eachother.

Their interrelationships were so emotionally packed up and were well presented in a proper manner.... more>>

From tsundere ML who gradually fell for MC, to a stubborn, but with mature outlook who struggled to find his happiness as his world turned upside down due to a system, forcing him to finish task by giving him hope to return but getting caught up and bound to this world as he yearned for ML and his kids, from his BFF who made a living together and became good friends, and then his struggles as he lived with his kid who had been mentally harmed and his fear and desperation to run away from the soon to be emperor prince, and how he was harassed by the old lunatics and then the story of true protagonist rong Hua and his husband....


Really worth it!!! Explosive, sweet and full of engaging plot wrapped in around 80 chapters. <<less
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: Completed
Hi Everyone, It's Me Again, With Another Review UwU, I Like Writing This Reviews To Myself So I Can Remember The Novel In The Future If I Ever Forget What I Read.

I'm hiding in spoiler in case it really spoils everything for you reading this.

Only so u know, imay be a bit harsh in the review but, the novel put on analisis sounds good. BUT NOT FOR ME, totally wasn't what I was looking for while reading the sinopsis or other ideas I had in mind, also that, first time... more>> I encounter with something like this.... really that point turned me down.


So, the novel... I read it in a couple of weeks' time.

The protagonist, Su Jiyang was a good fellow. The ML Rong Ci was a good ML.

I felt it was a bit slice of lifed in some parts. welp, it had a good pace tho and I wanted to know how the protagonist would end the plot. I liked the ML a lot, tho the very cold type. Something new tho is that they both were quarreling every second when they saw each other, hahahaha you know, it lived up the atmosphere wich made it different from other novels i've read, quarreling in a good way got it, tho I felt MC was sometimes took things too personal sometimes, it's good with his personality tho.

That system gave me a huge stomach ache of holding the mouthful of blood I wanted to vomit. Can't blame MC for having his thought, he was really a very good MC in terms of his psicological development. I also wouldn't accept something like that.

The progress of the relationship gave me a headache, given the title I was expecting something more fast foward so maybe it was that my expectatives weren't what happened that hit me.

Something I was in trouble with is that... There was this character Ling Li which became MC's family, I don't know, maybe this was also new for me, and that I wasn't up for this in this period of time when reading this, but I felt like it gave so much attencion.... I liked that character and not mention his son Ah-Xuan, he was such a cutie... but like, hmmm, it was also part of the plot actually now that I think about it. Not only this, as the story progresses there's also a lot more who take the focus in the story.

The protagonist was given with a choices of collecting positive energy and he had to do good deeds to others and others to be thankfull for him helping so he can leave or having kids, though at theend he still had to collect energy to help the "good" side of the system to eliminate himself and stop hurting more people....

So there was a motive for the MC getting so involved in other's character life and not being the sole center of attention... but it was too much for me sorry, tho I understand that this plots were also part of MC plots... ayiooo I'm confused what to feel ok?.

Tho let's be clear, the story never stops, it flows pretty well, really the author did well.

At the end I becameso impatient in those last 7 chapters that I skepped a lot of parts and only read few words in paragrahps till getting to MC's plot.

The last part satisfied my wishes, like, ok reading till this is at least worth it. I loved the ML and that finally the MC got to be clear with his mind, it was then that I thought, well he was like that all the way because that's his character and that's it, no big deal (i had to wait long tho to say this xd), ehn I say this I'm refering that he maybe was too proud to say some things he should've said earlier.

In that aspect I have to really appreciate how the author didn't make any character feel OCC, it was worthy they were all in their characters.

I liked the Rong Hua story, that scumbag suffered, and he became happy, sooo good.

Ling Li, I like youok?, but you got so much the center of attencion that I was getting tired lol hahahaha.

I began reading this because I wanted Mpreg, but it came so late and in susch a way it made me upset that I got turned down hahahahah.


Not what I was expecting, really not at all, I wanted to drop the novel a lot of times because I felt like it was getting so long.

Putting the novel on analisis it may be good. Just not for me.

Won't read again and maybe I may forget of this, Three stars is enough for me nor less not, it wasn't bad as to give it twostars, but four stars is also very far ahead for this one imo right now.

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Sep 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Finished - 77 Chapters (Completed)

its from the *r*pe to lovers* list again and...

