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  • I Became a Foreign Worker Loved by Transcendents ×
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    100 Series 0 Comments 41 Views 0 Follows 4 hours ago bli
    No Tags
    still adding because i keep forgetting what ive read (at least 20 chs)... more>>
    87 Series 0 Comments 2214 Views 2 Follows May 23, 2024 iToon
    No Tags
    No description.
    100 Series 35 Comments 85389 Views 430 Follows Dec 30, 2023 cbboss
    Novels that should be significantly more popular than they already are.  Comment any recs below! Everything added to this list at the time had less... more>>
    15 Series 8 Comments 8518 Views 41 Follows Dec 27, 2023 thecon
    Novels that I've read, and had the impulse to post a review on .  Selected gems only 
    96 Series 6 Comments 18795 Views 28 Follows Oct 31, 2023 ManRee
    not actually best list but all i remember that ive read. still best list. also now ive "ranked" stuff, up to the 2nd page now
    51 Series 0 Comments 1017 Views 3 Follows Sep 25, 2023 Ak-47
    No Tags
    Reading, read, or waiting for chapters. 
    93 Series 5 Comments 105517 Views 150 Follows Jun 24, 2022 MegaTwisted
    NO BL. NO NTR.... more>>
    Shut it
    46 Series 9 Comments 35315 Views 105 Follows Aug 18, 2020 Shut it
    Some of the best Korean novels I’ve read or heard of. I’ll keep updating this list for both everyone else and myself incase I want... more>>