I Think I’m a Horror Game Villain


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I found myself transmigrated into a horror game, however…

[Bloody Knife] [Suspicious Poison] [Severed Wrist]

My inventory held a collection of rather suspicious items.

【System】The severed wrist, in search of its owner, oddly took a liking to you.
【System】Favorability of ‘■■’ towards Heyna has increased by 1.

Even the ghosts within the game favor me.

Ah, it seems that I am the villain of this horror game.


1. Achieve True Ending
2. Eliminate the Villain

If they fail to eliminate the villain, they won’t see the ending, and the game will come to an end.

‘I absolutely must not let anyone find out that I am the villain!’

Associated Names
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I think I'm in the dark at horror games
I think I'm in the dark of a horror game
내가 공포게임 흑막인 것 같다
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