The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player


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On the dawn of a fresh New Year, an ominous figure emerged, shrouded in a guise of an angel but harboring the malevolence of a devil. With a chilling voice, it proclaimed, [Every month, you humans will be thrust into a perilous quest. Your survival hinges on overcoming 20 grueling rounds.]

Suddenly, I found myself ensnared in this dangerous survival game, a grotesque merry-go-round where every turn carried the stench of death. Yet, I was not without any defenses. I possessed an unusual power: the power to regress 100 times, a chance to rewrite my fate.

I stand on the precipice of my final regression, and I swear, ‘This time, I will conquer it. I will emerge victorious.’

I’m no longer the insignificant shuttle that I once was. Today, I shed my former self, the one who had reached the pinnacle of power. Today, I am reborn for the last time as Black Scythe, a rookie player, a novice that once again will be become the Grim Reaper!

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The Max-Level Player's 100th Regression
만렙 플레이어의 100번째 회귀
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17 Reviews

Abdalkarim Alamir
Abdalkarim A
Jan 10, 2024
Status: --
I happened to skim through the MTL.

Well, I must say, I'm quite disappointed. The excessive detail about Nigeria was just so unnecessary, don't you think?

As a Muslim from the Middle East, I feel compelled to point out how incredibly twisted the portrayal of our religion was.

... more>> Now, I understand that not everyone has a favorable opinion of religions and I don't expect them to do. But when you decide to write about them, a little bit of proper research wouldn't hurt, would it?

At first, the mention of "Islamic extremists" didn't bother me much. I mean, sure, they exist. But let me tell you, the characters in this novel are nowhere near being true Muslims. They don't even have an ounce of faith to represent the beliefs of the billions of people who practice Islam. It's quite remarkable, really, that such tr*sh are considered human, and Muslim at that. I despise these individuals with every fiber of my being, and trust me, no one in their right mind would consider them Muslims. They simply use religion as a convenient disguise for their despicable acts.

Those acts mentioned in the novel? They're things that no sane person, regardless of their religious beliefs, would ever do. And just so you know, Islam, as far as my lifelong practice has taught me, doesn't even remotely encourage any of that. If it did, I certainly wouldn't be practicing such a religion.

Living in a country where people of various backgrounds coexist harmoniously (Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, you name it), I tend to forget how narrow-minded some people can be around the world.

It's a decent story, I suppose, and I'll keep reading. But I'll conveniently pretend that particular part doesn't exist. I don't blame the author for having such a limited perspective, but it's still rather disheartening that myself and countless others, who would never even dream of committing such acts, are painted in such a light in certain people's minds.

Edit:... I didn't finish it. Why? Well, besides the reason mentioned above that dampened my enthusiasm for this story, there are many other reasons.

I didn't write them out in my review as it was already quite long.

However, if you want to give this novel a try, I will mention somethings so you know what to expect:

First, the tags of the protagonist being cunning and cautious... Etc are misleading. I say this with full confidence; the MC is less than ordinary. Most individuals with a hundred chances of rewinding time would be capable of achieving what he did and even more. He takes multiple cycles to overcome a single hurdle. He's not cautious or cunning, he's just learning from mistakes.

Second, the dense tag is there for a reason, I said he learns from mistakes, but he does so extremely slowly, it took him 99 lives to realize what one can do alone is limited, and that was only brought forth by the limitation he faced in his 99th regression. Any normal person would think that perhaps working with a team and getting further into the rounds would net him more experience for the upcoming regressions, but nope.

Third, when reading you shouldn't expect the MC to do anything smart or mind-blowing, as any action he takes was because of "his experience from previous cycles". Nothing he goes through feels like an adventure, it is more like a predetermined path he set for himself. There is no tension in the story.

Fourth, everything is expendable for him, even people. He even treats some of them as s*aves.

While I still have many things to say, I feel too lazy to type them out haha. <<less
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Dec 09, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the better KR novels, much better than something like solo leveling.

There is minimal romance but there is enough with a bit of closure at the end.

The plot is well written with a definite beginning, middle and most importantly end - most of these novels have no overarching plot theme and just cobble together an ending but this one, the author knew what he wanted.

The biggest let down is the 20 rounds can seem a bit repetitive that you struggle to get through the middle part. Also the earth... more>> sections can drag on that you just hope he gets back to the game sections.

There is a decent mtl available and the translations of what is available is good. The novel should be closer to 4.0 than 3.6 on novel update, it’s so much better than most novels at that rating. I highly suggest you read the 30 or so manhwa and if you like them, you’ll probably like the novel. <<less
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Dec 03, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the best conclusion I've seen in Korean Novel..... I really recommend it, you can look for the manhwa recap if you're still uncertain.
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May 25, 2023
Status: --
A very good regression story I'm looking forward to more chapters, at first I felt that the plot was a bit weak, but with each chapter, it got better and better, it deserves 5 stars I highly recommend it!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 10, 2024
Status: c218
I started reading the novel because the webtoon was so interesting. As I continued reading through more than half the novel, I found myself not as excited to read. Still deciding whether or not I'll finish the novel. I'm reading the rest through MTL.

