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I became an extra who married the greatest villain in the world and gave birth to an obsessed maniac.... more>>
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In the original novel, she was the villainess, but she avoided all the death flags properly by faking her own death.... more>>
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“Why are you pretending not to know me?”... more>>
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Top: Sang Heo (Simeon), 23 years old, S-class hunter and head of the guild ‘Apostle’, looking for Johan, whom he had a crush on in the past.... more>>
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Every day, a recurring hellish dream. Junseong is stuck in a world that feels like an endless loop, much like a rogue-like game. It’s a cursed world where he struggles every day. Two months have passed since he set foot in the zombie apocalypse world in his dreams. “Ha….” As soon as he woke up, his gaze was instinctively drawn to the internet broadcast that he habitually left on. -A major riot is occurring in some regions due to the current situation… Then, beep! A loud sound announcing a disaster alert echoed in Junseong’s head. Unconsciously picking up his phone along with the alarm sound, Junseong couldn’t hide his confused expression.... more>>
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Under the command of the Crown Prince, Laria was forced to participate in an arranged suitor meeting with an unknown person.
Walking into the chaotic arranged suitor event,
The suitor turned out to be Zenox Krassium, the one who had kidnapped Laria!... more>>
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“Artea is my niece.”
“She's also my niece.”... more>>
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She meets him, the representative of an important business, five years later.... more>>
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