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect but definitely the r*pe tho

... more>> The thing is that the MC was just so strong but at the same time I feel like his past trauma and that had happened to him was never properly discussed and taken very srsly in the whole story

I CRIED when he had his mental breakdowns and honestly if it had been me I would’ve killed myself from the get go
But as I said the side character that was injected in there that was forced as a child bride and gone through the worst things a human could go through but kept on going.,.... I DIED

And CRIED but that persons ending was so sad but also satisfying,..I was disgusted by the outsiders opinion when that side character got executed because you clearly know what he had to go through yet ur staying that he’s ungrateful???
F**K U and ur opinions

And idk,... The ML was an as*hole but also a supportive husband when came to that

And omg idk I feel like all the DUO in these stories were miserable without knowing it

Cuz I felt like there was something so fishy about everything while reading it.
It just gives me an off feeling
Like as if the plot and the characters just don’t go together well in a way
Like theres an underlying type.... idk
I finsihed it,... kinda
At one point I kept skimming through it when it came to the side characters,.. not really interesting at all
As Jisoo from black pink once said “not bad but not good” <<less
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Aug 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This book takes to the extreme the idea of men experiencing women’s pains.

MC is a normal gay guy in modern china who one day asks a simple but ignorant question: “Does it hurt giving birth?”

What happens to him next is pretty unjust, lots of suffering and horrible experiences, but in the bad there is also good, and not only does he learn the answer to his question, he also ends up becoming more understanding towards women’s struggles as a whole.

There are lots of character who are as interesting as the... more>> main pairing, and the author follows up their stories until we are giving a good resolution. And it’s a happy ending for almost every one of them.

I absolutely love the relationship between the MC and the ML, it’s hilarious and at the same time sad. But what I like the most is the progression of their love and their respect and care for one another. <<less
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Mar 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm sorry for the very bad rating, but this novel is ticking my baseline.

My review will be quite different from others with similar ratings because I don't hate ML as much as this side character.

I abhor the side character's behavior. I usually can pretend to not see such things, but author made and packaged him as a pitiful, good, and harmless guy. No, not as a 'white lotus' kind, but as a real 'good' person.

What made me incredulous is most people actually praise that person (you can see and add... more>> comments for each paragraph in wattpad). I was even wondering if my worldview is incorrect. Good thing someone else voice my concern, so I can finally stop questioning myself.

So what did that side character do?


--- very spoilerly, but the spoiler is for minor plotline ---

He was poor and his child had incurable sickness. MC help him made money. ML came and wanted to pursue MC, so ML also met this side character and healed his child free of charge.

On ML's bday, MC had a present for ML and one way or another the MC entrusted his gift to be given to ML by this person. Guess what? He said to ML that the gift was FROM HIMSELF.

I understand he was insecure if MC and ML got together than he would get abandoned. But let's be real.

  • He is an adult
  • He already had a child
  • His decision of past events were part of the reasons that led him to his current circumstances (poor and his child's sickness)

So without MC he would still be poor and ML wouldn't cure his child.

But even after all that he still took MC's gift as his own credit. When MC questioned him (yeah, MC realized his gift wasn't conveyed), guess what? He said something like,

"He (ML) is the one who healed Ah-Xuan (his child), but I didn't prepare any gift for him on his bday so I felt bad and took your gift for him as mine. Don't worry I will pay you."

Heh. He's not grateful for MC's help in making money and ML's help in curing his child, not even a little bit, based on his behavior.

  • Telling white lies
    --- I don't mind this
  • Take credits which supposed to belong to your benefactor --- I don't like it but I can close one eye.
  • Using innocent child as a reason to do those things above --- this is what I hate the most about him.

And it's not the only time he lies.

Author portrayed him as someone who really loves his child. Many people (in the comments I found) also think so. But from what I see, I can't fool myself.

Especially the 'love his child' part. The greatest beneficiary from MC and ML's appearance in his life is not himself, but his child. He can still get by without MC and ML, but not Ah-Xuan.

I know telling lies with kids as reasons especially when the kids needs help from the opposing party isn't everyone reverse scale. But it irks me when people praise this kind of person.


I don't mind people with different opinions (I'm happy to exchange opinion, actually) and I don't have any intentions to fight or attack those people who have different opinions than me.

But for real? Someone put their opinion that questioned this behavior and someone else actually said it's s*upid?? Also using fancy words such as 'character development'.

The character development is not the problem. It's his behavior that's the problem in the first place. I'm pretty sure there won't be 'character development' if MC didn't find out what he did.

