Acquired the Scam Rune in the Academy


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Possessed an extra with a single rune.

After obtaining 7 runes directly according to the original Hidden Piece…

A fraudulent rune called [Rune Hunter] was created.

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Acquired the Academy Scam Rune
Got the Academy Scam Rune
チートルーンを手に入れたモブの成り上がり ~主役たちのルーンを奪える俺、世界最強になります~ (JP)
아카데미 사기 룬을 얻었다 (KR)
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    New arcadios9929 rated it
    September 14, 2023
    Status: c52
    Onepunchman12 ain't quite right about the runes. The "hidden runes" are actually pretty hidden, like who would shoot 1880 arrows into the air? As for repeating the "cutting stance" 2001 times, I think it's a specific angle that has to be done 2001 times, hence him saying "precisely executing 2001 strikes with a sword." It would also make more sense why not many people have found it. Also rather than "hidden runes" it's more like hidden ways to acquire normal runes. Other people can also get 7 runes, but they... more>> didnt get it from hidden methods hence no special rune. Also we only know how he got 3 of the runes (third one being from running), so no idea where onepunchman12 got the idea that it was from just cooking for himself for 1 month.

    However... we dont know HOW he knows about the way to get these "hidden runes" since even the original MC didnt have 7 hidden runes. Maybe the original novel had some pov switches to people who got them, but we are never told.

    As for getting an op rune after getting 7 hidden runes? Seems fair to me, rune might be a bit too op (read spoiler), but getting a special reward for 7 hidden runes seems like a fair decision to me. 7 is the world's favorite number after all. And again knowing about the way to get these 7 runes would be impossible if one wasn't a regressor.


    As for him copying a rune from a 1vmany fight, even though the requirement for stealing a rune is winning a duel. It could possibly be a translation thing. Although I do agree that whether it's actually "duel" or not, him getting it from non-1v1 battles seems crazy op. Honestly I don't mind it that much though, he still needs to train his runes and stuff to get more worth out of it. Meaning he doesn't become op without effort. Edit chapter 51: pretty much confirmed it has nothing to do with duels, it just requires participating in combat to activate the rune.
    Edit: I just noticed the title literally says it's a "scam rune", why are pople reacting with *suprised pikachu face*.


    Also if you couldn't tell from me defending it, yes I like this novel, it's got the great things cactii says, and I dont see the negatives he is talking about. The teacher wanting to train him wasnt unrealistic or random, he had earned it by showing his potential. If it's the op steal rune, well that's kinda the point of the whole novel, he got an op rune. <<less
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    New Ezrael rated it
    August 27, 2023
    Status: --
    Looks promising.

    the storyline is one of great aspects of the content.

    MC also didnt act like an adult baby.

    Few things that I dont like is how his power up method worked.


    the conditon to copy enemy rune is to duel, yet author broke the rule because MC apparently had greatest contribution on subduing enemy.

    you already got a cheat like ability. No need to broke the powerspike even further

    a few solo mission side stories to bully weak "boss" and steal runes is better than breaking your own rule

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    OnePunchMan12 rated it
    August 25, 2023
    Status: c38
    I'm a sucker for academy Isekai novels even when 99% of the time they are pretty bad (it's a sickness I know..)

    This one is the definition of fine: the MC isn't incredibly annoying but also not that likable, the heroines are mildly different from each other but not memorable in any way, the villains are literally just called the "villain clan" and are EVIL.

    usually I could read 70 chapters of this, think "what am I doing with my life?" and drop it. However this one is a bit of... more>> a shame since the original concept is cool but flawed from the start.

    Cactii nailed it in his review, the runes should have worked differently.

    So you gain runes in this world by doing specific actions over and over again. For example, swinging a sword 2001 times gives you the 'sword' rune. Then training raises the runes levels. However all of this isn't public knowledge and MC being a reader can take advantage of it.

    Cool, but all of this is extremely unbelievable upon execution. MC gains the cooking rune by chance because he lives alone and does his own cooking. You're telling me nobody cooks and figured this out?

    If you wanted to come up with the reasoning why MC is the only one that has so many runes maybe make the criteria for gaining these runes more unique and something that only a transmigrated person would know...

    Instead he gains runes from shockingly simple things like attending a class (something which everybody else does as well...)

    In addition, he gains a special rune that lets him copy 1 rune from anyone he defeats. It's not like this is something he planned on getting btw. No, he just gains it by sheer luck and conditions that weren't even that difficult to fulfill 🤷

    He doesn't even have to defeat people himself, as long as he was somewhat involved in the fight and someone much stronger defeats the enemy he gains the rune.

    The sense of stakes is absolutely zero as a result.

    This special rune should have been something harder to obtain, and the copy conditions should have been more difficult to meet.

    I'm all for broken MC that gets super strong from cool cheats every now and again to kill some of my brain cells, but by the logic of this novel every character would easily become as strong as MC. These cheats aren't even cool because they seem so easy for anybody to get. <<less
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    Cactiii rated it
    August 23, 2023
    Status: c23
    Its a pretty standard novel. The core plotline is the world is similar to your typical isekai with dungeons and skills, but said skills are in the form of runes. You can obtain runes by meeting certain criteria like swinging a sword 2001 times to unlock the swordsmanship rune, then runes level up by using and increasing mastery. I personally really like this concept and think that it had a lot of potential, and I feel like this novel was a bit of a disappointment in that aspect.
    The protagonist... more>> obtains a cheat rune allowing them to copy a rune after beating an opponent in a duel, which allows him to steal the protagonists growth cheat rune (3x progression speed & other stuff) while also allowing him to rapidly obtain other useful runes. There is also a lot of plot armor where he is able to obtain unrealistic benefits like having a teacher who originally teach the protagonist randomly decide to become his master along with other similar situations. Thats what I believe is the negative in this novel.
    I personally believe it would of been better if they made it so runes work a bit differently, things like only being able to have one active at a time (making MC weaker) or making his cheat copy rune be more strict in the conditions to activate.

    Overall its your typical isekai type story, its a good story but I don't see it as anything special. With that being said I still think that this is a good novel if you just want a casual read without any drama or dark undertones. From whats happened so far I don't see this story ever having dark threads so if your just in the mood for a nice casual read but don't feel like a slice of life than I think this novel is good for that. <<less
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