She Raised Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Niece Very Well


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“Artea is my niece.”
“She’s also my niece.”

It is 100% correct to say that you should not have double in-laws. I was just trying to raise my niece.

“Bellona, Marry me.”
“Isn’t this the best way for both of us to raise Artea?”

Suddenly, the contract marriage with my ex-boyfriend began. No way!

“My uncle loved my aunt so much that he asked her to marry him.”
“Aaaah, it’s romantic!”

But is it okay to lie to this extent? I did it?

“Wow, dancing with my aunt and uncle is pretty!”
“My aunt and uncle love each other so much, so they say I have to go out with them sometimes to go on dates!”

Thanks to my niece’s help, or rather, interference. Now I sleep in the same bed every day. Is this… right?

“Auntie can’t run away. If she does, my uncle will catch her.”
“Yes. I won’t let you go!”

It is clearly a contract marriage made with divorce in mind, but there is no way out.

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전남친의 조카를 너무 잘 키움
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