After I Flopped on My Crush


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How can a secret admirer promote themselves? Simple, just bed him.

Bai Xi woke up one day and found that he had slept with the man whom he had a crush on for six years.

A mere slip of the foot caused an eternal sorrow.

Red wine was indeed a source of trouble.

He shivered and thought he would be kicked out by Qi Xun.

Instead, he heard Qi Xun calmly asked him, “Are you being witty with me?”

Bai Xi: “?”

Why was this different from what he imagined?

October 23rd, Frost Descends.

The weather had begun to turn cold.

But Qi Xun’s efforts were warm and soft.

In the sixth year of loving Qi Xun secretly, Bai Xi finally becomes his first love’s love.

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After The Unrequited Love Goes Wrong
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New Anna88 rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Very heart warming story not much in the way of angst or drama, really well written and translated. A drunken one night stand with a crush and not much hope for more as the crush is the iceberg type uninterested in falling in love. You'd expect it to be predictable but it's a surprisingly good read not boring at all and the chapters are well paced in a way that turns it into a page turner.
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erista rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: Completed
reading with one chapter of actual translation, I mtled bc it looked super promising and im impatient LOL

... more>>

this novel was a bit of a tearjerker for me ngl, not because of any forced angst, just because of the MC's (understandable) insecurities

i really like how the MC and ML's relationship developed, though I did pity the MC at some points because it just seemed like the MC was gonna get his heart broken (not the case though!!!). I love how comfortable they were together.... living in domestic bliss... and their banter was really funny!!!

ML has an ex bf that the MC is insecure over, but that gets resolved in a pretty mature way that I found surprising! in any other novel, the ex bf would've been some white lotus/ green tea villainous cannon fodder, and I thought this novel was going to go that route too, but it was a pleasant surprise for the ex bf to be a character that you (and the MC) could sympathize with!! he's also super funny too, I really liked his conversations with the MC and ML!!

at some parts I really disliked the ML, not really for any fault of his, but just out of sympathy for the MC. I really liked how the ML grew as a character and how his feelings for the MC developed. it became really obvious to the people around the ML that the ML was in love, which I found really endearing. their relationship is really soft and sweet while also being pretty passionate (fade to black scenes mostly).

MC was a character I really liked. I just want to protect him in the palm of my hands!! he has some very relatable insecurities and how he dealt with them was, in my opinion, pretty mature? I mean, there wasn't really any communication about these insecurities, but he never took them out on the ML and never had any unreasonable fits of jealousy. the insecurities pretty much got resolved through various plot points.

the ML's confession scene was really sweet... I just love them so much im sorry this review is a little rambly....

the extras were really cute!! I liked how the ML was the jealous one in the extras!

i will say, one regret I have about the novel is the actor character with the unrequited love... im praying to the author to let him have a happy ending but he never showed up again after he realized his feelings would be forever unrequited : ( ( ( ((

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Chiaroscuro rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: --
I kind of expect it to be fluffy and sweet. And it is, fluffy and sweet. It is also, in a way, a sunny MC cold president ML type of story but it's saved by the writing.

It's not the kind of cloying sweetness and mindless fluff with sunny MC and cold President ML you'll find in this usual trope. It's the kind of sweetness with underlying bitterness of MC's persistent, unrequited, silent love of six years, and ML's process of falling in love with MC. (No insta love y'all). It's... more>> not just MC who flutters around ML and doing things for ML. ML is also doing things for MC and is viewing their relationship seriously, despite the "flimsy" way it happened (convenience). The character growth is great. Both MC and ML grow marvelously and everything has process to it. Nothing insta! And author tackle the trope beautifully! It's a winter story going on spring to summer then settle in calm autumn. But rest assured the next winter won't be lonely or cold. But full of warmth. You can tell the author is an adult/mature person with a shoujo heart lol. Really recommended for someone looking for great short (less than 60 chaps) romance story. <<less
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Onyo.onyo rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: Completed
For the first time I feel related to their love language. This story doesn't make me sick of how they spread dog food, it just makes me want to feel love like them. Not a passionate love story, but the story of a slice of life that is ordinary and just flows but always loves each other every day. Usually I can feel love in novels after a very sad painful story. But with them, I feel warm and comfortable. The kind of love I want to enjoy after marriage.... more>> Be realistic, don't neglect work or social life with friends and love each other every day. <<less
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JuneV rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
This is just so fluff. 5/5

The leads have very good character development, and author did good job in writing them not out of character.

