After Rebirth, I Was Entangled with the Tyrant


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In his previous life, Chi Fang was taken care of by his family and grew up. When the Chi family fell and his parents and brothers were not there, Chi Fang propped up the Chi family alone. Relying on several projects of Yuchi Group, Chi Fang barely kept the Chi family.

However, he did not hold on. After rebirth, Chi Fang returned to high school. This time, he decided to study hard, protect his family, and reach the pinnacle of life.

However, he never expected that the future owner of Yuchi Group would be his high school classmate? But– isn’t this big guy too cold? No seatmate, no friends, alone, but it is an unpredictable school bully!

Chi Fang looked at the back of the boss, thinking of the previous projects to save himself, carefully probing out his paw and poking at the boss’ arm.

——Now, classmate, are we friends? o (^ 0 ^) o

Yu Mo has been clever since he was a child. He is a little taciturn, doesn’t like being touched, and never fears anything. However, he found himself inexplicably ‘afraid’ of Chi Fang in his class. Obviously, the man was soft and cute like a little white rabbit, but he cared inexplicably.

Later, he found that the bunny seemed black.

Later, he found that his feelings for the little black rabbit were not right.

Until one day, Yu Mo suddenly realized, seriously: Chi Fang, I like you.

A two-way crush.

It happened that I turned around, and you were always behind me.

So, two people holding hands, happily going to college and breaking the bad story ~

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Sau Khi Sống Lại, Ta Bị Học Bá Đại Lão Quấn Lấy
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New Angela440 rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: Completed

MC's first life was turned upside down when he got into a car accident and his parents were also killed during the another car accident which was planned. Likewise his two older brothers were schemed to death too.


Anyway his new life focuses on how to protect his family, how to get close to ML and get good grades.
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New znukhsoc rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
-After around chapter 50, the author overdid the time skip aspect. It turned out super rushed. It was a fine fluffy slice of life kinda novel but the fact that the author didn't balance the timeline ruined the whole thing. Even my attention started to slip up.

-Even the peak points of the story are summarized in the end. The only positive thing was the mothers of the two MLs are the best. They were the real queens of this story. They protected their children from homophobes. That was so satisfying.

-The... more>> gender roles were so clear that it threw me up a little bit and 2nd ML's character is a wall.

-The monotone study paragraphs were occupying the story so much that I can't even give it a 3 star anymore. It doesn't deserve it. <<less
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient Couch Potato rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a really good story.

I saw someone say that the ML is like woodplank and fell in love at first sight of MC.

The 2nd one isn't true at all.

... more>> ML saw MC for first time in Junior high, was curious. Got to know him little by little and fell in love in senior high. Its not love at first sight at all.

And about ML being woodplank. Well its his charecter setting. And unlike other supposedly cold ML, this ML is truly cold type, he really can't explain himself. Other cold MLs change almost instantly after meeting MC. But Yu Mo didn't. MC even misunderstood him for that at first. And throughout the story his change is very slow although present (well it isn't easy to change). Its just MC's understanding of ML gets better.

Lol I thought after reading comments and main text of story I wouldn't be sad in the extras: past life ones. But damn I was wrong.

It was truly heartbreaking to see when ML was so happy to talk to his crush as potential partner and within a day he got his death news. Damn.

I loved the parallel universe one too. Author did a great job. <<less
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Ichi.hiru rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c92
I enjoyed reading the novel. This is sweet and fluffy story of high school student. MC is hardworking and ML has more eccentric personality. ML quite cold towards other but soft hearted towards MC. It was so cute 😍 there is face slapping action but most of the time is them giving the readers dog food hehe. MC' family and friend are also supportive especially the moms. 💘
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BanniNotBunny rated it
August 30, 2021
Status: c88
Giving it 4 stars so that if you want to read a light romance novel then read it.

It's a good novel. Read if you wanna read a simple novel with nothing heavy in all aspects. Nothing complex at all.

◆Some clarifications:

•It should be Shounen Ai genre and not yaoi.

>There is nothing like yaoi genre. Not even a hot kiss. You can get the idea from following paragraph (taken from ~83rd chapter) :

... more>>

"Although they had been together for more than a year, because they had been busy studying, this was only the third time the two kissed."

They had s*x in that chapter I guess which you won't realize at all if you haven't read enough bl novels.


•It should have a tag of Slow Romance/Late Romane.

