Give Me to Bai


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Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him.

Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere.

But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart.

The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it.

But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.

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I hand you a rose
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15 Reviews

Nov 22, 2020
Status: Completed
People should be warned to check the tags and be aware that this story is an obsessive love, R18 and the ML has some... Yandere tendencies (Even FL, but I guess it's a bit milder than ML's). So if you're not interested in the following, then I suggest you don't read it. So if you're not bothered, overall the story is enjoyable and it wasn't dark nor heavy. However it isn't specifically a light hearted story and fluff. It's pretty a neutral undertone.

Also, don't... more>> fret over the relationship between the two leads, it's consensual (in a yandere standards, I guess). There is NO Rape, Cheating, and Force s*x (He did have passing thoughts of r*pe and force s*x though. He's a yandere, so I'm not surprised)

They communicate their problems quickly. From what I remember, they'll be able to solve the problem less than an hour just by communicating with each other about what they felt, and thank heavens because there's a healthy communication and trust between them (considering the ML is a Yandere). Since if they're going to talk about the misunderstanding going on, it depends on your partner whether they believe in their partner and relationship between each other.

Stories with ML's as yandere tend to not end well, with tropes such as force, lying, scheme, misunderstandings, abduction, stockholm syndrome, and FL running away. Therefore, I consider this type of story to already be at a standard of being healthy with some trust if we compare it with other stories. I wouldn't consider this a healthy relationship due to ML's thoughts, but this is a guy with Yandere tendencies. This is for me, as healthy as it can get lol.

Also, the s*x wasn't so overwhelming. It was pretty moderate in description and amount. Compared to other novels, it isn't too hot and heavy. But it was already good for me. The plot and s*x was somewhat equal.



If you don't want to read the spoiler, all I can say is that she's pretty obsessed with him (what I think). So we won't see any tropes of possible abuse, running away, kidnapping, etc. since she never had touch ML's bottomline enough to have him commit to his possible Yandere tendencies


She's very straight forward in their relationship. Which is one of the VERY reasons why they don't/rarely fight. Since she would IMMEDIATELY tell him if there's a misunderstanding or anything that people told her that could damage their relationship so he can later clarify and validate to her.

She likes him a lot, though not to a "yandere level" like the ML, it did reach to a point of obsession. Therefore, I could say why despite ML being a "yandere", FL still sticks up to him is because she loves (?) and is obsessed with him. So yes, there's no FL running away or anything. Since she's for me considered obsessed (in a way) for ML, she would be willing to have sex/hump with him despite feeling unsure of it. She would probably even laugh it off and not be too bothered when ML said he'll have her uterus be surgically removed if she has s*x with others.

An example of her being obsessed is that ML held FL's hand bcz he wanted to say something and so she paused and looked at his eyes shocked.

And I quote:

"Xu Pinyu thought that no one should ever unscrew her arm and take it away, otherwise she would feel jealous of her amputated limb"


  • FL's mom is the former lover of ML's dad. She was pregnant with the ML's dad's child but ML's grandfather didn't allow their relationship, so he separated them and made the dad marry ML's mom. Also, somewhere along the lines, she (FL's mom) lost her voice due to some tragedy. So she's currently mute, but I'm not sure if she's deaf also.
  • FL is adopted. Her parents left her when she was young in the amus**ent park since they had a large debt.
  • And was later adopted by her "current" mom now whose mute in an orphanage since she miscarried (?) her female baby (I forgot).

So don't worry, this is not in*est. However, if they were both possibly been half-siblings, they wouldn't care and would still continue to be with each other. They both admitted this fact together.



I feel like most of what he said is, "I want to have s*x with FL" during the whole storyline. That's basically what goes around his head to be honest.

A favorite quote from what he said that I found memorable and perfectly describe him was this:


"Love exists but with an absence of eternity.

Psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusions that the moment will last forever

I hide behind my back and postpone all answers.

I'm seized by desire"


My description and observations of ML:


He's a yandere for short. He hasn't done anything out of the line or offensive yet or as far as I remember. I don't think he killed anybody nor sent someone to the hospital bcz of FL. But he does have some anger issues. He tends to get violent when he gets angry, so he slams objects, but not to the people involved.

An example is that he broke FL's chair out of anger (well long story short, he saw her by the window at the school grounds and quickly went to her), but FL didn't notice him leaving bcz she was by the window to look at him but she was thinking of something related to him at that time. And a male classmate (not a love rival) called and chatted with her while they walk in the hallway outside the room (bcz ML wasn't there anymore, so she decided to leave). And when ML arrived, he saw her empty chair by the window and saw her figure besides a man laughing and talking away. And yeah, he slammed and broke the chair out of anger. Anyways, FL got called by the teacher because a footage found that she was the one who last moved the chair, so she had to pay 100 yuan and write a long reflection paper. Afterwards, ML then found out and admitted to her and the office that, it was his fault, and fixed everything. Also, when ML went to her that time, she didn't want him to see her and think she was a violent women lol.

