A Boy Who Was Falsely Accused and Hurt by the People He Cares About, Even if They Apologize After Finding Out He’s Innocent, He’ll Never Forgive Them


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Ryosuke Yamamoto is falsely accused of assaulting a woman and has lost everyone dear to him. His older sister Kaede and younger sister Nagisa completely rejected him, and his father gave up on him.

He became the target of slander at school, lost the trust of the student body president, and was looked upon with contempt by his classmates.

After a year of such days, Ryosuke’s false accusation is proven. The people who had kept Ryosuke distant until now sincerely apologized and begged for his forgiveness, but Ryosuke had no intention of forgiving them at all.

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New Itigz rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: v2c13
I absolutely love this. Fair to say, I was not prepared how the story would develop. I reckoned it would be more akin a feel good story, a loner to a harem. But boi oh boi, was I surprised. It’s wonderfully written. Great and realistic characters, phenomenal portrayal of mental illness and conscientious world makes me rate it, a definite 5 star
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New Heylish rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: --
It's a good story and it's well written unlike the other novel that has the same plot

unlike other novels where someone apologizes to MC and MC forgives them just like that like nothing ever happened in the first place

MC in this novel never really forgives anyone even though he has a skizofrenia it happened after everyone realizes they are wrong about MC and apologizes to him, well the root that makes everyone doesn't believe him is because his sister
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c5
Soafp seems to like only betrayal/misunderstanding stories that drive protagonists to becoming isolated or bullied only for some character to pull them from the abyss and comfort them and this story's no different but seems well enough written (though I worry he'll start forgiving). As to no one asking his side of the story there's a common misconception that a girl wouldn't lie about such a serious thing. Just a mere accusation of such misconduct can get you suspended or fired from many a school and job and stained for... more>> life too. I've gotta ask though, Soafp what went wrong in your life that you're like this, translating only this type of story? Do you need a hug? <<less
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kelicant rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: c12
Soafp specializes in these types of stories where the MC is accused of something they didn't do, ostracized/bullied by others for it, and then the truth comes out and everyone feels bad and tries to get forgiveness.

Most of the stories are a slice of life where events are happening and the betrayal/feelings/everything come out over time, but this story cuts away all of that. It reads more like individual diary entries, with each chapter being from a different POV (constantly swapping). The chapters are short and there isn't really much... more>> of a "plot".

Each chapter goes over a different girl who liked the MC and what they did to him and how much they regret it now. But we aren't given any reason to care about the characters. They're generic cutouts like a "student council president" character who liked him because he helped out and was cheerful, but even after reading the chapter you won't have any more info than that, because there is nothing more given about their character or interactions. Each chapter follows the same format "how do you know him", "what mean thing did you do", "you feel so bad", "you regret it / wish you could make it better", and this repeats with several different stereotypical characters.


Then there is the older sister. She's a yandere who intentionally sabotaged the MC's reputation and spoiled attempts to make up by the younger sister in order to keep the MC to herself. We aren't given any indication as to why she's a yandere, she's just a one dimensional character. And since many character chapters have mentioned their reason for completely ignoring the MC they like when he says he didn't do it is because his sister/family wouldn't treat him that way without proof.

The older sister is being setup as the villain for why the others didn't believe him. And many of the other friends are being hinted at as yandere's as well when they feel hatred to the childhood friend for being the one still beside him. Even yandere stories are generally somewhat rooted in logic (just twisted) but none is given for the delusional behavior here.

The MC also doesn't have much about how he felt about things. We hear about how he desperately tried to defend himself, but by the time the novel starts he's already given up on the world and only trusts his childhood friend and his mom. So he walks around with a box cutter saying he may not be able to hold back from killing them all. His edginess is the only defining characteristic about him so far.


The novel is short and shallow, but it still has the core story for why people read this genre. So while I would never recommend it to someone, I am still reading it. <<less
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thingswebeenthrough rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c13
Okay story, okay execution, practical MC, 6/10

... more>>

So we have our main guy who was accused of attempted sexual assault, turns out it was a scam by the woman and her gang for settlement money

Everyone (Dad, sisters, friends etc) around him except for his mum and childhood friend started bullying him and all, despite his claim of innocence, here's the weird part imo

No one was willing to hear his side of the story, like they kinda just refuse to listen for even just a second, because there were "eyewitnesses" (the woman's gang)

