A 0.0000001% Demon King


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The 72 Demons invading the Earth, the Demon Kings.
Each of them possesses unique abilities.

They alter matter,
Dominate minds,
And topple mountains – each power is transcendent.

I, too, am a Demon King.

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0.0000001%의 마왕님
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Date Group Release
02/26/24 translatin_Otaku c21 part2
02/26/24 translatin_Otaku c21 part1
02/23/24 translatin_Otaku c20
02/17/24 translatin_Otaku c19 part2
02/17/24 translatin_Otaku c19 part1
02/15/24 translatin_Otaku c18 part2
02/15/24 translatin_Otaku c18 part1
02/14/24 translatin_Otaku c17 part2
02/14/24 translatin_Otaku c17 part1
02/13/24 translatin_Otaku c16 part2
02/13/24 translatin_Otaku c16 part1
02/13/24 translatin_Otaku c15 part2
02/13/24 translatin_Otaku c15 part1
02/12/24 translatin_Otaku c14 part2
02/12/24 translatin_Otaku c14 part1
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1 Review

New Wretchedd
Feb 07, 2024
Status: c7
The start of this novel is very annoying, the Main character is annoyed because he gets the worst power that relies purely on luck, I seriously can't stand Lilith his secretary, she's stronger than the literal demon king, pushes him around, and deserves to be executed for her behavior towards a demon king. She literally does nothing to help besides tell the MC to stop complaining and do something with his power that gives him nothing at the start.

... more>>

the power is gambling and everything he gets at first is useless. And then he gets another demon king who tried to kill him as his subordinate, she's literally required to follow his instructions but does she? Nope. Another annoying unlikable character


Not very good but kinda interesting if you can get past the unlikable characters only there to add artificial difficulty and pad his harem. <<less
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