After Being Betrayed By My Beloved Childhood Friend and Best friend, It Was Another Childhood friend Who Saved Me


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Yuuri Yamagishi has two childhood friends and a best friend.
And one of his childhood friends is his beloved and dear girlfriend.

While the four of us were playing in my room, Miyama Kanade, another childhood friend who is not my girlfriend, and I went out to buy a limited edition cake roll. However, due to an uncommon mistake on my part, I returned home in a hurry and heard a loud noise coming from my room, so I hurriedly entered my room. I entered the room to find the two of them talking about something different than usual, like “Insects…” and so on. I was too carefree to notice anything, but Kanade sensed the discomfort clearly.

This is the story of a childhood friend and best friend who betrayed me and another childhood friend who saved me.

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Devilsdeal rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: --
Ok, so I agree with rrobz. This story is heavy NTR. I took the time to decipher the machine translation (it wasnt horrible), So Ill go into more detail in the spoiler. So, beware if you are waiting for the translations to come out.

This story while about the NTR, puts it in a way that makes you feel extremely bad for the main character. This is by his ex not really understanding how much she actually hurt him. Now, this is where the heavy spoiler comes in. The other female childhood friend (FML) REALLY hates them for hurting him. Its actually pretty scary. She literally made a plot that lasted something like 8 years. She destroyed their lives, quite passively at that. Male friend got ex pregnant and was forced to marry her. Ex "loved" him. Now, she essentially knew the male friends personality, and tempted him into cheating on the ex (dont worry, he is utter tr*sh so it didnt take much). She then sent the pictures of him cheating to the ex, causing her to divorce him. After some time, the ex came to the realization that this was the exact thing that she put the MC through. And she will never be able to make it up to him. Essentially ending FMLs revenge.

On another note, male friend got caught having s*x with a minor and went to prison.

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SkyWind332 rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: --
I read the raws till the end and this is one heavy NTR with one dumb as a rock ex-GF and one really smart scheming FMC.

... more>>

The ex-GF of the MC is such a dumbass that I don't know what the heck is going on in her mind, basically when the other friend (Playboy) is moving away he asked ex-GF of MC to have s*x with him as ex-GF being a dumbass agreed to it, not knowing that friend is a playboy that stole a lot of GFs of other people, that happened before the middle school graduation, then playboy returned and guess what ex-GF continued cheating with playboy there's even a monologue of the ex-GF that she says that she loves BF but because the s*x is great to playboy she doesn't want to stop. Here's the shocking part about this after MC found out about cheating and confronted them what did the ex-GF did that's right continued to having s*x with playboy eventually she got pregnant and playboy married her but they divorced because ex-GF found out playboy is cheating with another girl. Get this playboy even with ex-GF is having an affair all throughout the years and ex-GF is gullible to it. Well it has a good ending playboy got caught by the police while having s*x with a minor, ex-GF has only her daughter and her one "friend". And the best revenge of it all is that ex-GF sees FMC carrying MC's child and they were happy then she cried on that spot.

Also the additional there are 3 POVS chapter about ex-GF saying that she's jealous of FMC and she wants the love of MC but in the same chapter she also says that having s*x with playboy is great and playboy saying she likes playboy saying that he loves her. And what's worse in this is that she didn't realize the suffering and pain that her cheating had caused to the MC until she found out playboy her husband is cheating on her and they've got divorce. Ex-GF is such a narcissist.

The good thing about this series is the FMC, FMC is the exact opposite of Ex-GF and she is more like obsessed with the main character to almost a scary type, but the positive side about her is she knows how to be contented since she knew MC likes ex-GF she stayed in the sideline and continued supporting him in the shadows even going to the school of MC even if she has to study a lot and to become a manager and study different football tactics to support the MC. And she's selfless because in one of her monologue she thought that if she only carefully watched Ex-GF and Playboy really well they didn't have the chance to hurt MC. Well in the end all her sacrifices and effort got rewarded as she got to live a happily married life with MC. And Seriously the last chapter is such a bombshell that you need to read it I will only give this 1 star because I hate NTR but because of that very last chapter I added another star.

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rrobz rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: --


I have to warn you about this one. And I preface this by saying I am a huge fan of soafp's translation works, both in terms of selection and quality of translation. But guys, this is hard core NTR. In fact [MAJOR EARLY SPOILER]:


the MCs best friend f#chs the MC's girlfriend / osananajimi in the MCs own bed, while the MC was recording it to catch them cheating, and in fact while the MC was even watching the video with his other childhood friend (who helped him buy the hidden camera used to catch the cheaters) at a cafe


Now, (and I hope this isn't a spoiler), things in the end turn out where the good end happily, and the bad unhappily. But its a tough road to read through. The story is admittedly well done / somewhat realistic given the circumstances. Please note I am still sufficiently moved by the story in a way its tough to comment.

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DioJoestar rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: --
I would say this 1 is enjoyable, the author is good at writing MC despair as he found out about the cheating, and glad that author not dragging on the story. I tried reading the MTL of this and luckily it's not that hard to read (tho sometime I don't understand a few word of it) so if you interested you can read the MTL of the raw.

summary of MC for each volume :

... more>>

V1 : caught red handed and break up

V2 : moving on and goodbye

V3 : POV of each main character and what happen after that

Also ex-heroine is kind of dumb in this story, and new-heroine is scary, but suprisingly unlike some betrayal novel I read, the girl who love MC is not that much, which actually good imo

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TimeVoid rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: v2c1
just to give a quick review, the first volume was predictable due to the summary. The thing that lacks in this novel is on how MC to reject on his ex-girlfriend. It was good that he decided to talk face to face, however, he include his scumbag friend on the table. I say the author should have put more dramatic scene where MC punches his scumbag friend in the face or perhaps in a better way break his bones. Additionally, It is better to the MC if he was able... more>> to report the entire incident to the parents of her ex-girlfriend (it will be more chaotic sure) and to make things spicy, report it to the parents of the scumbag friend regarding of his bad doings. <<less
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WTPieh rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: v3c13
Absolutely brilliant story. Its one of the best i've read. It captures all the highs and lows a true tragedy and drama story about romance. I truly felt the ending was satisfying, and the characters are really well fleshed out. I cannot recommend this novel enough. The dialogue and interconnectedness of the story is so well done. Everything had a purpose, and the story did not feel rushed at all. Truly a top romance story. I feel the same way I did after reading Kimi no Iru Machi, and my... more>> heart went through the same sort of tumbling that KNIM made me feel. This is one of those rare reads that really scratches your "betrayal" stories, followed by healing and the drama all along the way while the romance progresses. I will end it on "I cannot recommend this enough, I love it". <<less
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stelamygirl rated it
August 6, 2023
Status: v3c13
this one is a good read, but it's just sad the ex-girlfriend Chara is too naive.

Either the woman around me had never been like that, or I was just blind and too dumb to notice it.

but the thing that made me read it, is that the protag in this story even though seems like beta, is realistic enough as far as I know (believe me, got ntr-ed just after promising to be married).

and oh-boy the Female protag is a really dream girl
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