The sisters (The classic onee-san and imouto-san) in particular, professed to love him to an extent outside of just familial love, but they were completely willing to take the third party's words as the absolute truth without even bothering to listen to their so-called precious brother

The father (who is supposed to be like a ceo of a big company) also just refuses to listen and do the settlement immediately

It's like they never knew him, akin to a stranger to them, they never bothered to investigate further or anything, they just accepted the main guy being this big bad SAer, without any prior conviction or incidents. Even the main guy's childhood friend's parents were more supportive

Just something that annoyed me, sorry for the rant

PS the chapter where they find out is chapter 8

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RyE1 rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: v2c4
Ill be honest I really didnt expect anything in this novel, I was just usually trying to find those copy pasted story lines where the MC goes into a terrible state after betrayal, but wow on the first volume it really focused on that part specifically, it sounded cliche overused but By than I expexted the route of the MC forgiving everyone like the other novels simmilar with this storyline but BOY WAS I WRONG. It ended up with a side of psychopathy, almost everyone in the novel got really... more>> bad issues, like issues of geniuinely wanting to commit murder. Issues like "i only tormented you because I loved you" those type of issues but thats no rare occurence. I wont go further into detail but its good, you should give it a try might be what your looking for.

but once you reach the latter parts It starts to get intresting. You learn a very big plot twist which I wont spoil but that twist really brings out the flesh of the whole series, by volume 2 50% of the concept of the first volume flipped backwards because of the plot twist and it starts focusing on the psychological aspect into more depth.

As of now im 4 chapters into volume 2 and im looking forward to further chapters. I might change my review later on but right now its really getting good id recommend it if you like mild psychological reads (by that I mean the type of series with mental sickness and issues not the type of psychology as to going to full mass genocide and bathing with blood.)

Btw mai and mom best girls

Usui best mate (he lacked screentime but I could tell he really cared about mc)

Uncle is best father figure (seriously his dad is a big a-hole)

And the rest who tormented him gets the boot they're terrible people. <<less
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Arteg the bear
Arteg the bear rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: v1c20
Insane! This puts into words what many feels when they are falsely accused. And I mean it. It flows through naturally every concept that brings seperation, more false accusation and more desire for brokenness. This story skyrockets it to the moon! Everything is wrong like it should.

Quite the intense negative read. Read this, and you'll hate everyone, especially victims. A great read for me, though I had already graduated from revenge seeking. Excellent writing pace.
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EytBit rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: --
I don't have many words for this novel as it is frankly quite mind-boggling.

A novel where a teenager is falsey accused of sexual assult. That's fine, it works well for a revenge plot and can carry the plot quite far.

The only issue is that this novel tries to be overly realistic to the point where it reaches the uncanny valley area, where there is too much attempted realism to the point where it becomes uncomfortable and unrealistic.

Characters act in semi realistic manners then go on to do the most unrealistic... more>> things.

Ordinary people suddenly become pathological liars. Person that wants forgiveness suddenly just breaks their pinky in order to be forgiven?


At best, this novel is good edgebait.

At worst, this novel a look into the mind of an unhinged main character with equally unhinged side characters.

The translation could use some editing work, but it gets the job done.

2/5. Good plot device, decent translations, terrible way to go about it. <<less
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SeaMist2010 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c14
So far, this is probably the most realist few chapters of a novel I have ever read. The author really tries to portray how a person could fall into despair or darkness not entirely sure how to describe the MC yet. I think it is important for readers to remember that the MC is still a high school student and has spent the last year being utterly hated by everyone around him which includes family members. Thanks to this, the mental growth of the MC has become slightly twisted (one... more>> of the tags) and as of chapter 14 his personality has the possibility to go down a very dark root.

I think a reader beware is needed. Lots of people have claimed to hate the typical MC who goes trough a horrible situation only to end up unconditionally forgiving everyone who wronged him 10 chapters in, and I have a suspicion that this will NOT be one of those happy go lucky stories.

