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Lu Zhi had talked a lot about her ex-boyfriends. Each one was more rotten and more of a scoundrel than the previous one.
After having enough fun, she decided to marry someone who she thought was a serious and boring date her parents had introduced to her.
From then on, she had one more pleasure in her life—teasing Ling He.

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Freyalily rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Its rare for me to have a FL who

... more>>

Experience, initiates s*x (with ML), always changing partner, having s*x friend, go to club, etc

All this is in the past, then she grow up and become more mature, shes single for a long time before pressured to get marry by her mom, she realised its time for her to settle down with a realible man not the "bad boy" type she used to always date


And a ML who


Virgin, no experience, an abstinent and serious kind of person

Tho he always ooc whenever he's with FL lol, he become the teenage shy boy when he's teased by FL, he kinda learn fast regarding bed and the best at it too ;)


They got together very fast, like very very fast, they straight get their certificate of marriage on their first date.

No agst, got some 'flies' but not really affect their relationship, healthy daily s*x life, no toxicity, no misunderstanding, HE

But no baby tho... : ( <<less
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SunlitFlight rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c18
Super sweet. Two adults who, despite differing personality types, fit so well together. They're respectful and caring of each other, and their smut is quite delicious as well. Story is short, but doesn't feel rushed or leaves you hanging. Left me in a warm and happy mood. If you don't want to wait, Google the Chinese name and have Google translate the chapters (if you're on chrome). It was easy to read.
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Nadiaphi rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: --
Do you want smut with fluffy love story? This is the story that you want

The story tells about Li Zhi who is a beaty vlogger and a taciturn and serious man Ling He. Without Li Zhi knows, Ling He already love her since they were highschool. This is really a sweet story with hot smutty. You will have the butterfly in your stomach after you read this. And I especially want a man like Ling He to be my husband. Well who does not want? He is loyal, loving his... more>> wife and pampering his wife, almost never got angry with his wife, not rough with his wife (except sometime when he is having s*x :v) and treat his wife loving and carefully, and he is handsome, have stable career, and good at s*x.

Well, Ling He, this ML really has characters that I want for my husband to be. 😆😆 <<less
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waterplease rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The story's short but it's sweet and romantic. It's pretty fast paced but it doesn't feel rushed at all. There's also no dramtic conflict whatsoever. ML and FL basically starts dating after they get married and that's where all the fluff and hotness starts.

All in all, it's a quick and good read.
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Rube rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: --
Came for he smut stayed for the plot (what little there was). Honestly this was a really REALLY good short story, no unnecessary miscommunication, no borderline r*pe, just 2 completely consenting adults.

As I said its a short story so the characters aren't given much detail since it is a skut novel but the ML was adorable and the FL was a femme fatale.

The "twist" was expected but I ate that sh*t up lol actually had me giggling. This is a 10/5 stars for me

The last time smut novel surprised me... more>> bc of the plot was "living together" <<less
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