His character development imo is superficial, just for the sake of plot and to portray 'character development' itself.

The story is not bad after that 'character development'. Sadly, I didn't think he even know the impact to his child if things went sideways until the end.

This is my feeling in reading this novel:

  • I felt alone, as most readers and author's views are the opposite of mine.
  • The story is hosted on wattpad, which facilitates easier reading and adding comments. But sadly also have hints of disrespecting other's opinions.
  • I rarely read comments, but in this novel I wanted to find like-minded people so I opened each comment.. What a wrong thing to do...
  • In the end, although I completed this novel I felt exhausted and didn't enjoy at all.
All in all, it's my own baseline that got nudge in this novel so my emotions took a big part in this review. <<less
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Jan 18, 2023
Status: Completed
my only tips from me: READ THE TAG, then read the reviews. if the tag is 50% bearable, give it a try. it was unexpectedly good. it has unpredictable plot, and engaging story from start to end. there's enough dog blood essence from side character. although author connected some of the story in the latter part. IMO it still feels like author just dumping a story inside a story without blending it.

⚠️ never have I ever hate character like this system #2 here; it's really too much. no matter... more>> how beautiful MC's life afterwards, there's no way I will say thanks to system #2. I also almost dropped this many times due how unreasonable and toxic system #2.

⚠️ the r-pe part here is also the reason I backed out several times... but it's kinda passable (??) for me due to this: it was forced by crazy 3rd godly things, both can't control, MC knows ML is also forced and ML also realized this and trying to have a little bit control, in the end they both bit their teeth through it, but this story also tell the effect of this forced r-pe to their character. that leads to;

⚠️MC blow up after being stressed for a loooong time. this is actually my favorite part. you see he kinda looks okay throughout the story, but no, he just bury it because nothing can be done. it's very realistic IMO, that's how emotional build up like. I also bawled my eyes out during that chapters, while saying in my mind, finally, you say it all MC, you did great job at surviving, now let's hug my dear (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩) っ

2 things that I can't understand: why ML fall in love with MC, and Liang Lu's kindness. the latter feels like author convenience to make MC life easier. bcs if it's friendship, it was one-sided, if LL attracted to MC, his reaction to ML is not jealous enough. the former... my guess is fondness from being familiar for half a year <<less
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Jan 15, 2023
Status: extra 1
Reading it at 1st I thought its fluff or atleast even with angst its will just tiny bit.. It made me Cry so much even for the Stories of side characters.. For me I think it will leave a very deep impression.. One of many things I wanna say for 1 character there is that he totally deserved it, although they are not the MCs their story made my eyes puffy and its in their story that uke rarely didn't forgive the gong that hurt him and just forget all... more>> the sh*t he gone through, he really prove that indifference is opposite of love and that ex gong really deserve it.. Anyway other side characters story hurts me too😭

The MC is s*upid most of the time and no excuses.. But I love him!!the ML too😌 <<less
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Never know
Never know
Aug 20, 2022
Status: Completed
An unexpected gem for me.

Seeing it only have 10 chap listed on NU, was thinking it would be short sweet story. Turn out it's 70+ chap story, fortunately all chapters completely translated on Wattpad.

The story is so engaging, we started with guessing who will be the ML from all the people around MC. And after we could confirm the ML, the continuous tension around MC final choice (even when we are sure it will be happy ending) could keep us engaged till final chapter.

Each action from all the character were... more>> logical and understandable. So the angst become much more heavy. There's not really villain here, but conflict is still appear in life. <<less
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Jul 29, 2022
Status: Completed
MC is pitiful. Expected the usual no brainer angsty story but got more than that.

Pros :

Tsundere ML x s*upid but smart when needed MC

... more>> MC has a good heart. He didn't sacrifice his friend just so he could finish the mission. He actually felt bad when he thought that his friend suffers for him.

ML is quite nice towards MC (the ML actually lost his autonomy cus the system so ML can't control his actions at certain times and that's a good reason, I don't like how in most novel ML would literally SA MC and MC thinks that it's fine) and I found MC to be interesting. Author isn't afraid to make MC SUFFER and I love that. MC has a breakdown from time to time and that's something I rarely see.

The friendship between MC and his friend is soooo nice. I love how they support eachother and no backstabbing. MC friend also got their own happy ending.

