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She came over to play video games…

How did they end up watching p*rn together?!

—This is the story between Gu Tuantuan, a girl who pretends to know, and Jiang Ye, a boy who has seen countless films.

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青涩 (1V1)
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9 Reviews

Dec 06, 2020
Status: c51
Cute and funny. Definitely not for innocents. Fluffy in a R18 stuff, allot. I just like how sneaky the male lead is.

... more>>

Childhood bffs turn to lover in a snusnu route. Both love each other but realization hits on a different time. ML has it from beg and deeply cares and protect FL along with his tricky coaxing lol

s*x and Consent ~ All started from watching p*rno together, leading to s*xual touchings until became s*x that somehow became normal routine for them along with becoming lover.

All progress w/ series of implied consent or ml's sneaky ass tricking fl, so far : thru bet or game - if she looses she has to do him favor, acting - she hit his d*ck and acts he was badly hurt so FL had to help him flap and show her tits, returning favor and so on. Yeah, ML is sneaky and playful in making ways and protecting her while FL is innocently prideful.

Funny and weird. If you are placed in a situation where yo' bff suddenly shows his rod and ask you to help him flap after enjoying some p*rn together then what?....

Naive and confuse fl - So both are too close and grow up with each other that interractions like sitting on his lap while doing homework playing or sleeping beside each other is a normal thingy.

Not a question to ML but for FL she does not have romatic label on him. So while they becoming intimate, ML thought that its an implied relationship label. On other hand FL accepts him on s*xual deals but she rejects him as her bf (for now). I cant say shes completely naive bcs she understand what they are doing and hes repetitive tricky deals but shes keeps accepting him and not other guys. More like she isnt aware of her feelings yet... Looking forward on this side on future chapters..


His flashback


*7th old MCs, FL was crying bcs she was scolded by her mom for wanting a honey after seeing on tv. ML on his heroic staunt was prepared to avenge her to whoever bullies but then learn opponent was her mother so suggested that they'll go haunt a bee hive instead. ML ended up having swolen eye stunged, in expense of her awaited honey and protection.*


*ML brought a container with the honey

"where did it came from?" Gu Tuantuan

"ofcs it was from honeycomb" Jiang Ye actually bought if from supermarket with his pocket money but the boy couldnt save face so he lied hard.

The two secretly went to kitchen to get spoon to eat the honey. Jiang Ye was terrible with sweets and stop eating after two bites. He stared at Gu Tuantuan's little mouth and said "Tuan Tuan, lets kiss"



With spoon on her mouth, titled her head and said "My mom said, only married people can kiss, like my mom did to my dad."

"That, will you marryme in the future?" -Jiang Ye [this midget 😆]


"Then you let me kiss"


😉 putting this up for our ML in case readers have doubts...

... and I enjoyed the comedy along with smut.

Sugar level/T2 Diabetes

Soaked/10 <<less
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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise
Jun 03, 2021
Status: c51
This was fluffy and hot both at the same time 😆 I do hope the author will continue writing this novel especially since smut with childhood friends turned lovers aren't really common to see here in NU. It will be a shame not to finish this gem!

P.S. PLEASE I BEG YOU to finish tl this translator-nim! Their first time shagging was super nosebleed inducing but MTL totally reduced the spiciness for me 😭😭😭
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Feb 09, 2021
Status: c51
Its a cute smut story. The great thing is its consensual. The plot is still building and I hope there's a character development on both sides. Nonetheless, I love the ML and I've eaten a lot of dog food reading this.
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c51
This was really naughty and sexy read, I've MTLed this last year way before it was properly translated.

Sadly, it has not been updated since and is still stuck at ch. 51 where there's a huge cliff.

This was really enjoyable, just two naughty people who are discovering each other.
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Nov 25, 2021
Status: c51
Consensual! Hot and bloody 1v1! It’s bloody awesome! Anyway, I’ve been checking in the raw site and it seems the author will come back soon! So hopefully will get an update!

This is one of my fave smuts! Literally just flows! The last chapter we have is a huge bloody cliffhanger!

Gu Tuantuan and Jiang Ye are hilarious together. Jiang Ye is definitely a black belly and knows GTT really well! Too well Hahahah

I will update this review, If I get an update.
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Nov 29, 2021
Status: c51
A great smut novel with a surprisingly well thought out plot.
The smut scenes are well constructed and definitely leave you aching for more.

I especially love the childhood best friends turned to lovers trope which is my first for a Chinese novel

I also love the main character who is gullible but innocent and molded with the black bellied thoughts of the ML.

The ML is definitely likeable and his personality and behaviour leave little room for hate.
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c21
this is one of the great Chinese novels that I enjoy and can say that I fully enjoy this and hope someone translates it.


ML is a nice guy asks for consent and is respectful ✊

FL is cute and is funny her reactions to the ml’s coyness is 10/10 comedy

overall great story the snu snu scenes are 1000/10 so I recommend it. It’s super fluffy and sexy.
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Jun 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Just a quick hot smut with fluff between two teenagers/childhood friends... if you wanted no drama and just light read.

WARNING tho... the author dropped the latest chapter on 2020 so this ended in cliffhanger (ノಠ益ಠ) 彡┻━┻
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: c51
one of my favorite smuts, 10/10, and I would likely read it over again, a little sad that 51 is the last chapter as the author hasnt posted anything since 2020, sweet but short

both the ML and FL are likeable, and theyre in a healthy relationship, read if ur looking for smut with a side of fluff
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