As long as he can have her, he can accept anything about her and pretty much do anything for her.

Afterwards, ML's mom went to FL to break up with each other since they'll likely separate due to his grandpa's wishes just like his dad. So FL after class told him that his mom went to her and told her to break up with him (on the same day the mom talked to her. Both the leads had classes so they communicated after the dismissal).

So since ML didn't wanna keep secrets, he just told her directly that they could possibly be siblings.

When ML knew that FL could possibly be his half-sibling from his mom, he didn't actually care. He just talked to her plainly, as if he's like talking about the weather.

But when FL told him she's just adopted. He was only surprised. He wasn't joyful or anything because they weren't siblings. He was just surprised of the fact that she's adopted since he really didn't care of the taboo.

Plus, I think the main reason why ML didn't show any extreme tendencies (like the common tropes) is because FL doesn't reject his love towards her, either obsession or possesion since she feels the same way. So ML's bottomline wasn't touched, therefore you wouldn't see any violent tendencies that led to abuse, though he did have some thoughts due to the "what ifs" before their relationship.


Love Rival:


It's really no big deal to be honest. The leads talk it through, so all the problems are just easily solved through


The only one that stood out to me is the FL's love rival that heard them humping in the bathroom. The love rival was undressing (I think it was only until the top of her blouse) in front of ML in the Student Union's Office because she thought that she can be like FL, sleeping with him. And suddenly FL walks in and sees the scene, and ran out. Afterwards ML chased after her.

To be honest, I really thought this would lead to another typical misunderstanding with 3-5, chapters of her running away and overthinking and the ML gonna be crazy. Surprisingly, it didn't.

FL quickly hid somewhere in the staircase and ML chased after her. When he was trying to find where she hid, I was surprised she yelled "HERE!" to get his attention and so ML found her and clarified the misunderstanding.

As for FL's male friend? Nope. They're not in love. Lol, the school thought they were lovers. The friend also does not possess any romantic feelings for her.

So when the rumour about FL confessing to the ML spread and the FL male friend went absent coincidentally the next day due to being sick. The school thought it was gonna turn into some sadomasochistic plot and thought the male friend (assumed to be her lover) pitiful lol.

Though there were men who liked her, it wasn't anything threatening or something.

Maybe another rival perhaps was when ML and FL were separated. A rumour in some news outlet said that ML has a gf/fiancee (?). And FL heard of it while she was working. Ngl, the girl barely made an appearance lmao. The moment FL and the rumoured gf (?) met and whatnot, ML explained clearly (within probably 30mins after finding FL when she ran away) that they were not in a relationship whatsoever.

Also, the reason why they separated (idk if they broke up that time) is because ML had to go somewhere far away for a task his grandpa assigned to him so that he'll allow his relationship with FL I think. forgot why, but he did explained to her before he left why though. And he had always hoped that she would contact him since he left his number to her. I'm not sure, but I think he sorta implied to also wait for him.

Truthfully, I don't think there is any Second Male or Female Lead




ML didn't force the FL in s*x. He agreed with her in waiting for her to be ready. Though you should be aware that even though they didn't have s*x before that, they still did intimate things such as humping with their lower bodies and h*ndj*b.

WARNING: it was during the time FL had her menstruation, so sometimes they have humped without their underwear on. Yes it's unhygienic I agree. If I think about it, ML could've directly did it, since he genuinely doesn't care about things like that, but it's because FL cares and only wants to do it after her period. They've only done the deed after her menstruation.

Forewarning is that, there was scenarios when they were "heard" in the act. Scenarios are down below:

  1. Well, they weren't caught in the act, however FL & ML was found by one male student in the men's bathroom when she was about to leave the restroom. And he assumed that it was FL confessing to ML in the bathroom, but it was actually them humping. So the news spread that FL confessed to ML in the men's bathroom.
  2. They're humping in the bathroom stall at the club. One of FL's love rival went to the bathroom to sober up. And so she heard & smelled the s*x in the air from the leads. Afterwards, she just ran away
  3. They were doing the deed inside the Student's Council room with the door's lock. And ML's friend happened to leave one of his things behind. He had heard outside the room sounds of moan and somewhat implied saying to them, "You got the courage to do it, but can't let me hear her" since ML covered her mouth when he found out his friend is outside lol.
  4. Lastly was during ML's BDAY. I don't remember if they were doing the deed, but they were at the kitchen floor, and ML was touching and groping her lol. And ML's female friend and guest happened to pass by and see them. I'm lazy to explain the scenario of why they're at the kitchen floor.