Writing is simple and there some beautiful metaphors i'll remember for long time.

Highly recommended!!
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auroraRMC rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: Completed
This is the kind of story you would read to cleanse your mind after a darker work. Everything here is soft and fluffy and just comfortable to read. People are reasonable, there’s no toxic ex encounter, there’s no angsty secret admirer. Our ML is also quite realistic, with his feelings of love coming in so subtly that he even fails to realize while everyone else is clear. I’m just terrible with handling the bitterness of long crushes, just like the one in Secretly secretly but unable to hide it. There’s... more>> too much pain in them sadly suppressing their feelings for years on end. Happy it worked out in the end for MC though, he’s so sweet and lovable. Skipped the AU just to keep the purity of 0ur boys in my mind but it was probably very sweet. <<less
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Devrai rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Wholesome and rather mature lovestory between childish shu and pampering gong.

MC feel in love with ML when he was 18, bad for him... ML was already in a relationship (same-sex). So he "stalked" him, followed to the same university and struggled between getting closer and keeping an appropriate distance. 6 years later, although ML isn't in a relationship anymore for years our MC is still hiding his feelings while being good friends... until they got badly drunk and had s*x.

Next day while MC was still freaking out, ... more>> ML was rather grounded. They had a heart to heart and although they are not on the same starting point, concerning their feelings, ML takes the initiative to date each other. From then on they date, know each other better, reflect and fall in love.

I have to say I love the part how mature the writer worked this out. There is no drama and misunderstanding but real, honest communication. They know their different feelings and characters but put in effort.

While MC comes as a bit childish and "clingy", he is not cloying sweet or unreasonable clingy. Like he let's MC know that he misses him while he is away but does not ask or demand him to change his itinerary. Work is work and love is love.

So why did I take one star away? It was mentioned that they also have little quibbles but they are not shown. This novel only shows the good sides. Also, I feel like the side characters were a bit too 2d and I would have wished for an extra where they find their love.

All things concerned, I like this little novel and would recommend it. While it is short, it does not feel rushed. <<less
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Estelle_star_QAQ rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Like many other novels of this author, this one is really nice too.

The whole novel gives the feeling of youthfulness inlaid in maturity.

While, it might not be the one great novel for everyone, it is still a really pleasant read. Warm soup for soul.

No character is unreasonably viscous or are portrayed disgustingly. The MC and ML are great in their own cutely contrasting way too.

(just telling, the author has novels for all of us, and each are better than the other (except the first one, their first work, which is the *best*))

  • 4.2/5: pleasant, cute, mature.
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AImmortalZ rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I needed this after reading so many toxic novels or too over the top. The couple are too sweet and I really like all the characters in the novel. Definitely a strong recommendation if you want a light, sweet, fluffy, and to clean your mind. This is definitely for you.
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joytothewild rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: Completed
The genre and purpose of this story is to heal and make you feel good, and for that, it gets 5 stars as it has served its purpose.

This type of no angst/climax/tension type of story would normally get a bad rating from me but since I know the author's purpose for writing this way—they write other stories too and they're different from this type, and they also stated that it's that type of angst-free story—I'm putting it alongside the cooking/farming/pet-raising soothing stories that you'd love to read after a long... more>> day of work or when you're trying to escape your anxiety since it doesn't make you feel stressed from anticipation or angst. Just pure fluff to heal your tired soul.

Now the dynamic of the cute, clingy, child-like shou and the aloof male god, cold outside but hot inside gong may bore some readers, and that's understandable. But also, it's considerably easier to create fluff from this type of male god spoiling his young lover and MC's good temper also enables the story to be relatively angst-free. The author even makes a comparison between ML's ex and MC on their personalities, having the ex comment on ML's taste (I guess he likes shotaclingy kids despite MC and ML being only 2 years apart) and why MC/ML suit each other.

