After Transmigrating Into an Omega, I Was Marked by the Enemy


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Alpha Yan Qiu bumped his head and unexpectedly transmigrated into his nemesis Ji Xinglan’s Omega fiance’s body.

【Before Marriage】

Ji Xinglan leaned lazily on the couch. “Renouncing the wedding? Impossible.”

The man smiled wickedly, overturned Yan Qiu on the sofa, and suddenly lifted his shirt.

Yan Qiu looked at his belly and suddenly felt the heavens fall and earth render! (idiom; rocked by a major disaster)

Ah, I’m through!

…Ah, I’m through! This pair of male dogs!

【After Marriage】

Inhibitors couldn’t be used during pregnancy, feverish Yan Qiu with no choice could only let Ji Xinglan repeatedly torture him.

Having to meet with my arch-nemesis is indescribable, I’m going to die!


Only Ji Xinglan knew that he had never touched any Omega fiance at all.

He was going for Yan Qiu from the beginning

A few months later, Yan Qiu looked at his still flat belly, gritted his teeth and slapped Ji Xinglan’s face.

“Roll! You f*cking cheater!”

“This Laozi demands a divorce!”

Ji Xinglan smiled calmly and took out a piece of paper from the drawer.

“Sorry, honey, it’s too late. Now you really are pregnant with my seed.”

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elvira12 rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I really have to praise Chrysanthemum Garden for picking up novels that are truly a gem!

Found this today with only one chapter out yet. It was really interesting so I mtl the rest and it was really good!

But I'm going to wait for the translation and read it again. I'm pretty sure Chrysanthemum Garden will finish this in no time. They are very reliable in completing their projects, so kudos to all of you!

... more>> As for the story, the MC is named Yan Qiu while the ML is Ji Xinglan.

The MC was formerly an Alpha but died 6 months prior. The ML love the MC even back when he was still an alpha.

The body that the MC transmigrated into was the current fiance of ML. ML's mother was the one who insisted on this relationship because she was worried about ML's psyche after MC original body died.


When MC transmigrated on the fiance body, he was quickly discovered by ML. So this started the plot of the ML to trick the MC that the fiance body was pregnant even before he transmigrated. The MC being not familiar with omega physiology easily believed the ML because there was a time where the MC experienced 'morning sickness'.


Then everything was a push and pull scenario of fluffiness. My only complain is it could have been hot if the snu snu was there. =. = I like the MC and ML's character. They slowly developed their trust.

Will definitely come back again after complete translation. ^_^/ <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 9, 2020
During first chapters it feels not bad.

After rading to almost a half you start to consider smashing your head.

Status: DROPPED. Reasons why:

    • Oblivious MC, to the point of hurting your brain. I don't like oblivious people who dangle on the verge of being s*upid. Even after being extremely intimate to each other, several confessions, I mean even damned pheromones convey those feelings, with excluding sexual intercourse though, yet for some unexplained reason MC thinks ML doesn't like him, because he assumes ML hated him. It's solely MC's s*upid conviction, because there is no proof and he never bothered to get proof. He just sees, makes assumption and this is the end. This is his acting in many situations. Constant MCs yammering how he's still alha and he's still hetero (with not once having wet dreams, being satisfied with kisses etc). I understand the inability to embrace your new body and contradictions it brings, but it feels weird how he goes through everything, but clings to the idea stubbornly and more than that, he accepted that he is pregnant and needs to deliver this child, so all it is a big messy bundle.
    • The s*upid loophole that many "conflict" situations are based upon: ML knows MC, since he feel in love when MC was still alpha, I believe he'd definitely find out people MC hangs out with. When MC is now omega he found his buddies (pheromone is like a fingerprint, MC started to smell differently from original owner so they recognized him no biggie), but ML drinks vinegar regularly because of his good buddies and MC saying they're just friends never helps. Sure thing he can't explain that he's not his former fiancee, but he doesn't want to switch on his brain as well, like there're so many changes he doesn't want to aknowledge.
    • ML is considerate? I disagree to extent. In some cases he acts really considerate. But do we forget the emotional trap and that is - a lie about having a child? ML realized who MC is due to pheromones. For whatever reason heat-inducing drugs were used in soup the very first day, I mind you MC fell on his head and they give him that without his knowledge, even though ML controls himself, but. ML actually plays with MC a lot and doesn't consider that he was once an alpha. Like every alpha, like any human being actually, comes with a sense of pride, not to mention that now MC is bound in a body that positions him under other person, but there are many instances where despite wanting to slap MC's s*upid head I feel sorry for him.
    • The overturned ABO rules where biting is a temporary mark... wut. Same-s*x marriage is not a thing (while MC and ML registered a marriage no biggie). The world-building of ABO verse is really... so-so. Like the school is actually co-ed, which is basically potentially dangerous.
After reading to half, my patience failed me, I read few last chapters and was like - that's it? Not satisfied witht his silly novel.
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frozenlimabeans rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c20
Its not a bad novel. There's fluff and interesting characters, I would suggest this to anyone who just wants to read a cute novel.

