Cosmic Love Letter


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Lu Zhi had talked a lot about her ex-boyfriends. Each one was more rotten and more of a scoundrel than the previous one.
After having enough fun, she decided to marry someone who she thought was a serious and boring date her parents had introduced to her.
From then on, she had one more pleasure in her life—teasing Ling He.

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Freyalily rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Its rare for me to have a FL who

... more>>

Experience, initiates s*x (with ML), always changing partner, having s*x friend, go to club, etc

All this is in the past, then she grow up and become more mature, shes single for a long time before pressured to get marry by her mom, she realised its time for her to settle down with a realible man not the "bad boy" type she used to always date


And a ML who


virg*n, no experience, an abstinent and serious kind of person

Tho he always ooc whenever he's with FL lol, he become the teenage shy boy when he's teased by FL, he kinda learn fast regarding bed and the best at it too ;)


They got together very fast, like very very fast, they straight get their certificate of marriage on their first date.

No agst, got some 'flies' but not really affect their relationship, healthy daily s*x life, no toxicity, no misunderstanding, HE

But no baby tho... : ( <<less
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Rube rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: --
Came for he smut stayed for the plot (what little there was). Honestly this was a really REALLY good short story, no unnecessary miscommunication, no borderline r*pe, just 2 completely consenting adults.

As I said its a short story so the characters aren't given much detail since it is a skut novel but the ML was adorable and the FL was a femme fatale.

The "twist" was expected but I ate that sh*t up lol actually had me giggling. This is a 10/5 stars for me

The last time smut novel surprised me... more>> bc of the plot was "living together" <<less
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SunlitFlight rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c18
Super sweet. Two adults who, despite differing personality types, fit so well together. They're respectful and caring of each other, and their smut is quite delicious as well. Story is short, but doesn't feel rushed or leaves you hanging. Left me in a warm and happy mood. If you don't want to wait, Google the Chinese name and have Google translate the chapters (if you're on chrome). It was easy to read.
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NadiaClover rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: --
Do you want smut with fluffy love story? This is the story that you want

The story tells about Li Zhi who is a beaty vlogger and a taciturn and serious man Ling He. Without Li Zhi knows, Ling He already love her since they were highschool. This is really a sweet story with hot smutty. You will have the butterfly in your stomach after you read this. And I especially want a man like Ling He to be my husband. Well who does not want? He is loyal, loving his... more>> wife and pampering his wife, almost never got angry with his wife, not rough with his wife (except sometime when he is having s*x :v) and treat his wife loving and carefully, and he is handsome, have stable career, and good at s*x.

Well, Ling He, this ML really has characters that I want for my husband to be. 😆😆 <<less
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Yujian rated it
March 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of the great short love story translated here. Thank you translator for this good jobs. I just hope it will have more chapters coz the story and the smutty deserve it.
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waterplease rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The story's short but it's sweet and romantic. It's pretty fast paced but it doesn't feel rushed at all. There's also no dramtic conflict whatsoever. ML and FL basically starts dating after they get married and that's where all the fluff and hotness starts.

All in all, it's a quick and good read.
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AnneDrey rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: Completed
It was really a surprise to me that the FL is the experienced one and the ML is the pure one. But I really love that the story has no unnecessary dramas and misunderstanding, and full of Smut 🤣🤣🤣
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Mikodami rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: Completed
A very beautiful short love story. Cheerful and light hearted. With a ludicrous beginning and full of sweet moments. Pretty steamy and very erotic. I love the intimate interactions between the leads. I also love how the FL knows how to live her life and how the ML respects her wishes.
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chande rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was so sweet until I almost got a toothache because of it. I really admire ML and how he wholeheartedly and devotedly loved only MC for 10 years but at the same, I also felt heartache for him because you know, it wasn't easy to have a one-sided love in addition having to see the woman you loved being lovey dovey with other man in front of you. But I also couldn't blame MC for failing to notice him back then. She had countless admirers and because ML... more>> chose not to confess his feeling, MC never know his feeling. But maybe if he really confessed to MC at that time, it's high likely that MC would reject him since she was still immature high school girl and loved to be around bad boy type more. So I guess, ML's confession when she's already 25 yo came at the right time since she was already mature and already tired of dating a bad boy. I'm really happy for ML because his feeling was finally reprociated and MC was also willing to try loving ML back. <<less
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bakarutt rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Nice short romance story about an unrequited love that was finally fulfilled after ten years of waiting and a semi-chance encounter.
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July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
holy hell, been a long time since I've done this huh... oh well let's get this over with shall we? I'll warn you guys, this is the weirdest I've prolly written. I wont talk about the smut because I think this part is simple. SMUT GUD.


