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Group Name translatin_Otaku
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Series (15)
Releases 2848

Group News
(04-15-20) Hello world!

Group Releases
Date Title Release
06/09/20 The King of The Worlds v3c6
06/09/20 Long Live The Hokage c108
06/09/20 My Inseparable House Guests c177
06/08/20 Pirates Achievements System c51
06/08/20 Long Live The Hokage c107
06/07/20 Pirates Achievements System c50
06/07/20 Long Live The Hokage c106
06/06/20 Long Live The Hokage c105
06/06/20 Pirates Achievements System c49
06/06/20 One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate c227
06/06/20 Super Card System c142
06/05/20 Pirates Achievements System c48
06/05/20 The King of The Worlds v3c5
06/05/20 Long Live The Hokage c104
06/03/20 My Inseparable House Guests c176
06/03/20 Super Card System c141
06/03/20 Pirates Achievements System c47
06/01/20 Pirates Achievements System c46
05/31/20 Reincarnation Paradise c291
05/31/20 Reincarnation Paradise c290
05/31/20 One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate c226
05/31/20 Super Card System c140
05/31/20 The Strongest Hokage c311
05/31/20 God Of Soul System c488
05/31/20 The King of The Worlds v3c4
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