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Group Name translatin_Otaku
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Series (13)
Releases 1832

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
08/07/19 Reincarnation Paradise c172
08/06/19 God Of Soul System c370
08/06/19 The Strongest Hokage c193
08/06/19 Reincarnation Paradise c171
08/06/19 My Inseparable House Guests c86
08/05/19 The Strongest Hokage c192
08/05/19 God Of Soul System c369
08/05/19 Reincarnation Paradise c170
08/05/19 One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate c137
08/05/19 Super Card System c48
08/04/19 Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures c419
08/04/19 Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures c418
08/04/19 Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures c417
08/04/19 My Inseparable House Guests c85
08/03/19 Hokage: Ryo’s Path c239
08/03/19 Super Card System c47
08/02/19 My Inseparable House Guests c84
07/31/19 The King of The Worlds v2c45
07/31/19 Reincarnation Paradise c169
07/31/19 Reincarnation Paradise c168
07/31/19 Reincarnation Paradise c167
07/31/19 Fantasy System c85
07/31/19 Reincarnation Paradise c166
07/31/19 Fantasy System c84
07/31/19 Reincarnation Paradise c165
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