Do Not Reconcile


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A story about a girl whose boyfriend dumps her heartlessly just before they graduate high school, and five years later, he wants her back.

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Let's Not Meet Again
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QCY rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Who- who said there was plot???

Sure, there was some semblance of a plot, but it was neither original nor good. It was mostly just tacky misunderstandings blown up and our *dear* FL meddling and peddling around with her non-existent IQ. I swear, her IQ is IN THE NEGATIVES. It's not even funny. The character set-up was rather unrealistic, character development was about... none.

No disrespect, but either the author deliberately crafted dum dum characters with plot holes all over the place, or she's just rather...... dum dum as well.

Basic summary of... more>> the below: Read for the smut (that really isn't THAT hot either), and don't take things realistically. You'd combust.

Here are several intolerable examples:


1) So, the ML is in an UNDYING, UNSHAKABLE love with the FL, but he thinks he's not good enough for the FL. Aka self-esteem issues. Then, one day after disappearing for 3 years, he hatches this idea of checking up on the FL. In a veryyyy strange way. His cousin is apparently getting stalked by some bad guy, so he decides to volunteer to be his cousin's fiance and get wedding pictures. If that wasn't strange enough, he decides to check up on the FL (who owns a bridal shop) with his "fiance" in tow. Like... bro??? Are you not just trying to generate some OBVIOUS misunderstandings here?????

2) As revenge, FL fakes that she has a boyfriend. And boy, it bites her in the ass. She gets upset that the ML is being cold (because he assumes she has a boyfriend), she's sad that ML is blocking her (because she has a "boyfriend"), and then, quote on quote, this is what the author writes:

"Guanguan wanted to bite his tongue; why did he always take the boyfriend out? Whenever they talked he always brought up "the boyfriend", had he taken a fancy to her imaginary boyfriend? Were they in love? Was she in the way?"

Yeah. So now she's delusionally thinking that somehow, somewhere the ML fell in love with the boyfriend??? Ok I don't get it. Moving on...

3) The ML's poorly crafted lie of him up and going to Harvard for college and dumping the FL is revealed. The class monitor (he gets the college application forms) says to FL that ML clearly never applied to Harvard, so obviously, somebody is lying here. And even if you think with your foot, who's the most suspicious one? Clearly not the class monitor because he has no reason to lie. So.... can we please confront the ML about this??? BUT NOOOO, of COURSE NOT. This drags on for maybe another 10 chapters, where the female rival also reveals that ML never went to Harvard, and the FL has THE GUTS to act confused af. Like she never realized anything fishy was going on...................

4) In the end, the marriage was very VERY disappointing. Even after the ML told FL that he was postponing marriage because he wants to gain more ability to stand on the same level as her (only in terms of money though, that's the only thing going for her). However, FL totally does not get it and is still dreaming of wanting a baby NOW. So of course, she decides it's a GREAT idea to poke holes in all the cond*ms. And yes, her plan works. I'd wouldn't be half as mad if she apologized, but she doesn't and acts very full of herself, and then half-threatens ML to marry her because she already has a baby, and he can't get mad at her because she's pregnant. And so they marry. -_-

5) In general, there's just A LOT of what translator calls "old wife's tales", aka inaccurate information that is very wrong, as well as misogynistic statements. FL believes that there's something wrong with darker looking pubic parts, and if she were to f*ck a lot of people, her v*gina would also grow darker. Same goes with males and their d*cks. It's also explicitly stated that if you think your bf is lying to you, the best choice is to look into their phone, and if they don't readily give you the password, there's something wrong. (There's a lot of other reasons why they might not want to give you their password... not just that they're potentially cheating on you.)


Ok, that's enough with the examples, I'm quite sure there are many more that I didn't talk about. Moving on to the FL's personality, it leaves much to be desired. She's the example of the rich, dumbass. unambitious second generation child who's been spoiled to the heavens. This means that she will realistically have a lot of problems with the ML, because of the enormous wealth gap. As a spoiled child, having to go to cheap restaurants, cheap places, doesn't cut it. She's pampered as hell and will throw tantrums at the tiniest problem. She can't cook, can't clean, and really can't do much of anything. Even if you were a godly ML, this sort of attitude will wear at you fast and a relationship built on the ML being the one putting in more effort, more time, and more patience doesn't last. Well, since this is supposed to a light-hearted novel, I don't expect much, but FL's attitude just really grates at me. <<less
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aaeiklm rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c10
I have no idea why there are so many 1 star ratings. So if the ratings worry you, I'd say they're unwarranted. This isn't that bad and the translations are easy to understand so I don't get it.