>Considering that the total length of the novel is 88 chapters and they confirm their feelings in chapter

68 which is like after 75% completion of the novel


◆NOW don't read my review if you are not up for criticism.◆

MC : Nice one. Cutie, extremely thin skin.

Now the ciritism of the MC :

He is said to be 27 years old. But you won't find him as such at all in the novel. He is totally portrayed as a teenager apart from preventing his family from disasters.

>I can't accept the fact that the ML who is only 17 at that time was shown more mature then the MC with 27 year old soul.

ML : He is an awkward cute puppy before he discovered his feelings for the MC. Then he is black bellied. And as usual in Chinese novels ML is portrayed as an all arounder amazing person.

Romance: Extremely light romance novel. Little bit of fluff. How MC studies and give exams is shown more than the romance. Don't expect anything heavy. And I mentioned already it's a shounen ai genre.

>Many readers said that the MC is not a dense one but I find him quite dense for 27 year old person. He seems quite oblivious to the things in a relationship.

>he main couple really loves each other.

Plot: Dont expect any heavy plot at all. Nothing new or good. Simple fluffy novel.

>I like the plot of their previous life better and more heart touching. Unfortunately they had BE in that

Comedy is good as well but only in initial chapters. Later there is no comedy.


I, myself, wouldn't have read the novel if could read my own review beforehand.

You can read it if you want to read a extremely simple, light, no complexities novel. <<less
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SeiXchan rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: Completed

The story is not too complex and pretty light for me. The revenge easily be done. Though there are some plot holes about the incidents, in my opinion, the plot line is still interesting and good.

I love the interaction between MC and ML so much! ... more>>

Besides, the parallel world (extra)... really soothe my anger towards Wang bastard hah! I am really grateful towards the author! If the main story about MC rebirth for revenge, then the parallel world is about ML rebirth for revenge. Though ML already revenged for MC before his rebirth. Another revenge is definitely not a problem! *blow cigarette*. Overall, I satisfied with the story! Very good to pass tome too! ❤️❤️

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Drenlith rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a nice cute short read, the cliches and blood dog drama however knocked the story down to a 3 star. Pros:

    • Sweet, caring, attentive and protective ML
    • MC is a little white lotus, can protect himself and is independent but hides mostly under his friendly harmless facade so thankfully not too much of those -save the damsel in distress- moments
    • proper and steady character growth for MC
    • healthy love relationship
    • comedic peaceful slice of life vibes
    • will start right off the bat being entangled with ML
    • MC tried at best to maintain a friendly relation and avoiding feuds with ML without kissing up to him too much or deceive his intimate feelings for own personal gains

    • side characters are background characters, mostly one dimensional except for the protagonists' mothers, but cannon fodders are brainlessly cannon foddering, inexplicable reasons for extreme methods to harm and deal with protagonists

      Mainly wondering why the main culprit would go to such extremes to harm MC and his family. For a slice of life, aside from random bs unexplained rebirth, laws and morals all very grounded close to real life. Massacring an entire family is blood dog overkill. Everything regarding the villain is blood dog drama overkill.

    • messed up story line, OG plot had MC going into a car accident where he ends up with extreme burn scars, PTSD and wounds and 2nd life the car accident is set up awfully early

      ML would've taken revenge for MC if it had occurred during the time frame when he was still attending the same school as MC, but it was on the sophomore year that ML decided to study abroad, come back and silently pursue MC after his accident. He cared a lot for MC already at the point (also unexplained and unreasonably because MC wasn't interacting with ML a lot at all and hardly knew of his existence back during school days). But the accident took place in the 2nd half of their junior year and the circumstances would definitely change with ML around, pre-studying abroad.

    • overkill in MC's embarrassment during lovey-dovey times with ML
    • overly clear and unnecessary separation of 'gender roles' where MC follows the stereotype of being a timid but also temperamental, great cook, feminine featured 'waifu' + ML the taciturn, godly smarts, good at fights, but extremely pure in emotional matters 'overbearing CEO'

      could've been a straight couple novel and we wouldn't have seen a single change so what's the point of it being BL/danmei/shounen Ai, y'know?
    • the plot was there but lacks impact or meaning, a lacklustre, classic good guys vs bad guys plus minus happy endings, same old same old
    • mysophobia that's not really mysophobia, obsession with cleanliness comes closer but since it's barely an issue ML ever displayed it's as good as having none. Your general false implementation of mental illnesses that's just there for decoration and undermining the real issues, packaged to make it appealingly cute attribute of ML for audience or merely as a highlight as friction in the interactions of the main couple
    • passive story telling and short summaries when it comes to MC's trauma and past life, which makes it harder to empathize and understand this character
All in all, it's barely satisfactory. My negative points regarding the novel were generally based on what it quintessentially lacked so the story overall isn't a gear grinding read. Not a read I'd recommend nor tell people to avoid.
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Juju641 rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
ONE OF THE BEST PLOTS in my opinion

The Novel was eazy breezy, no irritating drama and very simple. Backed with his knowledge from the future, Mc's restarted life will prevent disasters from happening to his family and himself.

