After Sleeping With My Childhood Friend


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Ji Liucheng had always thought that he only had a brother-sister friendship with his childhood sweetheart Qi Yin, and there was no so called romantic affection between a man and woman.

It wasn’t until Qi Yin sat on his desk, revealed her tender pu*sy to him, and smiled in a charming manner: “Do you want to f*ck me?”

… After sleeping with Qi Yin, Ji Liucheng found out that his little childhood friend has not only become charming with a hot body, but her small hole was also very good at biting…

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Straysheepy rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c21
So far, the smut is good. The MC, however, every time she speaks, I just want to poke her in the eyeballs. 😕 She is supposed to be spoiled as is her character setting, but she is not just annoying, she is toxic. Fine in one moment, then upset suddenly and expect ML to guess why she is upset, and manipulative, trying to make him jealous on purpose to have ML to prove himself to her. ML seems lovely, though. Makes me feel bad for him. Read for smut, ignore... more>> everything else. <<less
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KallieLeigha rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: Completed
So I just found this book yesterday, and I was happy to see so many updates on it. I finished it and I'd say that the ML was awesome. He pretty much carried the book, along with the smut, because the FL was TERRIBLE. She was spoilt and annoying. She is a classic case of just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Just because the ML would spoil her and let her get away with things, she did things like constantly kicking and hitting him for no reason. She... more>> always seemed to expect him to read her mind which annoyed me. If this was real life, he would have gotten tired of her, and then she would have regretted it. This book reminded me that love alone is not enough. <<less
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Kassy rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c94
ML is amazing! He carried this book on his back!! FL has a shitty personality, and thinks ML should always pamper and give in for her, but in my opinion that's what makes her realistic, she grew up alone, and ML's emotional support is irreplaceable, she loves him completely.

I found it realistic because not everyone is the well of maturity, not everyone is trauma free. She loves him and he loves her.

This novel is not worth the 3.2 stars they are giving it, there is much worse romance here on... more>> novelupdates which has 4/4.5 stars.

If there are too many mistakes, sorry, English is not my mother tongue. <<less
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Micca21 rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: Completed
thank goodness that I wasn't deceived by the other reviews that the FL in this novel is a hateful woman. After, reading this novel, all can say is that I love the personality of the FL and how the ML pampered the FL is very very sweet of him. Well, for me, the dynamics of their relationship is my ideal relationship between lovers, that's all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Don't be DECEIVED by the LOW REVIEWS!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
damuoy rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: c83
This one seems to have some DOM/SUB undertones, so if that’s not your thing beware.

To me, FL is the ultimate spoiled rotten little princess/bratty sub - if you don’t like this characterisation, then it may be difficult for you to read. ML is a total simp for her.

... more>>

FL’s parents died when she was young and ML’s family takes her. From this point on, he actually not only treats her like a sister, but becomes like a surrogate parental figure for her. ML would scold her for smoking/drinking/etc. - He even spanked her!! FL says she prefers this type of scolding because it shows he cares rather than the awkward/indifferent way his parents treated her while she was growing up.


Lot of people said they didn’t like the female lead because of how she was acting, but her ‘mean’ behaviour is essentially explained by ML’s best friend and she all together stops doing shitty things

after ML clears up that Huo Ruong tricked him into ‘dating’ her and he was never in love with her. Also imo, because she’s a brat, I think her mean actions in the beginning were coming from a place of insecurity. She’s be in love with ML for years and he dotes on her like the perfect boyfriend yet he continues to treat/see her only as a sister. I think she was trying to push him to see how far he’ll go for her/test his love. She definitely likes his Yandere side too because she’s always provoking him (r*pe play, fake date at Cafe with her friend from school, masturbating at school & sending him a video, etc.) to act tougher. She doesn’t care if he’s crazy, she just want him to be crazy about her lol


I’m gonna sum this up with a quote from ML himself,

“Baby, you are my princess outside the bed, I will listen to you, but when you’re being f*cked, you are my little sl*t. If I want to f*ck you, you can only take it. I’ll f*ck you any way I want. Do you understand?” <<less
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chande rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I think FL wasn't that bad. She was indeed a bit annoying and often acted unreasonable in the beginning but after she resolved her misunderstanding about ML and his ex, she became more sensible and didn't randomly throw tantrum again.

On the contrary, ML turned into a yandere after tasting the meat for the first time and he sometimes acted reckless when he did "that" without caring of FL's wellbeing.

... more>>

For example: the wine play, the pee play, and the endless f**king that hurted FL.


However, I think both FL and ML didn't act responsibly when they did that, especially FL.


They did "that" without any protection in the beginning. Fortunately, ML's mom came to know about it and gave them a thorough s*x education. ML obeyed it readily but FL didn't want to do it and even chose to take a pill. Didn't she know that pill was bad for her body?

Also, they often did that in any place without caring of the situation. For example: they skipped class to have s*x in the school toilet or directly took a leave from school so they could fool around for entire day in the house. They really set a bad example.

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ladyxxx rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: c63
Leaving a comment for the sake of rating because I think this deserve more than 3.4 rating. Mostly smut, but it does have a 3rd person character who wants to snatch the ML, but this novel's plot is already pretty advanced in which the 3rd person is already blackened and hated. So you don't have to worry much about anyone having affair or falling to petty tricks. I also like the relationship between ML and FL. I dont think FL is that annoying as said by other commentor. She has... more>> quite a fiery personality, which I think suits well with ML calmer attitude. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Funtwo001 rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: --
The enjoyed reading this. Came here for the smut, not gonna lie, but stayed for the ML. I don't hate the FL- even wishing I could be her LOL. I don't understand the low rating of this story. You can hate the FL but the the story is good. I like their dynamics- the ML is good at coaxing the FL, soo good at pampering the FL and soo gentle with her (except in bed,...) ; and regarding the FL, as described early on--she is a spoiled princess/brat, so the... more>> other readers should have adjusted their --always politically correct expectations--that the FL should be without flaws


I like the fact that they are each other's firsts. Though the ML had an ex (she was just a de facto ex), he didn't even kissed nor sleep with that ex. He didn't even loved that bee-atch

As for the FL--what didn't sit right with me is why would she be initially indifferent to her son - just because she wants a daughter but got a son instead -so she didn't initially took care of the boy. so pitiful. as if that is the lil boy's fault.

The only thing I can say is the FL is really lucky in this story. She is described as very pretty and has a seductive body, she got a husband that is very sweet, total-simp-for-her and good-in-bed ; a kind and understanding son; and even got a daughter that she wished for in the end. I so so so wish I was her.

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