From what I recall, scenario 4, they did stop after knowing there's a person.

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RoseAmethyst remembrance
Oct 05, 2020
Status: Completed
For a smut heavy novel, the storyline and characters are surprisingly very realistic. Actually, the smut isn't even the most interesting part.

One of the most interesting things about the relationship between the MC and ML is how heavily they talked about s*x. Their relationship is pretty healthy since they've been open with each other and properly communicating. (There's no dubious consent or toxic relationships like we see in angsty/tragic novels.) I found it so cute how the ML assured her that he would wait until she was ready 🥰

This... more>> is the first CN novel I've come across that talks about puberty (and s*x related) stuff in a rather detailed manner (m*sturbation, wet dreams, menstrual cycles, contraception). Just like a normal teen, the MC and ML are constantly think about s*x a lot. Like wild teenagers, they do get pretty daring with their s*xual adventures 😂

I'm not sure if it's because I MTL-ed it, but I did not understand the ending at all. (Update: I must have had a brain fart. The last 2 chapters was actually a compilation of fragmented events that predates the novel. The events shows you how the MC's insecurities and inferiority complex started. It's actually very comical. There's a lot of angst too)


efore the two got together.

I tried reading the conversation several times, but I didn't find anything particularly profound or meanful that would offer a conclusion

1st incident: The MC is trying to sneak out of school. While she's climbing over the wall, she notices that the ML staring at her. She politely asks him to pretend he didn't see her and darts away. 😂😂😂. Once she's far away, she speculates that he probably didn't recognize her 😢

2nd incident: The MC is frantically searching her bag as she complains to her buddies that she lost a coupon that she won for a free snacks package 😂. Her friend suggests looking in the storage room. The MC runs to the storage room.

Once the MC is gone, the POV shifts to the ML who is smoking in the opposite classroom. The ML leaves the classroom.

The POV returns to the MC as she reaches the storage room and door closes behind her when she walks into the storage room, locking her inside. Frustrated at her carelessness, she decides to look at her surroundings and sees the ML. (Apparently the ML had heard her complaints and reached the storage room before she did. 🥰)

The MC tries to call her friends but they don't answer because they're playing video games 😂😂😂

The MC suggests the ML to contact his own friends, but he takes out a cigarette and starts smoking (***lol he doesn't want anyone to interrupt their alone time ^3^)

Being slighted like this, the MC believe the ML is ignoring her 😢and so she timidly assures him that the security will eventually make his rounds and doesn't speak again.

After the sun sets, the MC makes several failed attempts to strike up a conversation.

-She introduces her name. He nods, but doesn't respond verbally. -Being shot down like this, she changes the subject and suggests to him to stop smoking because the security guard will arrive, but he interrupts her.

- She changes the subject again and starts asking him about the coupon, but is interrupted by the security guard opening the door. The guard lets the MC go, but the ML gets taken away.

3rd incident: The next day, the ML calls out the MC's name from the balcony of the second floor. He drops something and when she catches it, she's surprised to see the coupon. She's very happy that he helped her find the coupon and that he remembered her name.
4th incident: The MC dreams about confessing to the ML, but the dream-ML tells her he doesn't know and and that he would never like her. 😭😭😭 Her dream reminds the MC of the wealth and social gap between the two. It becomes a major insecurity of her which is why she only admired him from the distance and does everything secretly.
5th incident: The MC wakes up and is back in present time. The ML asks her what's wrong. She tells him it's a nightmare and he comforts her. (And that's how it ends)
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Feb 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Couldn't wait so I went ahead and read the mtl of this novel.

10/10 perfect for fictional yandere male lovers like me

10/10 perfect for readers who are tired of misunderstanding between mc's

10/10 papapa (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I agree with czarinananan: 10/10 twisted kind of love (in a good way)

Go read if tags are up your alley. YOU WILL NOT REGRET
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Dec 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I didn't expect it to have plot in smut novel, but it does, the smut is good too.
The story and kinda sweet and dark at the same this, but I love it.

