After Becoming Enemies With the Lord God


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After realizing that he was only in a small world and that he was the son of destiny in this world and the target of all outsiders, Rong Yu awakened.

He counterattacked and killed all 108 attackers, reversed his fate and escaped from the small world, causing turmoil in the larger worlds.

This incident alerted the Lord God in charge of the worlds, who personally took action to arrest him, threw him into the small worlds with BE to rehabilitate.

Dressed as a carp about to be braised, a prisoner who was framed, a bride who was buried… Rongyu risked his life in every mission, changing the BE ending into the HE ending.

Blood Jade Bracelet: This is punishment, so the mission is very difficult. You have to survive every time… Wait a minute, why is the Lord God here too?

Lord God: Has he been wronged?

Blood Jade Bracelet: He is about to massacre the city.


Probably a master god chasing fugitives, he chases and gains additional emotions without realizing it. After being caught, he can’t bear to kill him, so he throws him into the BE sadistic world for punishment. After being thrown into it, he is still very worried, so he chases him and changes the BE sadistic world for him. A sweet story.

Sweet text, mainly about daily relationships, supplemented by slaps in the face and ab*se of scum.

The wanton demon king shou vs. the ruthless main god gong.

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After becoming enemies with the Lord God.
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Heungbo rated it
February 6, 2024
Status: Completed
I really love it. This is the perfect case where a character grows on you. I felt at first that MC was a bit annoying and extreme, but the more I read, the more reasonable he seems and in the end I felt like he should have been even more reasonable lol.

I love MC, I love ML and I love MC and ML together. The transmigration is not the main focus, it's just a way to discover more about these characters. The plot could have gone really bad since time... more>> stuff can get tricky real fast and lead to plot holes, but it was done well here. Even my dumb brain can understand the cause and effect and I think was beautiful. I would have put more in a spoiler section but I need sleep and something sweet to get over how emotional this made me lol.

I just wish it was longer, even though it was probably the best place to end. I just want to see them happy, you know?

Anyway, very powerful love shown here.

It can be counted as "crematorium" but it didn't feel like one since you don't even know at first it's supposed to be one lmao. Little Lotus really suffered and I can't even imagine how heartbreaking it would have been to finally meet his lover who disappeared a thousand years ago, only for him to try to kill you. No wonder he stopped trying to run away after a while and didn't even try to defend himself (since he was wrongly accused). Can't blame Mr Sun though, who made him fall in love in this weird time backwards thingy way? Though he also did suffer, a bit in those worlds MC was supposed to save, but also a lot towards the end. Even though his impact on MC is more obvious, MC also had a subtle influence on him.

MC really said "I don't want my life to set in stone by some law, so I'll fall in love with someone from present to future while it's future to past for my lover". Time, what's that? Lmao

Poor baby never had someone to love until he met ML because everyone was scared of him, no wonder he acts the way he does.

But in the end, all the suffering was worth it (even more so because it was unavoidable) so their love only got more powerful.


Also really beautiful imagery, especially with golden and red fires entangling together. I'll read this novel again later because now that I know everything that happened and why, it'll probably feel different. I caught only some hints sprinkled throughout (like why MC decided to kidnap a cloud to make a bed), and it was such a nice surprise to see it matter again later on. I would definitely recommend it, but not when you're tired lol.

A really nice couple I won't forget :). <<less
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Rainne00 rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: --
It's been a while since I read this novel so I don't remember much of it in detail but personally I think it's a novel worth reading when you have nothing else to read. The QT part of it was honestly meh and if you're here for a crematorium then that part of it is meh too. But I love the way the aspect of time and worlds were covered. That's the highlight of this novel imo, that and ... more>>

the fact that our couple is sun god x fire demon, it sets a nice contrast to the other novel. One memorable moment for me is, our MC is a fire demon and a very strong one so he constantly has to be conscious of his powers to ensure he doesn't burn things down and so he can't even sleep in peace. When our ML heard this he offered to turn into the sun and let our MC sleep on him and our MC had such a peaceful nap that he napped for a century.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KatarinaCitcat rated it
April 27, 2024
Status: c44
I like it a lot! Might be because I took a little break from novels, but this QT was quite refreshing.

MC is surprisingly complex with a fiery and interesting persona. I love that the author lets him be truly ruthless and evil like the Demon King he is, but also human enough to feel.

What I personally liked a lot was (minor spoiler)

... more>>

Right before he disappeared from the first world, MC shouted, "See you in the next life, Sun God!"


-Showing he knew who the ML was from arc 1. I personally love that, as it shows that MC isn't the type to just play around with random partners despite his seemingly "careless" personality. He knew who he was falling in love with from Arc 1, so it completely skips the QT plot where MCs have to struggle to accept/find out through multiple worlds.

I recommend checking it out! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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