Personally I will be keeping and eye on this as more translations are released and will update the review more in the future. <<less
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billysteph rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: --
Are you okay author? When I read this novel, it feels like it came from experience. It feels too real and crazy! Repressed crazy! To be honest, unlike any other novels that uses hate as a strategy, this novel uses empathy to the MC. What the novel shows here is that humans find someone to blame for something. I mean its true. When two person make something wrong, the other person usually blames it to the other. The highschool students here are selfish. The only student here who made the... more>> MC go crazy and realizes it earlier is the student council president and her little sister. They are still somewhat redeemable. If only she did not put her pride first, she might have salvage the situation earlier. Her little sister was influenced by her older sister and her father. The student council president knows her mistake long before the MC was announced innocent but she did not do anything. That is where she did wrong but her act of helping mai makes me think that she can still be redeemed. They are all blinded by their own misconceptions. The only way they can save the MC here is to let him go. Let the years remaining heal him. When MC can finally move on, they asked for forgiveness. This is a good novel. It somewhat hits the emotion of hate, empathy and pity but at the same time it does not go overboard with emotion it brings. A novel does not need to be overall realistic. It's a novel after all, a fiction. What it needs is something that can bring emotion to the readers that are not too much but still make them continue reading it. A novel brings them to their own imagination and improve it. This time I really don't think that this novel is bad. I still hope MC and the others have their own closure. Good job author! <<less
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Aegis21 rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c19
Well, the story is decent, and to be honest, kinda realistic.

How the MC reacts to his allies and enemies is kinda appropriate for a teenage at his situation.

Though if he continues for too long he'll just be a petty and vengeful guy, so this novel I think can't continue for too long.

I really look forward to how the author plans to wrap this story up, I hope it won't be a simple revenge buffet, because believe me in this one, hatred really will wear you down over the years.
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Dirty Mick
Dirty Mick rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: --
Pretty standard fare for soap tl stories. The difference is the MC hates the people who betrayed him and wants them dead, which is unique to the others who are either willing to forgive or want to be left alone, which I enjoy and hopefully as the story progresses we'll see the MC fight back
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Jake1230929 rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: c12
Holy sh*t is this satisfying. It's the same typical story that brings my rating down to four stars but the execution is very satisfying ... more>>

First girl a gyaru or delinquent whatever she may be kisses the man who committed crimes and framed the MC and the MC laughs at the whole situation. Furthermore the MC is very cutthroat as he doesn't really like anyone besides his mother, Mai (childhood friend and possible main love interest. I say possible since Mai is a closed book right now.) Mai's family and those are all the people he likes. It's so satisfying. I usually don't like stories like this since you pity the main character but here I'm not pitying him and actively thinking of how he will get his revenge in his own way which isn't harming them in a physical way but psychologically doing it. [ Well I'm still reading the raws and it doesn't seem like MC might ever forgive. Well he might but not forgive them in speaking terms or anything of the sort.

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DJ3ffect rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: v2c10
It seems that some people read only 5 chapters and say that this novel is bs and so on. But this just affirms the idiocracy of those people.

For example someone wrote: "Characters act in semi realistic manners then go on to do the most unrealistic things."

It may seem so but this just shows that they didn't finish the first Volume.

If they did, they would know that he became shizophrenic after all that bullying and was just hallucinating those completely unrealistic things.


Enough ranting, I just wanted to tell you guys not to be influenced by the reviews of ppl who didn't even read this novel.

For me it is worth a good rating, because of its realism and the description of certain things.

Like the symptoms of schizophrenia and a really realistic PoV of living with this illness. I know how it is to have someone close to you with a mental illness and this hits close to home.


And I also like how it depicts the changes in human nature when when certain lies and thruths are revealed.
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cheezieTrees rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: v2c5
Its fairly well written for what it is. No descriptive writing at all, just general overviews like what color a girl's hair is, her height, or whether she is pretty, but no actual descriptive writing, no scene setting, just boring statement of events-----> next set of events------->exhausting and repetitive internal monologue----->repeat.

Be warned, the entire first 99% of the first volume is misdirection from an author that thinks they are being clever. Its not clever, its frustrating.

Turns out MC developed schizophrenia and is hallucinating the most interesting events.

Lame. It would be an interesting twist for the last act of a Sci-Fi movie, but is just garbage for the first volume of a novel like this.
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Riand-Rizki rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c14
The MC is decent, the story is decent. I don't know if the father's motivation will be explained more, but I don't like his motivation as of now, it's not strong enough to support his action.

... more>>

for the older sister I don't like her, but her motivation is good enough albeit f-ed up, she wants the MC to be dependent on her by destroying his self worth (Johny Depp AH like situation).

The little sister is just a victim in my opinion, manipulated by the older sister and influenced by the father, she even noticed the weirdness half way through but the older sister intervene to stop her from repairing the relationship

The school is nothing worth noting, just side characters to fill in the story

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