Cons :

I still don't understand why ML fall in love w MC. <<less
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Aug 03, 2023
Status: Completed
I hate the system either the blackened one or not. Idc. They're the reason for those r**e scenes. I really hate it sm. It so unnecessary.

I like the MC so much. How he sticks to his goal of going back then regrets it later on. This made me cried a lot XD During those time he spent, I love he slowly developed his character. Also the love between MC and ML doesn't feel rushed. I love ML so much for being so considerate and supportive of MC. He's a man... more>> everyone could wish for!

Many ppl are annoyed how MC is so stubborn of going back even tho he have children already. I mean, probably I'll be confused too. I won't just give up easily and waste all my efforts of collecting those points. He just chosed to be rational. He's not perfect, sometimes ppl make wrong decisions in life At least he regrets leaving those babies and a handsome husband. <<less
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Jul 05, 2023
Status: Completed
I feel like if we transmigrate to an ancient world settings, we would act a bit like the MC. We as a human have attachments with the environment we grow up in and lived in your whole lives. I would be fuming if I dont have wifi, toilets, gadgets, and human rights laws. Plus, I wouldn't be patient if I get the system he got. It is realistic on how he acts. The ML is nice and its kind of a slow burn type of relationship with bits of angst... more>> left and right. There are some plot holes but its okay.

this novel is good if you want a light read. I personally wouldnt reread unless I really wanted too, but I can surely reccommend <<less
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Apr 01, 2023
Status: --
I'll say it immediately.

Ling Li and Su JingYang should've ended up together.

No cap, full stop, for serious.

I was really annoyed and sad at the beginning of the novel. With a premise like this, the only way to make this story happen is for there to be a super unreasonable system. The system sucks SO f*ckING MUCH. As many have said before me and probably more people will say in the future : the system sucks balls bro and you should be careful reading this because it can be seen as... more>> triggering.



Anyways, the ML is kinda cute. He's definitely NOT as cute as Ah'Li. The injustice of this novel is beyond belief. I really wanted them to run away and raise Ah'Xuan together and I held on to that until chapter 60. After I realized it wasn't gonna happen I lost interest pretty quickly. Ah'Li and JingYang had so much chemistry. More than with the ML. JingYang is so annoyed at the ML the whole time and the ML is so f*cking rude, I wasn't convinced the whole time. I hate the fact that the ML is so pushy and forceful when it comes to love it made me feel f*cking helpless and distressed. It felt like JingYang was forced the whole time (he practically was) HE DIDN'T HAVE ANY OF THAT WITH AH'LI!!!!








Regardless of my rant, I have to say that this novel is pretty unique. The translation is great so it helped a lot with keeping my attention, as long as it did.

I also am obligated to say that I did NOT completely finished the novel, but the beginning of the novel is good enough to start reading and decide whether you'll read it or not. So I recommend you read it if you're ok with the tags. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a lot more angsty than I expected XD. I think I knew this before, which is why I held back on reading it for so long. But this time, I had no idea what to read, so I decided to pick randomly from my reading lists and start reading without looking at the summary and the reviews. AS SUCH, I was completely turned over, again and again, by the sheer amount of angst lolol. It's not a bad thing though, the characters of the novel are interesting, even... more>> if this is not necessarily a character-driven work, the plot development was meaningful. Overall, even though I personally dislike tragic stories (even those with happy endings like this one), I ended up reading this to the end, which speaks volumes I think?


The MC, Su Jingyang is just a normal man. He's a bit foolish and naive, but he means well most of the time. Unfortunately, his ignorance about pregnancy ends up causing him to be dragged into a tragic experience by a corrupted SYSTEM. Not only is he forced to have children endlessly, but he experiences constant humiliation on a regular basis to make it happen. There's nothing that can be done about it. At least, he got to choose the man who would be the father of his children, but it's pretty much the same as not choosing at all, since he was in so much of a rush that he didn't even take in his appearance. And so, the story proceeds, with the MC struggling to live in ancient times while being tormented by the corrupted system. In the process, he connects with a kindred spirit that will turn into a lifelong friend. And, of course, he'll end up meeting the ML, Ah-Yi/Rong Ci.


Su Jingyang (MC)

A silly young man. He's the kind to speak carelessly and has a one-tracked mind. It's easy to dislike him at times, especially when he's being particularly stubborn. Anyway, he's far from perfect, which is what makes him a good main character. After all, given his circumstances, his desires were perfectly reasonable.

