After The Official Announcement Of Being Married with Children, I Became Popular


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New actor Ye Yunqing, who had just shown signs of becoming popular, got caught up in a scandal after a video of him being called “Daddy” by a cute child and a blurry photo of him with a wealthy man at a night event.

At this time, the newly crowned movie emperor, Cheng Jingyao, posted a Weibo:

@Cheng Jingyao: The luxury car is mine, the child is mine, and @Ye Yunqing is also mine, my lover whom I have loved since childhood. [Attached picture: childhood photo + marriage certificate]

The movie emperor’s fans, who were just watching the show, were shocked to hear about their idol’s scandal: ⊙o⊙??? Brother! If you have been kidnapped, just blink your eyes!

Soon after, the “Cheng-Yun Soars” couple appeared together with their photographed child on a family live-streaming variety show.

The baby is round and plump, with rosy lips and fair skin. He holds a milk bottle and sucks on it then flashes a shy smile at the camera, revealing a pair of sweet dimples.

Fans: Ahhhh I can’t handle this! Please have two more babies!

Cheng Jingyao & Ye Yunqing: Actually, it’s not us who have this child!

When asked why they appeared on the show, the child spoke in a cute and milky voice to the camera, saying, “I hope everyone won’t say bad things about my daddy. My daddy is not the sea king, he promised to marry my big daddy when he was three years old!”

Ye Yunqing blushed and quickly hugged the child.

Cheng Jingyao: Sorry, my lover is shy.

Fans: Damn it! How can this be so sweet that it makes my nose bleed?!

Later, the two played as a pair of lovers who love and fight each other in a collaborative drama.

Fans: Scumbag! Let go of my wife!

Cheng Jingyao: ??? That’s my wife!

Fans: Dream on! The wife belongs to everyone!

[A shameless and doting husband (Cheng) + a handsome and cold beauty (Ye) + a cute and fluffy little child = a happy family]
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3 Reviews

Jun 14, 2023
Status: c102
Leaving a review here since there's none yet.

Saw this on CG while reading another novel and decided to read it, and NO REGRETS WERE MADE.

I'm so glad I saw this novel, it's a short, simple, healing story about family, love, childhood friends, and adorable buns.

... more>> MC and ML are supportive of each other and had been there for one another for years.

TunTun stole the show, but I have no complaints because he's adorable and I love him.

The novel's more focused on family than on the individual and it really warms my heart, Ye Yunqing and Cheng Jingyao are good parents.

The first half was the family going on a variety show with interesting characters: the Ji Family members are hilarious and that's all I'm going to say on that.

Throughout the course of the novel, YYQ and CJY's past slowly unfolds: from childhood to adulthood to how they adopted TunTun.

It was actually quite emotional, but remembering the current sweetness of the present eased everything and reminded me that: though there may be times that you will go through hard times and there may be things that you regret, the future may not be so bleak and there is light to be found especially when we have people who unconditionally loves and supports us.

Anyway, give this novel a chance if you want to relax and just read something sweet and happy. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 07, 2023
Status: --
This story has places to be and plot points to hit. The pacing is so rapid that I got whiplash. In fact, the pacing is so wild that I'm having a hard time developing any sort of emotional attachment to the characters.

Very tropey and the characters are one dimensional at best. It only tells and doesn't show.

Will I continue reading? Probably. If I stopped, I would not be going to therapy as often as I do now.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 20, 2023
Status: c4
I randomly came across this novel on CG and thought to give it a try. The main pairing is already married and has adopted a cute child. Their relationship is revealed in the first chapter to the public, and now they are participating in a family reality show.

Very slice of life, cute novel with a dose of reality mixed in. I would like to read more of it.
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