Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife


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The male student, Fukai Nagamasa, ignores his studies for college entrance exams in favor of following the path to chuunibyou. As he fainted during night cramming session before the exams, he realized that he was transported to a parallel world as a feudal lord in the Sengoku Era. Not to mention that suddenly, he was marrying the sixth Demon King, Oda Nobunaga’s little sister, the one who was purported to be an unrivaled beauty?

「I’ve decided. I will develop both: this land and the beautiful princess!」

He decides to continue developing his cute, virg*n bride night after night, and to try to live an enjoyable life in a harsh world where magic and demonic beasts exist.

Associated Names
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Nobunaga no imouto ga ore no yome ~ sengokujidai de tanoshiku ryouchi to tsuma wo kaihatsuusuru houhou ~
Nobunaga’s Younger Sister is My Wife~ How to Enjoy Developing a Territory with my Wife in the Sengoku Period ~
信長の妹が俺の嫁 ~戦国時代で楽しく領地と妻を開発する方法~
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japzone rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c5
This is a really well written story so far, with an interesting take on the "transported to the past" and feudal politics tropes. But after this chapter it's clear that there's going be plenty of NSFW play time. The s*x scenes are pretty detailed, and this latest chapter definitely steps into hardcore territory.

It's already tagged R-18, but just to be clear:

Children should not read this.

But adults will find the scenes to be tasteful for the most part.
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starlor20 rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c2
Really enjoy the chapters posted so far. I find the story kind of hilarious and I can't wait to see how this story will develop.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
June 28, 2016
Status: --
Its only been a couple of chapters but this is actually not bad. Considering the Summary you'd certainly think it was your everyday Ero pe*verted s*x content. But its not really like that.

It honestly feels like we are reading a story about a Husband doing his best to Work and provide for his wife. (Just with descriptive inner details about their s*x life) its not Polygamy either so its not entirely bad. Its well written and MC is very smart. Historical figures are well told.

The story both includes OP Knowledge... more>> Moments as he uses all knowledge to defeat people and includes Ero content. There's like a balance between both of them of good Plot & s*x. If it was purely about s*x and nothing but it, I would had drop this a long time ago. The Romance sucks! Its just a girl who merely obeys and doesn't really say much so far. But she is a good wife in the end. And can't blame her since Old JP Era, women have no rights.

The previous wife left him because they could not be together. Her love was so pure that she left and became a Nun. She will never have s*x because she's loyal to him. Of course it has nothing to do with the current MC so he holds no feeling towards it. That's why Romance sucks.

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ShioCarl rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
Ooooh! I love the idea of a modern person being thrown to feudalistic era and I really want to just read on!

I hope for there to be more chapters as it has quite some potential for its base. As far as I’ve read on Chapter 2 I have no idea just what exactly this novel is heading about. It's a WTF twist moment. Nevertheless, kininarimasu (I'm-curious) !

Gambare, translator-san! /3
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neoshadow rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c4
This is a wonderful novel and for an R-18 shounen-style novel unexpectedly heart warming and funny.

I really hope the translator continues or that this novel is picked up by another group.
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Nabilapanda rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c43
This is really a good story. The plot is very good, and of course same for romance. But, as I deeply go deeper and support nobunaga sister and nagamasa romance and being overly overwhelmed, the 3rd person appear and nagamasa fell in love with her. OMG !!!!


3rd person

    1. Shes an unlucky girl
    1. Smart
    1. Brave

But, I think many woman in that era have the same fate as her. If he feel sorry for that kind of woman, who of course beautiful too, and fall in love, hes such a jerk !!


Because he didnt easily just accept that 3rd woman and pretend and trying to ignore but in the end confess to her (3rd woman).

Now my feeling is not good huft
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VvAnt rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: c15
Sorry bad English.

A very good novel with many s*x scenes and little action (for now at least).

MC isn't braindead-idiot-beta-Op-MC, and yeah he can kill people.

A good romance too, where MC have many talks (be in bed or no) with his wife. Not some idiot where he only cares to trust HIS 'weapon' then leave for something that takes almost forever.

So why me give a low rate??

Because of harem. What?? Bc of that?? What bad about it??


... more>>

I love harem novel but I too hate it, if that distrupt the story. Okay stop rant! BC his other lover.... are his horse (basically his former body first lover/wife that died) yup! That horse that gangbanged by many other horse that MC call her a b*tch. Maybe she have her reason?? Hmmm... yeah she needs many sperm from horse so she can turn to human. Oh yeah, he will have child later.


Dont mind above, then read this.

So a 3☆ story...... : ( <<less
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Fort de Knox
Fort de Knox rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c13
The MC is smart and has charisma. Well, at least he is not some transmigrated chuunibyou who says "I want to build harem"

The story is written well too and realistic, I say.