Rong Ci (ML)

The ML is pretty interesting. He's a bit tsundere-ish. Very devoted. Just like the MC, he's far from perfect, but just like the MC, those imperfections makes him a lot more interesting than your typical overbearing ML.

ROMANCE: 8.5/10

Although in someways, it seemed like the ML fell a bit too fast, I enjoyed the bickering aspect of this relationship. XD At least, they have more chemistry than the other side-characters in the story. They just seem like a real couple.


The setting may be a bit fantastical, but it's nothing special. It's just background, for the most part, and is never fully explored. I initially thought there would be more to it, but nope. Just in case, however: This is a fantasy version of ancient times where there are magic, martial artists, Gu, etc. And, most importantly, there are three genders: male, female, duo (males that can give birth). The MC awakens in this world without an identity while the ML has a very high established identity.

PLOT: 7/10

This score may be a bit biased XD but idc. If you like angsty plots, then of course you'll rate this higher. As for me, it was just so-so. What's good, in my opinion, is that the author kept it short. Which made the plot less unlikable in my eyes.

RATING: 3.87/5

Although this novel is really not my kind of novel, I can't deny that it's pretty good. Worth reading, especially if you like angst and stuff. Saying this, it's almost like I'm saying the story is all tragedy xD. But it's actually pretty good about balancing the good and the bad. The theme of this story should be relationships. Specifically, how true love can result in disaster -- and how sometimes, things work out, and sometimes, they don't. The MC and the ML's struggle is just part of the story (the MC wants to go back to Modern Times and continues to resolutely pursue this goal till the end). There are also some subplots with other pairs, where the theme is explored. Anyway, what's important is that the main characters do come out of it happy in the end. <<less
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Dec 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Omg it was totally unexpected to me, I thought it would be just a simple mpreg and fluffy romance story.

Ohh but I was so wrong, this story is really amazing, it needs a lot of more views and ratings.

I totally enjoyed reading it even though I skipped few chapters in between but it was an amazing read.

While reading first half of the story, I thought it was ok so I skipped few chapters in between cause I was getting irritated my MC's insistence on going back to his world... more>> and being completely cold and unfeeling to ML and their kids, it made me uncomfortable but I still persisted and didn't drop the story, one of the best decisions I made.

This story made me cry quite a bit and made me felt heartache for ml. Especially in last few chapters.

I actually liked ling li a lot I thought at first, he was ML candidate and liang li he was such a nice person and he loved MC alot. I felt psined for them.

And murong hua past life made me cry buckets ╥﹏╥

MC's and Ml's kids were way too cute especially the twins, I would love to read more chapters just about them.

I highly recommend this story to u guys, cause it will give u huge surprise by its plotline and leave u curious about where the story's going and whats about to come.

Thanku author and translators for the amount of hard work u put into it. Appreciate ur hard work🤲 <<less
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Dec 02, 2022
Status: Completed
I hate this story from the bottom of my heart. No, it's not because it was bad or anything. You can see it through the other reviews.

I learned about this translation when it is still chapter 6, no implication of being posted anywhere (even in NU). So it surprised me, as if I'm holding a rare gem that I digged in Wattpad. Then I read the raws.

I started hating it.

It was just so good! I bawled my eyes out for this novel. I hated it. But I love it. I... more>> always mentioned this novel to my friends for months, as a recommendation. But also truthfully saying that I have love-hate relationship with this novel and author.

This novel started with a comedic note which was obviously written in the synopsis, but it hasn't been long when it started to go downhill.

I never seen an MC who suffered so much with his system. In other system-bound novels (esp quick transmigration), bad systems that limits the host were mentioned as a past. Not this current timeline which the readers were bound to see in this novel.

It's dog blood, also.

The author of this novel loves writing angst novel and it's not the first time they wrote an MC who suffered enough, broke enough, mol*sted enough to go on.

It's a good read for anyone who have this type of story as their cup of tea. The other reviews said enough about how good this novel is.

I also used this novel to pranked someone into reading it. They cried so much, apparently. It was nice to have someone to experience the same pain I endured with this novel.

Other works:


(I've read their other works. One of them got 72 years of repeated timeline of mol*station as a 4 year old child which MC only cannot do anything but watch in 1st POV. I'm sharping my knives still)


PastTimer really did a good job translating this piece, their other translation is good too. It is also recommended to read them. I especially like Inherited Estate. <<less
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