Group Info
Group Name Daoist
URL Link
Series (5) HP9999999999, I Became the Villainess’s Brother, Master’s Smile, Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife, Zombie Master
Releases 95

Group News
(09-25-18) Forced Suicide
(09-12-18) Mahos Doubts

Group Releases
Date Title Release
09/25/18 Master’s Smile c25
09/25/18 HP9999999999 c30
09/12/18 HP9999999999 c29
09/12/18 Master’s Smile c24
09/12/18 HP9999999999 c28
09/12/18 Master’s Smile c23
09/04/18 Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife c14 part3
08/29/18 HP9999999999 c27
08/29/18 Master’s Smile c22
08/12/18 HP9999999999 c26
08/12/18 HP9999999999 c25
08/12/18 Master’s Smile c21
08/12/18 Master’s Smile c20
07/28/18 Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife c14 part2
07/22/18 HP9999999999 c24
07/11/18 HP9999999999 c23
07/11/18 Master’s Smile c19
06/28/18 HP9999999999 c22
06/28/18 Master’s Smile c18
06/15/18 HP9999999999 c21
06/14/18 Master’s Smile c17
06/05/18 HP9999999999 c20
06/05/18 HP9999999999 c19
06/05/18 HP9999999999 c18
06/05/18 Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife c14 part1
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