I love the fact that ML did not unreasonably fell in love with MC and got their romance in a satisfied pace. I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE EXTRAS. Don't get me wrong, I love everything in this novel but the extras satisfied me too much! Of course one of the reason is because... more>> it's still very ✨ fresh in my memory ✨, but also because huhu,


parallel story was given to us by author-san where ML also got rebirth and had his happily ever after 😭. I think one of the reviews here spoiled the fact that they should have gotten together but MC died


Makes me feel like life is very worth living here 🌊.

WOULD DEFINITELY REREAD Again if first translation is better than before cuz it slightly gave me headaches and made me feel like it would be better with a more organized delivery? Like instead of using english "brother" when MC teases Ml, it would be better to use "Ge"? Cuz it has different feels to it. And the pronouns and stuff sighhh. BUT It's still readable thooo. I can easily understand it still. BTW, Thank you for giving us this wonderful novel!!!! ARIGATHANKU 😚 <<less
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Suyo rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: --
Such a good story I really enjoy reading it. I like the ML and the MC personalities so much. The feeling between them came so naturally. The most thing I like in this novel is the fast the ML personality didn't change magically after he got together with MC. He stayed cold but the MC understanding of his actions improved which is realistic.

I think this novel will be even better if they got back in time together.

I recommend this novel.

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BRITT rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed

It has fluff, a lovable ML and the MC isn't dense about his feelings either. Both their families are accepting of their relationship too and you can really see how much ML loves MC


... more>>

ML first saw MC back in junior high and instantly was interestedin him but he didn't what he felt was love/like until they became friends



MC's second brother is also in a relationship with a guy too


I felt really bad for ML tho.


Their ending in their past life kinda made me cry a little. After ML finally got the balls to talk to MC and telling him he'sgonna persus him, MC dies that same night!! When ML found out, he went a little 'crazy' and stole MC's coffin (with his dead body inside it) and store it in a freeze. He ends end finding the person who killed MC and torturing him. If im not wrong, ML then starves himself, laid in the freezer with MC body and ends up dying


ML might come off as indifferent and cold but to me, he just doesn't like being around people. Just a loner type guy.


They get a cat together too and got their own apartment when they went to college. Everyone knew two hot guys were dating each other on the first day of college too lol.

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LunaSolis070 rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I f*cking love this novel, I didn't sleep until I finished reading this ahhhhh

The only thing that I don't like was the ML (adult) and the MC (adult) didn't met. Instead they met the others young self. Ahhh I wished the ML regained some memories from the mc's past life. 😭 Bruh

spoiler, I was shocked that ML kidnap the MC from his coffin and put him to some ice coffin and hid him in the mls villa then 1 year after getting revenge he hug the MC in the ice coffin and died from not eating and cold temperature, THAT'S WHY I DIDNT LIKE THAT THEY DIDN'T MET WHEN THEY REGRESSED!! IM SAAAAAAAD

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Svetlyak rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5/5! Oh gosh my heart melted, this novel is really cute and mostly light-hearted! I love the dynamics between the MC and ML. I also love how the MC wasn't totally oblivious to the ML's feelings for him. Besides the plot holes and some loose ends that were never explained, this novel is a good read if you're looking for mostly sweetness.

Now my only scruple with this novel is the last two extras which knocked off.5 stars for me.

... more>>

What kind of froze my melted heart again was that... the MC wasn't the only one reborn! Now, normally I would be happy that both the MC and original ML were reborn, but in this novel they weren't reborn together! The main story is told from the MC's point-of-view where he thinks he is reborn into the "past" (but is actually the past of a parallel universe). So from my understanding (after reading the last 2 extras), the story incorporates 3 parallel universes. The original MC and original ML both died tragically in Universe #1. The MC was reborn into Universe #2 where only he had memories of the future, and then likewise, the original ML was reborn into Universe #3 where only he had memories of the future! Which means that the two original pairs from the original world never actually got their happy ending together, but got their separate happy endings (with the original MC being with the ML of Universe #2, and the original ML being with the MC of Universe #3). Although I'm so happy that both the MC and the original ML got their happy endings, part of me feels dissapointed that their relationship wasn't meant to be and that they could only be happy with their other half from a parallel universe.