... more>>

Let me make it simple. If a letter were written unfinished, it'll forever be unfinished and that's what makes the letter finished. The emotion stopped where the letter openly ended and time just sinks in the river and flow regardless. We are the same like Ling He, in a sense that the time flowed endlessly from the graduation of High School to the present, yet stuck in a moment that we felt like we're the most alive, when things were not the hardest or when things were simply carried out simply because we dont care. Like MC, every hopelessly romantic guy out there will remember that we when we threw the coin and it flipped heads we threw the possibility that things will go to that direction. Not because we set tail as what we wanted. Simply because regardless, we will just sit by and let time slaughter the opportunity for us, and we know that reality simply means, that you either allow for the present to unfold or you simply dream of what might have happened when you actually tried. Now why am I speaking jargons? Because, MC is the prime example of people that will always dream of 'what if' and let that just drown them to oblivion, there are people out there like MC, and I am telling you right now. There is no 'what if' in life but, Cosmic Love Letter is a webnovel written as if this what would have happened when... I know, it sounds rather a stretched but, contextually, the disconnect between MC and FL are so absurd that, you cant label it a romance series, rather, I feel strongly so that it's a series written in a plain simple 'what if' template. Oddly satisfyingly enough, I view this series much more like MC's letter kept throughout the years and that feeling being simply just empty, in the end, the author made me wonder: "It takes 150 km for the sun's rays to reach the Earth. Yet, Ling He spent 10 years being secretly in love with her before he finally let her know. And, finally 10 years later, his unfinished letter reached her heart."

A statement that concluded this short WN. I'll put this simply, if 10 years you have not done something, therefore, 20 years later, it'll be the same. I think that is quite true and there's nothing wrong with that. The world revolves regardless of how long and how much human shed tears. Time is an entity with no remorse to those who sleep for 10 hrs or people who can barely sleep 10 hrs for whatever reason, yet in this WN; time were quite not the executioner but rather the saviour. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you laze around and then you're just looking at the ceiling and you sigh depressingly and wondered what would have happened if you were a normal human being? I mean, for some it doesnt apply but for me it does, and I sighed sofly when I finished this WN, simply because, I was like "when will time be the saviour for me instead of being a f*cktard slaying me down?" I firmly believe in this sequence.

Characters regardless of series are stagnant, they are only alive when authors allows them to feel the passage of time within the series, and time is the essence of everything story wise. MC will forever dream of what would have happened if he gave the love letter to FL if we play it differently, yet paradoxically what we read is when he finished the love letter and FL fell in love to him, but that is strange, in a sense that it is human nature to process the past as a memory that will soon to be forgotten yet MC's feelings stayed and remained pure. Is it a stretched to think that feelings will always be in mercy of time? Because, we accept that there are things in this world that will never be in our palm. If you think about it. Having Ganyu C6 is only for those sweaty enough to have her C6, and for those people who dont have Ganyu, we can only look at doujinshis and release our frustration in scenarios where we would have her and c*m inside her. I firmly believe that fate is unimaginable and coincidences are factually realistic. We've known that statistically, SSR limited characters are 1%, but why are some people think that 1% are 100%? Because, they're f*cking addicted to gachas. Their brains are so wired that if they prayed hard enough to whoever god they believe, they can 1-pull their waifu out of nothing. They're prolly sweat as f*ck right now trying to bow down to whoever god they believe while sweating to pull Mika because they dont have enough pyroxenes to pity her, but for some f*cking random faith they believe... They really believe that they can get her when in reality they cant. Simply because statistics f*cks 99% of people but will give it to the 1% that doesnt even know if it's a good thing or a bad thing and will go to reddit and ask "is she gud guys??? I pulled her and I dont know if she gud. Pls guys I need help" like mother f*cker why cant EN read? I dont believe in statistics but I trust it, I think the line between trust and faith are different. I dont have to pray to god to give me 5 NJs. I will just f*cking yoinked all my cubes for 5 NJs. Quite ironic. How how we've lost it. Why can we give all faith to a gacha when we just dont trust ourselves in real life? God I wanna die. I'm happy that lucky bastard MCs only exist in WNs/mangas man, if they also exist in real life, f*cking hell I dont know what will I do (surely not right?). Oh wait, why did I label MC as lucky bastard? You ask? Instead of answering you. I'll ask you instead. Do you think your crush after years of living her life without you in her life will a coincidence so bizzare you'll actually speak like a normal human being in real life instead of speaking in the blank space of your head? Surely, right? Surely regardless of what would have happened, it'll still proceed in a manner that this WN will not proceed, but who knows, it might not and who can say for sure, unless of course you stopped dreaming and actually talked. Because, I hope you did, I surely do hope you will not be MC who stood in the back stage for 10 years and time granted him the life saving gracious because we all know life doesnt werk like that... Anyway, let me dream more. I hope you enjoyed reading this shitfest because I surely didnt even know what I wrote, or probably I did.

Last note. Thank you for the TLer who finished this series, without you I wouldnt have dreamed of what would have happened if I actually touched grass when I know for sure I dont but for some reason I want to but now scared.

*edited, for easier reading.

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applebyte rated it
March 28, 2023
Status: c4
I can't bring myself to read more of this. The FL acts irresponsible like a teenager.

Dropped it in tr*sh.


The characters met and got married in a day. First day of living together the FL goes out for drinking and gets wasted. The ML only acts cool and is just a s*ave. It's sh*t and I can't read it anymore.

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