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Yu Xiao, a terminal stage cancer patient with an incurable condition, had reached a point where she had accepted her fate. Living each day with indifference, she had already made peace with the idea of departing from this world.

One day, her phone automatically downloaded an app called ‘Four Hospital Patients’ Discussion Forum’.

“Four Hospital? Isn’t that the local psychiatric hospital?”

Curious, she tapped into the app. The top post read: 【Guide for the Morgue】

Yu Xiao:???

Second post: 【Cataloguing the Ghosts I’ve Encountered Over the Years】

Yu Xiao: No wonder it’s a forum from a psychiatric hospital.

【Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Sealing Master!】 This one seems quite intriguing!

———— That night, terror descended, and the hospital was engulfed in a crimson hue. Unnameable horrors lurked outside the wards, murmuring by the rooms, “Let’s see who’s been naughty now?”


During rounds that night, the inspection ghost lifted Yu Xiao’s blanket and stumbled upon the talismans by her pillow. The ghost was amazed to find high-level symbols.

The inspection ghost cried, “Why would advanced seals appear at a beginner’s level?!”

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New CandleLight rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: C191
==Editted after I finished novel==


Wow, this is so much fun! Highly recommended!

... more>> MC personality is definitely not normal... in a good way! She definitely carries this story, making it fun and thrilling despite the backdrop of horror.

Story plot is very intriguing. I am very curious to what's outside, like how the world works. Clearly, each instance is not just a fabricated story. The 'people' inside weren't just NPCs. Snippets of their dynamics really makes the world alive.

And the of course the forum. I love reading reaction posts for MC shenanigans xD

All in all, this novels is definitely worth your time. Give it a try!


(Chapter 191 - completed)

It was a great ride. I finished reading and 191 chapters felt short, yet also just right.

First half had more comedic elements, the latter half had the tragedies.


First and Second hospitals are so pitiful.



Brother Bed... I really liked this guy. Good amount of crazy.


The ending is also great, and tied all (imo) loose ends.

Especially at the end



I love nightmare. He's so cute! Can't believe someone so obedient (to MC) is a 'Nightmare'. This guy is an angel. He never forced MC to do anything she didn't want, just used cute kitten eyes.

I read that there's no romance here but I disagree. Nightmare is obviously ML in the extra chapters.

They even kissed! For a full minute! And nightmare asked if he could do again! MC said sure! (While thinking he is too innocent and need to make him watch more idol dramas xD)

For this, I am happy for them both. Had been shipping so hard since Nightmare was introduced!! (╥﹏╥)

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New ChosenChildOfCreation rated it
February 10, 2024
Status: c191
To be honest, I had a lot of laughs out of this one. The MC might not be OP, but there really is something wrong with her head >_< reason for this might be because of her illness. I love the dynamics between the OP and her friends (wardmates) especially whenever they can make the other patients doubt life. There are some loopholes with the worldview, or maybe because I did not manage to understand the concept about time and space of the Horror Hospital.

In terms of character, most would... more>> either have friendship with the MC, love the MC during the use of props, or hate the MC due to her actions. Each one has their own role, but I still pity that three headed dog security head who was left behind when the hospital director changed positions. Ghosts really do hold grudges. The plot was awesome, I'm currently looking for novels such as this one to relieve my loneliness for the weekend.

It's a sad thing that there's no romance tag even if the MC charms others here and there using props. But there definitely should be a romance subplot tag for that little singing ghost in the mortuary. I also hope that the MC can open up her heart for Nightmare who's really a very considerate entity who has eyes for the MC.

Although I feel like it ended abruptly, I'm still satisfied with this ending. <<less
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