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earlgreyt rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a light-hearted slice-of-life rebirth novel; most of the story takes place in middle-high school, sadly.

(a bit boring, tbh)

I was looking forward to seeing the MC take over the business world or at least be older, but this is more of a childhood romance story, and the only challenge is MCstudying 24/7 and trying to raise his grades.

Unfortunately a bit too juvenile for me, but I'm sure lots of people would enjoy the fluff.

Translation is all right. Edited MTL for first half.
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katiethairu33 rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c85
Well, it's cute but also not what I was expecting from a rebirth novel. It's a very slice of life school life novel. It doesn't have too much revenge and face slap which I was expecting. Hence I felt bored. Because I was in the mood for some revenge stories. However, the story itself doesn't have a lot of problems. I don't see any issues with ML have no EQ but being successful in business. He can just hire people for EQ related work. He's a genius and it's pretty... more>> obvious that he was born different. Probably on the spectrum. And I also liked how he perceived his attraction towards MC as fear lol. It was so funny! So I don't think it's a typical love at first sight. He's a serious person. The first person he was attracted to, it took him several years to understand that what he felt was 'like' in the first life. He can't understand emotions. In this life, if it wasn't for the MC's interaction, he wouldn't realize his feelings so soon. So the fact that he was devoted to this person later is not that hard to fathom as people like him tend to be very single minded and stubborn. Anyway, that is how I perceived things when I read this. However, I dropped a star because it ended in a very hurried manner. Some things were just messily patched up. <<less
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November 16, 2020
Status: c20
Uhh.. for now I'm unsure. ML's interest seems too inexplicable, and I'm the type that doesn't like love at first sight.

Also, I hate how author is going so overboard with the wood-plank ML. Seriously, his EQ is 0, which doesn't make sense considering he'll become a crazy powerful businessman in the future / already is.

There's also other weird things for plot convenience. Like he's in a super rich powerful family, yet they can't find a normal decent tutor for him? Obviously this is building a setup for ML in the... more>> future to facilitate more interactions smh. So blatant.

I like MC's realistic approach in his relationship w ML (like he didn't purposefully get close or anything, if he's angry he won't hold back just because ML's gonna be powerful, etc) but he's still so useless. So far, the only knowledge he's taken advantage of is to stop the bidding of a piece of losing land. However, he could totally invest in stocks or encourage his family to look at popular projects! Instead, he just "tries his best" but studying hard.... studying is important, but it's not everything. There's soo many shortcuts he could take and he totally doesn't at all.

So far, kinda boring. <<less
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Likalily rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Nice, sweet and soft typical of school children. ML loves MC in 3 lives (when MC dies, life is in the level and worlds are parallel). We can know how their life was in the past from the ML perspective. Suitable to read if you don't want a serious novel.
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Xiu_er rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7/5

I don't know how to define this novel. It doesn't really stand out amongst all the other BL novels I have read, but it is also not bad. It's good in a low-key manner. Nothing seems overly dramatic or exaggerated which is a big plus in my books. The characters are believable and so is the plot. While there is drama, scheming and even kidnapping. It doesn't make you feel totally unrealistic.

I liked the MC and ML. Both their IQs are intact. The MC's EQ seems to be fine,... more>> too, the ML's... not so much. But I suspect that the ML might be on the spectrum or something along those lines, considering his anti-social nature, staying in his own closed up world, aversion to being touched, dislike of lying and lack of knowledge of social and emotional cues. And MC happens to be his favorite person.

The story and relationship progress is satisfying. The main CP also doesn't suffocate others with dog food. They are actually pretty tame and subtle which I appreciate. It feels sweeter and more intimate since they keep their relationship and intimacy private (for the most part). The ML will still run off any potential admirers of the MC's with cold glares and subtle PDA like a dog marking its territory by pissing on it. Not like I mind that, though as he knows when to stop to not cross any of the MC's boundaries. The ML is utterly devoted to the MC and is basically wrapped around the MC's little finger. He can't even really get angry at the other. He isolates himself and sulks instead, not at all domineering. Pretty cute.

