Tyrant and Fox


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Every day, a fox living in the mountains behind the imperial palace waited for the Emperor, who brought her delicious grapes and chicken thighs!

‘You’re the only one I have, Esther.”
“Yipp!” (You too!)

For the sake of her Majesty, who looked forlorn from loneliness, Esther prayed to God.

‘May His Majesty be happy.’

And as a result, Esther became a human..?

* * *

“I must be able to know how to kiss the one I love!”


“But that’s what being a human being entails!”

Esther had it all wrong.

“So you kissed me in my sleep without telling me?”

She had messed up again.

Caesar was definitely smiling… and he looked very happy… but why did something feel strange?

Her wild animal instincts were telling her that she was in danger.

Esther stepped aside gently.

“I have to go.”

“You can’t.”


‘You attacked me first, didn’t you?”

Caesar’s eyes glowed with a different kind of greed.

“You’ll never be able to escape me, Esther.”

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폭군과 여우
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