The ML, where can I find this kind of man, I'm totally jealous for a fictional character (MC) rn, never in my life I simp character so hard as this.
... more>>

The ML is my cup of tea, in fact this whole novel is my cup of tea, mainly because of the ML.
He is very very possessive and a psycho.
ML will do anything for her, he will kill for MC is she want it to, in fact I'm not surprised if he hand over all his family fortune to her, or kill his entire family for her if she want it to.
He would slice himself just to see her body (every slice for every layer of clothes), he got thoughts of wanting to kill her if he can't have her, thoughts of locking her up so she can't run away.
He even said that, if he died, she have to follow him and die with him.
That kind of psycho.
But don't worry, he never do anything to hurt her, he would never made her cry (unless in bed *cough* that's different), he even patiently wait to have s*x until MC are ready, that proud men of ML will even apologize to MC when he was wrong.
This is the kind of man I want, people may call it toxic, but it is just my taste in men.


The MC, haaaaaa......., I just genuinely feel wanting to swap body with her.

She's a cute and lovely, it's cute how she always do things to chase the ML and to attract his attention.
And she accept ML as he is, he never hide his possessiveness and crazy thought from MC, and she accept all of it.
Well she too a possessive towards ML.


Both MC & ML have their own flaws, and not perfect.
They will discuss together when there is problem.
Very rare misunderstanding to occur, I don't even think there is, because they directly discuss and explain things.
I think in 6 years of their relationship, they only fight twice, it's hardly even call a fight, since its only one side sulking.
I'm really impressed in this (save some drama).

I will ready again when fully translate, thank you translator for introducing this novel. <<less
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Wang Feng
Wang Feng
Feb 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Fav novel with smut and male yandere. This novel is so good. Smut scene is not at the beginning but after a progress of the plot. This is + point. (Smut at the beginning is a bit boring so) And there's no love rival. (+)

Misunderstanding from ML side though bout FL's bf (but no one lol😂). FL shortout the misunderstanding quickly.

A bit of drama from ML's family bcuz of the possibility of FL to be his step-sister. ML didn't care lol. He papapa her after his mom told him the possibility. Later, FL reveals that she was adopted, so no blood relation.

They got separated for five years bcuz of ML's deal to his father and went abroad. (It's not a breakup tho)

They met again and got married later.

There's a lot of spicy smut scene throughout the novel.


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Feb 08, 2021
Status: Completed

Smut, a little dark but sweet. I like it how FL is not the overthinking type. It pisses me off when FLs are fussy. But here, she’s just chill a person. She is clear about what she wanted for herself and when she accepts the ML, she really meant it in every sense of the word. She’s not so sensitive, so, when ML says words so crassly she doesn’t mind it that much. I guess this is why their relationship is not so problematic and are actually harmonious. ML is... more>> a bit extreme and psychotic and she actually handled him pretty well.

ML is mentioned a lot in the comments so not much to say anymore.
I like it that people in the story are not too dramatic and are clear about themselves. <<less
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Nov 28, 2020
Status: Completed
This os really nice. It's not a very heavy novel, but not a light one either. I like their relationship, this is the first novel when I see communication between the leads, the relationship seems like it could be real, and you don't really have misunderstandings. Give it a try, I won't say more because I don't want to spoil it for you.
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: c7
Currently reading this novel and I love it. I'm the person that likes to read everything as long as it's my cup of tea and this novel is one of it. I want to MTL but I can't find the raw. Too bad because it's really good.
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Sep 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This is an almost twisted Campus romance IN A GOOD WAY.

... more>>

The FL is normal until she’s with ML. If you like Yandere, Loyal, handsome, and sexy PERFECT ML THEN GO.

Xu Pinyu (FL)

She’s just an ordinary student. And like most of the students, she likes Shen Yobai (ML).

There’s nothing really special about her BUT IT’s enough for me that SHE’s NOT SUPID AND ANNOYING AT ALL.

Shen Youbai (ML)

I guess I can say that this guy believes in the saying that “love is not blind. But it enables you to see more clearly that you can see something special about a person that other people cannot” or something like that. I mean, aside from the fact that’s he’s a Yandere/extremist in love, he’s basically Mt. Perfect.


YES! Not the fastest to develop, BUT It’s there and it’s HOT!

About the Title:

TBH, idk why that’s the title. Maybe because the FL’s mom owns a flower shop and she smells like flowers (according to ml). Or maybe because the FL gave the ML roses and he threw it (because he didn’t know it was from her and EVERYONE thoght that she was dating her best friend haha).

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Apr 14, 2022
Status: c26
I think I lost braincells reading this. Before I go on, let me just say that I appreciate both translators efforts, I just have a bone to pick with the actual author on certain things.

First of all, while other reviewers have been saying this a relationship built on mutual respect/consent, I would strongly, STRONGLY disagree with that sentiment. Rather, I would put it in a more realistic light: This is plainly put, brainwashing/manipulation.