Overall, a pleasant read where my heart rate stayed stable throughout. I was able to leave it and come back to reading when I wasn't feeling happy and didn't need to recall much info and was able to get back into the story right away. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Just one more chapter to be complete, and yet I still chose to read this Novel. No regret... Just keep wanting for more !!!

This novel is PURE FLUFF!!! Truly just a Very Sweet Lovely Slice of Life of Love Story... !

No Angst, No Villain, No Misunderstanding.

It's story of how MC get to be happy with his dream came true and yet afraid to ask for more. And of ML who will realised his growing feelings and even the old and always been there feelings toward MC. ML who finally faced... more>> and realised the feelings he can't control.

It's Truly Cute, Sweet, and Heartwarming Love story.

It keep makes me smiles... I'm Absolutely Loving it!!!

Finished at 4 October 2022

The last chapter of the Extra totally made me Emotional but also totally the Final Clearance !

I'm So Glad and Relieved!!!

It's Written so Well!!! Till the end of the Story, I'm Truly Loving this novel! Forever to the Moon and Beyond ~ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HereToPassTime rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Fluff but not too much. No dog blood, angst and villains. MC fell first and ML reciprocated his feelings rather than falling harder which was all right since MC liked it anyways. A light read best after reading dog blooded novels.
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wasthequeen rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
I appreciate this unique flavour of dog food. MC may appear childish, but there are a lot of instances where his adult and mature side would show up. Both the MC and ML know how to communicate and therefore there are no long drawn out misunderstandings. ML's ex does play a good supporting role. Also I feel like ML is the only person out of all novels who truly understood the extent of MC's love. In most of the novels MC is the first person who falls in love and... more>> when the ML falls in love as well there is this sense of taking things for granted. But in this novel, the ML is very honest, emphatetic which is rare.

Overall please read this novel if you like pure fluff. <<less
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Rasbrey rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c20
Mostly leaving a review to remind myself what chapter im on.

it’s alright but my only enigma is that there is like no development. It jumps from friendly acquaintances to seemingly lovey dovey. Though this is explained in the novel through mostly steamy nights and closeness and MC’s devout love and ML’s willingness, they’ve hit this gray area I don’t like. I guess it’s also my fault since I should’ve seen it coming with this plot and set up. I’m sure it’ll change really soon due to the length of the... more>> novel, still, it’s hard for me to consume and maybe I’ll come back to it. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sbob rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Not enough sour/angst for me. There were hints and potential foreshadowing but it never surfaced. Overall a sweet fluffy smooth sailing romance novel.

Not my preference, I would prefer if it’s more of MC fell first but ML fell harder; but it’s more MC’s steadfast 6 year affection and ML’s gradual reciprocal feelings.

Almost wish it was Su Ye as ML’s story and ML’s character was side character scum who didn’t treat MC properly. Would have been more exciting.

Oh well.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IvaAres rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Basic storyline:


MC had been in love with the ML for 6 years. MC gets drunk, sleeps with ML, and accidentally confesses his love to him. The ML decides to take responsibility by dating the MC with the thought of marriage in mind. In the end the ML also falls in love with the MC and they get married.


The story is light and cute. Nothing too crazy or that amazing.
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Michelle-08 rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: Completed
A relatively quick, simple read. No angst or dog-blood drama. There's fluff but not overly done.

Although I like the story and I think the relationship of the ML and MC's is sweet and everything, it's nothing special. I've probably read other BL stories that definitely makes me want to re-read the story again, this one is a one time deal for me, don't get me wrong it's not bad. Anyway, to each his own.

I adore both the MC and ML's character, they are your typical cute, sweet and naive shou... more>> and cold but doting gong (although ML feels that it's just "responsibilty" at first), he still played the part of a perfect lover and gradually develops feeling for the MC.

This is 4.5/5 for me. If you want fluff then this is highly recommended for you! <<less
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CrossMyHeart rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 Overall, a fluffy read with no angst but a bit of depth to the characters! (I personally like angst so I guess it's not a perfect 5/5 for me but I enjoyed it)

Summary: MC has had a crush on ML for 6 years but is happy being friends. After getting drunk, they have a one night stand and the MC is convinced that they can walk away from it forgetting it happened, but the ML propositions that they have a trial relationship with the possibility of marriage. And... more>> thus ML slowly falls for MC!


