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  • The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants ×
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    53 Series 0 Comments 485 Views 2 Follows Feb 19, 2020 dexmoneto
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    20 Series 0 Comments 7390 Views 22 Follows Dec 19, 2019 sol.arin
    This list are my true loves. It includes mostly action, fantasy, adventure, I love my comedy and slice of life and maybe some romance and tragedy as well. If you have a similar taste please feel free to comment and recommend some!... more>>
    85 Series 2 Comments 24516 Views 34 Follows Aug 7, 2019 VesperNyan
    Isekai is trash, but so am I.  Who am I to judge? We got Yaoi, Yuri, ecchi, and lots of cringe so we don't discriminate... more>>