For a smut novel, the plot isn't something we haven't seen before. Still, the characters are refreshing to me. The FL is very forward (she pursued him) and yes, the ML is the typical cold-Chinese-novel-ML but he does have (well, imo) a decent reason for why he broke up with the FL. And... more>> I don't want to spoil, but let's just say his reason isn't the cliché "I thought you cheated on me" or "Your parents paid me off". So far, I'm really looking forward to this novel.

  • Plot: 4/5
  • Smut: 5/5
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ohmycalla rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I think the low ratings came from the readers who only reads the first few chapters, thinking that the ML was a scum. Well, I can only say that don't judge too quickly.

If you are looking for a novel that has both plot and a smut, and no r*pe, then go for this. I'm actually surprised that it has a plot considering that most of the smut novels here in NU were just pure smut.

What I like about this story is that MC/Jin Guanguan is assertive when it comes to... more>> s*x. She's lustful and not shy about it. While Huo Mu is a typical cold and smart ML.

Their sexy moments will not make you horny but it's still enjoyable. Lol. <<less
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Zureah rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed
To be honest I dont like stories where the main chatacters are cheating but I have a feeling that this story is more than what we see on the surface so I mtl this and I found out the reason.


The self proclaimed fiance was only a cousin. The reason the guy lied is because she wanted to approach her.

Its really ok. Thier is no angst at all. Very satisfying in my opnion so try this.
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rongyao rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: c50
so far so good. The smut is VERY interesting as well as the storyline itself. If you’re into cute clingy type love, this is the best book for you but also keep in mind that you should be very invested in smut too cause homegirl is a nympho!
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Isabelle rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c56
As always into chinese smut, we many times can front situations where we are read some really prejudiced lines. But into this one, TL-sama just get as 'wft' as we do, what improves a lot the reading experience itself and makes all lighter~~ highly recommend!!!!
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queridamia rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c42
Okay so before you label ML as scum ... more>>

that's not his fiancee but his cousin who he's helping out of a stalker situation. Also he got jailed for three years so he made up the going to Harvard excuse


That being said, ML is actually pretty decent. Kinky af, yes, but actually cares about MC. As for her... idk she doesn't really have much to offer apart from s*x. Spoiled af with next to zero redeeming qualities. There were a few hot scenes but so far they haven't done it yet in the present time. Contemplating whether to continue.

The translator is doing a very good job though, I like the little side notes. <<less
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Renjiko rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: c40
I stayed just bcs of curiosity but mostly contemplating if I should continue or not but it aint bad. Its just that its not so good either, just enough. The kind you will drop anytime bcs there is no major thrill in it, but will patiently read if you've got no more titles on reading list. Atleast for me.

For some is may be excellent and refreshing but not so good enough for me to put on my top Rom smut. But it has decent Smut scenes tho. ... more>>

MC's bf broke up with her right after graduating in Senior HighS bcs he didnt like her and and was going to harvard so she is useless for him*. After 5 yrs, they met again but with his fiancee and about to get married*. Even with this situation, he want her back and does OwO stuffs with her. Ofcs she dont like it despite shes stilll inlove so she thought of revenge and told him he got bf which is a lie.

Fast forward, turns out his fiancee was fake (his pov felt weak excuses to justify his action on previous c's which is why it felt its lacking in quality or felt childish play to me at some point?) and now became snu snu partners (they retort to a ridicoulous sht lol). Later, he revealed that he lied and break up with her bcs of some extreme circumstances in his case. He felt no more future for him so decided to set her free by casting her out. They got back and reconciled together and story goes on and on.... Previous lies were put into light and stuff as story goes.

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rosie bae
rosie bae
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed
read it because of adult as translation from Zuben sama it neve disappoints


story mixed with memory and current story. At first I hate ML but story goes on he is not scum at all but who sincere person when it comes to her. A lot s*x scenes quite enjoyable not dragging on. MC is spoiled rich girl but not like other rich girl she is quite and pure hearted.

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