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Private St. Marielle Girls’ Academy

A young lady’s school that provides integrated education with junior high school, high school, and university. Three years ago, the “Saint Girls’ Hall” was built 10 minutes on foot from such a school. This is a dormitory exclusively for students attending Marielle Girls’ Academy.

Taku Sudo, who renewed his grandfather’s rental cond*minium and built the Seigakuin Kaikan, will install voyeur cameras in all rooms.

While snooping on the embarrassing daily life of the girls, Sudo seized the weaknesses of the girls and threatened them to become s*xual s*aves every day. A table that tries to make a harem in modern society by a girl student who became a s*x s*ave. Please enjoy the many

activities of the girls and the caretaker, such as the love struggle of the s*ave girls, the power struggle at the school, the pure love, the conflict, and the farewell .


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06/20/19 Daoist prologue
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Jul 16, 2020
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prologue introduce a girl that got r*pe by lot of people and no one helps and on the first person it says that you also joined them... ok the f*ck is that intro?

i keep getting a notif from my antivirus that there's a trojan inject virus on that site so you guys might be careful if you want to read that
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