Bai Xi: Our very cute MC. He is said to be a kind and gentle person, but in front of his crush, he becomes quite clingy and cute. He works at a fashion magazine. He has harbored a crush on the ML for the past 6 years and has quietly allowed himself to be by his side for as long as possible, even befriending him. When they begin dating, he thinks he is very lucky to have been able to catch his crush, even if the ML only likes him a fraction of the amount MC feels for ML.

Qi Xun: Our very stern, cold ML. He is quite stereotypical in this sense but he definitely softens towards the MC and treats him kindly (except in bed where he is a beast! Lol). He is someone whose first boyfriend had broken up with him and moved on pretty fast, so he has a passive view on marriage/relationships where he thinks that so long as they can get along, that would be enough for him.


The main conflict of the story is the characters' feelings towards each other. The MC wants to be loved by the ML, though at first he is okay with just sharing time together. As the story progresses, he realizes that he doesn't want to be tolerated by the ML and wants to be loved. This makes him a little unwilling to even get their marriage license because he is unsure of what he means to the ML. But the ML has a great confession!


The other supporting characters are fun, but my favorite has to be the ML's ex boyfriend


The ex boyfriend has been abroad but appears to just check out the person who managed to snag the ML, but he barely causes any drama. Honestly, he is the only reason the ML had the realization that he might be hurting the MC by withholding his feelings. I appreciate him!


In general, no one in this story is toxic at all. I liked that even the potential love rival is just there to show the flipside of people whose love remains unrequited (I felt quite bad for him in this sense).

As stated earlier, there is no angst in this story at all. There is a point that made me tear up a little though


We learn that the ML had a pretty rough experience when he came out to his parents, though this has been resolved in the present. As such, I was really gearing up to face a bad coming out for the MC. However, it turns out the MC's mother is super understanding about it and helps his father understand as well. I thought this was a really touching scene and was probably my favorite aside from the characters' confession scenes


I would recommend this story to those who want a pretty fast read with no angst! I appreciate how you can really see the development of their relationship, particularly from the ML where he grows to love the MC. It's very sweet and tender! <<less
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Tuzi rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: Completed
To be honest, it is not something that I would reread. There are many things I don't like about this novel. And especially disliked the ML at start.

But, the Author's writing skills is pretty good as well as the translation.

Haha, I also don't like the parallel world at the end.

... more>> I'm giving these stars because I feel that the author as well as the translator is really good.

Overall it's a sweet novel. If I had a choice, I still wanted MC to at least have one relationship before getting ml. But I guess it's just one of mc's pros according to the author. <<less
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October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a hot cocoa on a cold winter night—sweet, warm, delicious.

Oh to be Bai Xi... I'm telling you, one of the greatest feelings in human life is having someone you love reciprocate the same feelings. A crush is a double-edged sword, a risky gamble of sorts. If you win, you're going to be at a high. If you don't, it may take several months of distraction & recuperation (or years if you've got it down bad). Now if you don't gamble at all, you're going to be... more>> stuck in a dreaded limbo of "what-ifs"; it's another form of mental self-harm really.

Now to be able to sleep with a 6-year-long crush—THAT is quite the accomplishment. Bai Xi is living the dream. Bai Xi was in it for the angst, the bittersweet repercussions.. as I was & surely many other readers when they read the synopsis. But this story is anything BUT that. It's quite a really heartwarming novel & there's something novel about a long-awaited crush finally being requited. It's an idealistic situation, a more optimistic route to the usually bitter unrequited romance tags. So don't worry about crying from heartbreak, you're in for loads of dog food. At the end, the only thing you'll cry about it is not being Bai Xi. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 19, 2023
Status: --
I can't give this a fair rating. It is what it set out to be. A sweet light and straight forward story of unrequited love eventually being returned.

But as another reviewer put it, I would have preferred MC falling hard but ML falling harder.

So much potential.

Still a good story, but I kept ending each chapter always slightly unsatisfied and wanting a little... More. A sprinkling of angst maybe?

The writing and translations are really good tho. I recommend giving it a shot if this is your cup of tea.
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