After Cannon Fodder Gong Started Farming, He Had HE With the Cold Male Protagonist


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After Jiang Baiye, a bully who was idle, who fought with chickens and walked dogs in Qingshui Village, died… he found that he was not only a good young man from modern times, but had also transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a male protagonist counter-attack novel! In the last life, Jiang Baiye obviously did not harm anyone, but when Feng Ping was killed by the villain cousin, Jiang Baiye was the one who ended up becoming the No.1 public enemy of ten miles and eight towns, and was someone that even the mute scholar protagonist next door avoided. He finally ended up with death and a notorious name.

This time (after rebirth), Jiang Baiye became the most promising man in the village. He farmed and sold goods, made progress in a down-to-earth manner, whitewashed himself, and reformed a wave of a top-notch family members along the way, which attracted the attention of the cold male protagonist. So in order to save his own little life, Jiang Baiye climbed over the wall every day to send warmth to the poor male protagonist, who had lost his relatives when he was young, fed him food, and was determined to brush up his presence with this male protagonist who would be a powerful minister in the future, he wanted to turn him into his good brother.
Lu Lizhi gritted his teeth: A good brother who climbed into his bed in the middle of the night?
One day, Jiang Baiye was shocked, his wife seemed to be different from other men?!
Later, when Lu Lizhi took part in the imperial examination, no one knew how he wrote a shocking article and won the first prize in one fell swoop even though he was suffering from morning sickness.
– MC Gong – ML Shou
– Double Cleansing (Both parties involved heal and improve their lives)
– Making effort
– Childbirth (mpreg)
– Farming
– feel good writing
At first wanted to plunder, but then couldn’t help but fall into the love trap, the wild ruffian who loves and is addicted to his wife-Gong MC x In the early stage, he was constantly fed and warmed, he was the mute and Poor little scholar, in the later stage, he became the cold and black bellied minister-Shou ML
1. Shou is born mute and will be cured later.
2. Both ML/MC are straight – will bend, Shou has special body constitution, rare in the world.

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teagsho rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: Completed

Honestly, the summary already explain everything that you need to know. The MC is the gong, and ML is the shou.

It is NOT A MPREG WORLD there are not ger, twins, or whatever specific gender that can get pregnant. The shou can get pregnant because he has SPECIAL CONDITION of his mother so.... yeah.

... more>> The gong is kinda confusing in terms whether he is reborn or not. First, I thought the gong ORIGINALLY from the ancient and the reborn in ancient too. So, he is a pure ancient man.

Then, I found out that he is actually transmigrated into the ancient first, but amnesia. After that he is dead. Then found that he is originally came from modern but come to an ancient novel world, where the shou is the male lead of the novel. Then reborn.

This explained in the first few chapters but I just realized it when the gong confessed about his reborn (not transmigrated) to the shou lol.

Basically, this is really an OP GONG MC BROOO like... so powerful.

There are so many "action" moment where the villains were so damn great that I thought the MC and ML will be doomed. And then, they're actually fine in the end.

It is important to remember that the shou is the original male lead of the novel world, so he must have some kind of golden finger, called "protected by world". It never explained directly, but it actually make sense and can make you more relax when something happens huhuhu I am so scared several times because the enemies were so powerful, whereas the gong is still so freaking weak.

But, both the gong and shou are really cool. They are equals in power. Gong is strong at non-academic things, his idea is so damn COOL and HE EVEN SAVED MANY PEOPLE FORM EPIDEMIC😭

The shou is genius academically. He is what you call sanyuan? Where ones always got first place in every imperial examination, from tongsheng to jinshi😎 cool af

The most important things, just like what I said in the first sentence. Their interaction is really sweet (after they got together). Like, 1000%. Many things almost got into long ass misunderstanding but fortunately not🙏🏻 I love that hahaha (since I dislike slow paced love and full of miscommunication things)

Absolutely recommended,

10000/10🫶🏻 <<less
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Hadhira rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this novel, truly! Hehehe they make such a cute pair, I wish someone did good translation on this because some stuff can be translated to something worser than intended to be written.

The translation is sto. Cx and you need to change it to Computer version and it’s so much better because the lines complete properly and it looks better. You just need to translate it.

I love how good their relationship is! It’s not only the Gong wanting to be intimate this time, it’s both of them, I don’t... more>> know why I find that so refreshing.

Giving this a 10/10 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
April 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Nice story, pretty fun to read! It's not as easy-going as other rural farm-life novels, fully packed with drama but it's entertaining most of the time and still feels enjoyable when you gulp it in one go (not so much if you're reading it for multiple days).

It's funny because the MC and ML are both pretty dramatic, when the doctors are all like 'hm yes, the solution is to have s*x. why don't you have sex?' - the CP are just a mess. Their dynamic and chemistry is actually there.... more>> It doesn't feel forced, and it's quite nice if I get over how paranoid/over-thinking the ML is sometimes. But it does get a little boring afterwards (pre-Mpreg and Mpreg period) -- nothing bad, I just lost interest once they start to settle int ch80-102...

Overall, there's alot more going on in terms of business building than I expected. I also didn't expect female antagonists (but not really?) but it's not un-welcomed. Lots of re-occuring antagonists (the ML's school drama) -- it's an eh story. Towards the end, the plot becomes messier and their relationship/chemistry doesn't feel as sweet anymore. An over-dramatic story, but if you like it you like it! It was fun at the beginning at least?

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yaeha rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: Completed
So good, like I can't even. I read the mtl cause the story was too good, everything had a reasonable plot behind it. The drama was there but not too annoying and the story was well paced. One of the best reads of this year. Highly recommend.
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