1. The main character is OP. As expected since he's gone through 100 regressions, but he never has any challenges in the story. He always 1 shots everything.

2. No relationship built. I loved his younger brother in the webtoon. But Ryu Won is basically neglected throughout the... more>> whole story. I know the MC is trying his best to live, but I would love to have some family moments. Even the people he's thinking about bringing to the last round, he doesn't really get to know them at all.

in a way I'm surprised people like him so much even though he gives the lowest effort to get to know them since he has the rune of inner thoughts to always know what they're thinking anyways.



There's no hurdle that the MC has to go through at all. As mentioned before he's OP. If there's anyone who's against his greater plan for the last round, he basically kills them off, like Ma Gyeong Rok. Since he wasn't useful anymore, MC just axes him, but ofc keeps his useful fiancée around for the 20th round. If he ever has any issues, there's probably a rune he'll discover that solves his problems or makes him even stronger.


4. Kinda feels like details are a little lacking. Or maybe because I got bored and started paying attention less.


He basically just turns people into s*aves either through using Yamti or using the duel function to make them into s*aves. Kinda boring tbh, and wished there was more psychological manipulation or something.

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Mar 13, 2024
Status: Completed
The novel itself is pretty solid, it has a pretty decent start and the premise is well implemented I'd say.

Definitely gets better the longer you go on, however there are significant downsides as well, such as the translation quality or rather the proofreading of said translation.

There are lots of cases where the MC's name "Black Scythe" is called "Black sickle" or some other variant for no apparent other reason than simply MTL / low or now effort in proofreading. To add more significant cases there's lots of times where the... more>> gendering (his, her, he, she, etc) is simply wrong as in female characters get referred to as "he did this" or "his weapon... ", the same happens for male characters as well and can be very annoying though it's usually not to an extent where it confuses people. This happens basically throughout the entire novel so I'll name it as the biggest drawback in reading this.

NOTE: it's never to an extent where you can't follow the story, just more of a constant annoyance.

Otherwise MC can be plain or rather just emotionless as he's often purely focused on the outcomes and doesn't really care what his choices do to other people emotionally nor does he seem to actually care about anyone who either isn't his brother or a person that is still useful (for the purpose of surviving and beating the 20 rounds and so on).

Towards the end the story kind of exponentially changes scope but it's done relatively well and is really at the far end of the story so it doesn't last that long if it's not something you enjoy.

Hopefully this wasn't too much rambling but yeah that's about it. <<less
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Jan 06, 2024
Status: c150
At first it was beautiful and exciting but after chp 120 the author started to make all characters other than MC s*upid and weak and highlight mc's op

Like the priest and dark knight, former become a mindless s*upid waiting for her prince to save her like a Disney princess syndrome and the latter being a weak follower of MC and can't do a shit.

Total tr*sh
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Nov 02, 2023
Status: c35
So far the story is good. Even though there isn't much new to show in this novel, at least it's suitable for fun. As for MC, I'm glad he's not a cold person, most stories with MC often regressing are usually cold, but I'm happy that in this novel MC still has emotions.
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Apr 01, 2024
Status: Completed
I finished the novel, therefore, I need to share my point of view on it.

First of all, it is a very easy novel to read, easily if you have a lot of free time, in 4 or 5 days you will have finished it. It has a captivating story and very human characters with whom you can empathize, which makes reading enjoyable.

However, I felt several shortcomings towards the end, the fact that many secondary characters were left aside or simply stopped appearing did not seem like the best decision to... more>> me. Furthermore, from round 18 onwards, the author sped up the story a lot. He clearly said at the end of the story that he didn't feel motivated, but hey, nothing can be done.

Another negative element takes place in the last 10-15 chapters, where yes, they reveal the truth, but the MC becomes so powerful that it seems absurd. But this is solved a bit in the epilogue.

The side stories were good, except, in my opinion, Christina's. However, in the epilogue, three of them go into the tr*sh. Speaking of the epilogue, very good, at the beginning it is extremely boring, but if you don't give up you will enjoy a more than deserved ending, because the author shows us the life that the protagonist had been wanting for years.

In conclusion, a very good story that captivates the reader from the beginning, with very good characters that evolve after going through extremely tense and difficult moments and a world in constant evolution. Even with its problems and certain parts of the story where you will feel a bittersweet feeling, totally recommended.

8.5/10 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 04, 2024
Status: Completed
Decent read. Writing is average, but precisely because of that, it is easy to read. I binged the novel within a week, and I didn't regret it.

MC is not the most talented, the smartest nor the strongest, but he is the most tenacious and relatable among those I've read. He is the epitome of ordinary (esp compared to other MCs in novels who claim they are ordinary but are suddenly schemers).

There were things to nitpick on the plot here and there (like author's lack of research on some countries and... more>> religion), but if you can suspend disbelief or not care about small details, then it's fine. For the holes, author tried to remedy them the best he could in the side stories. The worldbuilding and the fight scenes are solid enough to be enjoyed. MC is OP but imperfect (and he makes lots of decisions which is very humane of him, albeit sometimes questionable), but he tried his best to follow his own morals. Just like a normal human being.