ML literally went "I want to f*ck you" in the men's locker room, and expected FL who literally... more>> has zero clues about s*x to be down to do the dirty. I am losing my goddamn mind, this poor girl first of all gets her reality shook by this a**hole, then bargains with herself that she loves him so much that she is willing to do any dirty if he just waits for her to get mentally prepared. Which.... sploiler alert... doesn't mean he won't do "other" things........*insert gif of me choking the ML*

Call me crazy, but first off this f*cker literally only has one line "I want to f*ck you" that's the only thing that ever comes out of his mouth when he's with her, and meanwhile, her three woldviews are being destroyed and she actually has to pick an AV from a f*cking p*rn store to understand how to have s*x. And even then, she is horrified.

I believe this ML belongs in the tr*sh. No, no, he belongs in landfill, suffocating on scum just as dirty as him. I hate this guy so much. FL has such a cute love --- a puppy love for this tr*sh ML and he's just constantly thinking of f*cking her.

I don't call that a relationship. I call that anything but.

Those two stars are for the translators time, I deeply appreciate their efforts, but I am red with anger when I think of the outcome of this poor FL. <<less
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: c53
I was trying to figure out why the story felt so familiar to me. Obviously, as most novels on this site, there tend to be trends within subgenres and its not uncommon to find a sotey cliche or similar to another one.

This story feels very similar to Little Sweetheart, albeit a more fast paced, smut heavy, condensed version.

Spoiler for both stories next, including chapters not yet translated in NU:

... more>>

so I MTLed the chapters and this story has an arc where the ML is threatened by his family to give up on the FL because of his affluent background. Felt very, very similar to Little Sweetheart. This started the comparisons for me and highlighted some of the weaker aspects of this story


Weaker aspects of the story:

Given the focus on smut, the relationship between the FL and ML doesn't feel that deep because the author hasn't gone into detail trying to develop/explain their feelings for each other other than having crushes with a yonder twist, and lust. I've MTLed up to chapter 53 and I still don't think the characters would have a genuine romantic relationship if you took away the smut.

Also... the smut is ehhhh. Usually I wouldn't care but it is a smut novel. However, this criticism is purely subjective and based on my personal preferences for reading smut.

Strengths of the story:

The author has made a genuine attempt to add plot to the smut and give it a fleshed out story. It makes you feel more invested.

It also shows a realistic aspect of teenagers who date and have s*x, watch p*rn and m*sturbate. It feels slightly more realistic.


Not a perfect story, but an attempt was made. <<less
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Apr 06, 2021
Status: Completed
So I was hooked to this novel and so I Mtl'ed it. It was so good but I feel like the ending is just so so. It was good though. I enjoyed it. ❤️
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Sep 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I believe this is a story much better read fully translated. A lot of the dark metaphors and allusions that the ML uses to express his yandere tendencies fail to be expressed properly in MTL.

This is not a work for the faint of heart to be sure. The ML has serious mental issues thanks to his parents and his upbringing, and is only saved thanks to the MC being almost equally obsessed with him. The smut is quite good and there is no dub/non-con. The separation and whatever happens at... more>> the end is quite annoying though, terrible experience for both of them. Wish it were more entertaining, I would have appreciated the yandere combo if they had stayed together instead of languishing separately for years. Unfortunate. <<less
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Nov 07, 2022
Status: Completed
i like how despite this one is smut novel, yet the plot is decent! And tho ML is projected as a kind of bad-boy and ruthless, he really respects FL and waits for her willingly

just like what another comment says, ML is obsessed and possessive with FL. And FL might also have this kind of tendency. So this novel can be considered to be slightly dark, yet because our leads have similar characterisitcs, it's not too bad

however, I just felt the ending is too abrupt

anyway, a good read with decent... more>> romance plot


since the very beginning both FL and ML are each other's end game I would say. No one else can enter their hearts

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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c17
Dunno what I was expecting, but it's not it at least lmao. Characters felt so bland, the plot is too rushed, and smut was meh at best.

They got together too quickly for my liking. Like, the premise is "he's desperately in love with her, so is she, but neither of them thinks the feeling is mutual" right? I wanted to see mutual pining, s*xual tension shooting off the roof, then bam! But honestly, it was bad.

... more>>

That time in the classroom, for instance. The author established the fact that FL is night blind previously, which is good. Why didn't she make her go into that classroom with a bunch of other people, make ML see her, and sneakily steal kisses and such, with FL being unaware of his identity? Instead, the author just sent FL and ML there, a kiss that came out of nowhere from the FL, then a weird male changing room accident... That's what we call wasted potential brush.


I don't want much but I think it's normal to expect sum good smut + s*xual tension from a smut novel smh. <<less
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