The only problem I have with the novel? The CP's relationship is just so... unequal. ... more>>

The ML uses his pheromones pretty damn often to kiss the MC and scares him into obeying like to stand still and not run away when he's approaching. The ML sort of uses scare tactics to control MC like: saying he would punish him and shows his desire to bite him (when MC doesn't want it), lies to him about being pregnant, using his male God status at school to indirectly make him a target for others


The MC kind of has no actual power in the relationship, even if I'm only part way through the novel, it seems like the relationship dynamics aren't going to change either.

Its so-so in terms of couple dynamic and relationship. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 3, 2020
Status: chap 34
Liking it

The alpha cares more about the feelings of omega than himself.

Alpha tries court the idiotic omega and prepares him for the upcoming sex

... more>> Till now no s*x only kisses and hugs.

Though the alpha tricked omega into relationship

But I feel certain feelings that omega doesn't recognise

He feels jealous if anyone gets touchy with alpha

Doesn't hate alpha kisses or touch

But hates other alpha courting him

So till now I don't think alpha does any thing bad to omega

And point to be noted omega needs are more prioritised

And alpha when angered only kisses omega and some unharmful threats

He uses the technique of candy and the stick. <<less
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X1NK3R rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c36
This book is meh in the first 20 or so chapters, but goddammit I can't stand it anymore.

I just can't understand why some people like 'black bellied' MLs, because they are absolutely f*cking infuriating.

The ML repeatedly bullies the MC, kissing him without consent, stuff like biting, hickey in revealing places so the MC has to hide them, doing that in risky situations, and being completely inconsiderate. Like, he maybe agrees once or twice to the MC's requests, but basically never when it comes to stuff like 'I don't want to... more>> kiss' or 'I don't want to hug', and bullies the MC if he's 'disobedient', aka he's being misunderstood.

For example,


Once the MC wanted to go for a walk with a cat they adopted, so he gave him a little bell on his collar so he wouldn't get lost. Guess what, the ML also put a bell that only he can remove on a collar on the MC's neck that once again, only he can remove, and forced the MC to beg to take it off.


He shows no consideration to the MC's feelings, be it in big or small things, and repeatedly bullies him, and people mistake that sh*t as 'fluff'. God f*cking dammit how can people like this sh*t without a humiliation fetish???

Since this has already turned into a rant, I might as well say about how shitty the entire setting of ABO is. What the f*ck kinda steps do you have to go to go from a population having two genders, to six, with a useless gender (betas), as well as a gender who can actually have children but still have a dick? Where tf is the logic??? And if it was somehow genetically engineered, then why tf can't people decide what gender they want to be? Why can't they have reliable suppressors, or stuff like that? You mean to tell me an entire intergalactic civilization collectively forgot so much???

All in all, this novel is awful imo. The setting is overused and illogical, the characters are bad, the fluff is nonexistent, and we have a s*upid MC as well as a bullying, control freak of a ML. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 19, 2020
Status: c7
Good so far, anticipating the updates. But there are exception if you don't like oblivious MC with the trope of fragile omega thingy.

But instead of smexy things, I hope the author would put focus on the MC' feelings because I can feel how frustrating it is for the MC, I want them to be honest with each other and talk things out. And I hope he stop teasing when things are serious bc I personally hate it lmao it's frustrating.
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