Overall, the ending and side stories are satisfying. <<less
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Lord mongrel
Lord mongrel
Jan 31, 2024
Status: c112
Its meh. Typical korean WN with op MC. Barely enjoyable. Don't read it to immerse in the story. Its one of those novels where mc's opness solves all of his problems. Also he has a useless little brother who really doesn't matter to the story that much.

2* is generous considering the author at least tried
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 17, 2023
Status: c91 part2
This is my jam. A regressor who uses future knowledge to prepare for the future. Considering the first chapter showing 20th floor explains why he can get so surprised in his last life - he was a lone wolf who only cared for himself but now has to make sure other, loyal people survive.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 06, 2023
Status: c83 part2
It seems like I’m around 1/6 of my way into the whole novel, yet every chapter feels meaningful to the plot despite the length. So far, there appears to be no signs of romance, though the MC has gathered quite a few admirers with both personas. He advances quite steadily and hasn’t encountered many major struggles. I enjoy the intrigue of power from the MC’s efforts and the little drama that happens. This is certainly a great casual read that’s interesting and free of drama. The translator has done a... more>> great job at translating, although a few terms seem a little inconsistent in more recent chapters.

A great thing about the MC is how he isn’t a totally emotionless killing machine, but actually seems to have some sort of emotion. He also displays incredible decisiveness, most likely from his previous 99 regressions. This decisiveness often makes him seem cruel, which may be true, but within context, seems to be a necessary evil or part of a well-thought plan.

To everyone who enjoy a powerful protagonist with minimal drama and few struggles, this will be a great novel for you (: <<less
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c29
I like it but there's a few problems I had with this story.

I don't really care for side character's backstories before they meet MC, it feels long and tedious to read so I skimmed through it.

The slice of life parts where MC spent time with his brother was sweet, but boring af. There's nothing interesting about it (in my personal opinion) .

Then there's this girl who appears... the girl. Juri is a stalker- she's been stalking MC when he gets bullied... stalking MC home... found out he has a brother... more>> (nothing bad here but when said later, it makes me feel weird), she has a crush on MC which developed after stalking him around here and there and developed deep affections for him.... okay. She got upset/disappointed when MC didn't remember her name but like... they never spoke to each other in class... okay. Its a relief she doesn't act weird in front of him though which I like so I can tolerate her but I really don't know if I like her as a potential FL.

I also got issues with the writing, it's kind of weird. The internal mono-dialogue is really repetitive to the narration which outs me off at times and I mistake them as speaking out loud when it's actually in their head but it's manageable.

MC is a little on the plain side for me.

There are good points though I love, love, LOVE how the MC shows off he's strong from the start, specifically to everyone and those dumbass nobodies who would usually look down on MCs in other novels with this similar type of setting. I fell in love with this part. <<less
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May 08, 2024
Status: --
Standard OP recincarnation. Extra disappointing because I misread the description and thought the story started at the first regression.

But I guess writing about someone growing and overcoming challenges is too hard. Writing about a guy slicing everything in his way is way easier.
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May 08, 2024
Status: c82 part2
This novel is not that bad but I would say it is mediocre at best. I enjoyed the somewhat unique take on the regression trope and some of the fight scenes but honestly other than that it's pretty bland, or at least it didn't stand out to me. I enjoy OP main characters to a certain extent but it gets old quickly when every character that interacts with the MC sucks up to him. Every problem he faces gets solved so smoothly and easily, it gets repetitive. I love the... more>> premise of this novel but it really hit a lot of my pet peeves.

One of the biggest complaints I have about this novel are the female characters. There are, so far, two named female characters which is OK, since there aren't that many side characters but, would it kill you to give them a shred of a personality. I don't think calling them 2 dimensional or bland cuts it, the only character trait both of them have is the MC (both versions of him). I like their abilities, this is not a complaint about them not being powerful enough, it is the fact they are both unbearable (especially the actress).

I think other than that there are 3 female background characters who each appeared in like one scene in total and coincidentally all of them were being saved by the MC. I am not sure if this is going in a romance or harem route but if it is, I really don't see how any of them are compatible with the MC. Every scene they appear in makes me want to gouge my eyes off, l literally can't count how many times they made me facepalm (especially the actress).

There is also the brother, who is basically forgotten which is sad, since I enjoyed their dynamic in the manhwa. The only moment we see the brother is when he excited or worried about something the MC did and the MC being dismissive of him.

This might be someones cup of tea but it isn't mine. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 30, 2024
Status: c101 part2
Shallow, mediocre.

After a few weeks of waiting for more of new chapters to come out, I decided to continue and realized that nothing of these hundred chapters remained in my memory. Thinking about it some more, I managed to scramble some fragments, but it only brought me to a conclusion that it was so generic, there was nothing to remember in the first place.

Thus, I'll stop reading here.

But I still can recommend it to some people who like similar stories - it is by no means bad. This novel can... more>> bring you some fun, just don't expect anything special. <<less
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