I also liked how the IQ and EQ of the side characters was also online. Antagonists did not seem all that s*upid either. As already mentioned, the characters were believable.

There were a few minor inconsistencies which I have either forgotten by now or am too lazy to mention. Either way, they are only small details and don't really take away from the plot.

Overall, this novel felt a bit like a slice of life novel, a counterattack/revenge novel and a romance novel. It had everything basically. <<less
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shuulys rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed

Short and sweet story. More fluff than drama. Though there was more about ChiFang (MC) getting along with YuMo (ML), I guess I expected more of the revenge part since it wasn't as interesting and thrilling. Also, I kinda expected ChiFang to tell YuMu about him being reborn in this world? Afterall YuMo was the only one that could see through him. But well, that didn't happen so I was a tad disappointed.

But overall, the story is really cute and interesting so I do recommend it to others if you're... more>> looking for something less complicated and more sweet. <<less
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March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
This is exactly the type of mildly face-slapping, learning-to-appreciate-life, adorably-awkward rebirth novel that I love. The characters were wonderful, an interesting mix of cute and black bellied. The story had just enough plot to keep it going, and some mystery about the circumstances of the rebirth that eventually gets resolved at the end. Overall, a wonderfully entertaining read.
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ZeyFletcher rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This was cute but def has some depth cause MC is actually already an adult and have faced too much hardships that he doesn't deserve.

... more>>

Imagine being the youngest child where your family is spoiling you then all of a sudden everything changed, from his accident, to his parent's death and to his brother's death. I admire him for being so strong before his rebirth. The people who did that to him and the Chi family is too hateful and rotten. How could they have so much grudge to kill of almost a whole family. Chi Fang's family are even really good. I like how after rebirth he didn't change so much that he still remember his past life, and the transition was a bit smooth, cause u won't feel it unless u think about it (the forgetting about past and living in the new life). Yu Mo, well, I do believe he must have some problem/sickness but it wasn't major enough to cause disturbance to his daily life so it was just ruled out as him being cold. Anw, Yu Mo is a really good person. A bit of a pity that CF never told YM about his rebirth, but I guess it was too sad to mention hehe, just kinda want CF to call YM as J cause it feels cool hahahah Anw, the villains are just reappearing so not much characters. Hmm, Pang Zifei is a cool friend. Their parents are also cool, Chi mother and Yu mother, the fathers didn't appear much ahahhah Chi Zheng and Chi Yan are cool brothers hahaha Anw, I think there was too much content about high school hahaha the exams were a bit repetitive, the scores weren't even emphasized much when CF studying was built up so much, hmm, just wished the time skip was in the hs part? Then their confession after living together, then I wanted more recognition of other people for CF cause he's probably a lot more skilled than most people cause he technically rose the Chi business before in his past life so it def practiced his skills. Anw, that's the regret that I have. The parallel, aww, well at least in a parallel world, Yu Mo was the one given another chance to be with his loved one. I just can't with how YM really fell in love or at least got attracted at first sight to CF. I was sad together with him when he investigated everything that happened with CF and how much he suffered. I'm glad they had their happy life in parallel worlds.


Reread, no cause shortt <<less
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mariaflora1208 rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall, I like the story due to the fluffiness. And their growth. Not actually a revenge rebirth story, but more like, a slice of life.

But on the other hand, the messed up story telling, inconsistencies is unsettling, like for example ... more>>

MC was in the hospital and was about to pass out, but before that, said to ML that "the password (of my phone) is my birthday", then the next scene, ML asked MC's friend for his birthday (duh)

there's a lot of these little scenes that you have to turn off your brain logic to fully enjoy it.

Also, what made me a but bitter was, MC was clearly an adult that got reborn during his teenage years, but his IQ and EQ also seemed to regress. Good thing this was a slice of life story so it can still be ignored lol.

ALSO, the first time they met

I thought that they were still in grade school but wth, it's already in junior high but the characters were still portrayed as innocent toddlers. Ugh


You can still enjoy it since this is really fluffy and I love doting characters, you just have to, turn off a bit of your brain logic for some scenes to be acceptable. Lol <<less
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onlydanmeis rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This got me into reading danmei's again

Really cute slow romance novel

The extra can be a whole story and I would read it mannn~

This story is pretty much the embodiment of the song on tiktok

~Wait for mee~ Wait for me~

Xoxo ☆
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