The update is slow, it's been two months and there are no update.

Here is the raw if you want it :

novel18. Syosetu. Com/n4165cv/
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Reindeer rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c4
I love it, and the ratings are well deserved.

Although I've had not just one of these thrown to the past/isekai MCs, this really hits my soft spot.

I've only read 4 chapters so far, but from what I've seen on chapters 3 and 4, we don't have overly complex side characters, which I really like. It probably won't be mind blowing like Dungeon Defense, but that's that, this is this. I prefer this one, I guess, in terms of genre anyway (like that novel with the Protagonist as his name, I... more>> didn't really like that one). In terms of modern into past technology stuff, Release that Witch will probably be better, but I do admit that the author knows a lot about the time's culture and people.

Although it's a bit boring, but I prefer it this way actually; the romance, I mean. He gets to her on c1, which, for me, saves all the trouble. The harem on A Step into The Past was... I dunno, but I surely didn't like it that much.

There's still not much out yet, the translation speed is like level: Kenkyo Kenjitsu. I hope the translator speeds it up soon, cuz I really want to read more. <<less
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andrewreadnovel rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: c8 part3
So the story follow Nagamasa which was thrown back into Sengoku era of Japan. The MC become one of important feudal lord in that era 1 day before he get married to a beautiful princess. How can he survive is the first question. After all the guy that he replace is a powerful person. But he is able to handle it quite well which will be the minus for me. He doesn't have any experience than suddenly he can replicate that feudal lord?? His goal is to develop both: this... more>> land and the beautiful princess!

But the plus overshadow the minus, the story is rich with Japan history (I like history a lot so this is a big plus). The history seems to be accurate. The story does have R-18 tag, some ero scene but it still have a good plot (His interaction with his wife is fun to read). I don't expect this to turn to harem (Harem rules but not in this kind of story). Great LN to read with great potential.

Lastly his horse is some kind of unicorn like in the picture. <<less
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Rustle Eroi
Rustle Eroi rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c8 part1
I like it so far, the s*x scene was pretty detailed, You can actually have a b*ner for it and its pretty normal.

The world building is there, and I want to see more in the future, although there some aspects that I want to retort, but nevertheless I enjoyed it so who cares I guess.

... more>>

like the MC seems like a PRO at s*x while it his first time, or so I think the author didn't really specified what his v**ginity status lmao. I interpreted it as being a chuuni, he somewhat research about it and when it comes to the actual s*x he will be calm


P.S Please give me the PoV of the other charas <<less
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SKL rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c8
Summary :

Man who loves history is transported to the Sengoku Period of Japan and is reincarnated as a feudal lord. He is reincarnated the day before his wedding to a famed princess of unparalleled beauty. He makes it his mission to develop his land and train his new wife (in erot*c ways).

This novel is fantastic. Although it is definitely an ero novel, so far, is has been able to balance the elements of ero and political well. The translation is good, and it seems that things are historically accurate. It's... more>> an ero novel at heart, but has a great storyline that makes the interludes between ero scenes also very enjoyable. <<less
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: c6
"So far, so good" -Guards from TES IV.

Well, that phrase represents what I feel towards the novel. Good world building, lots of expectation for the story development... So yeah, so far, so good...

Update - yup this is definitely an ero novel. But it's not all about s*x and stuff, well at least not so far. This is ero novel filled with story, not just plot but real story and potential. Everything was described in detail, I like that. It seems that thr author values world building and detailed stuff, yea... more>> including the ero stuff. Hope it will go like this in the future too <<less
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FusionFlare286 rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: c24
Nobunaga's Imouto is My Wife is essentially a historical smut during the Sengoku period in a parallel world. The MC is sent back in time to 1567, where he is reincarnated into the body of Nagamasa Azai, and is about to wed Princess Ichi of the Oda Clan, a truly gorgeous Yamato Nadeshiko (the ideal Japanese woman). Thus, our MC's goal is to enjoy a lovey-dovey life with his beautiful wife while also trying to lead the Azai Clan towards survival and prosperity, for they are surrounded by enemies, both... more>> within and without.

This novel generally focuses on two aspects: the smut and the historical drama. I'll first talk about the smut (smut as in meaning that this novel depicts various detailed s*xual scenes).

This story boils down to a romance story between the MC (Nagamasa Azai) and FMC (Ichihime), starting from their first meeting at their arranged wedding. This marriage is political in nature (as are all marriages during this time), and yet their love begins to flourish and blossom ever since they first held each other. This, of course, is depicted through a lot of vanilla s*x filled with so much sugar that would make anyone feel diabetic and full at the end. Despite the societal rules and positions that men and women must adhere to during the Sengoku times, the MC finds ways to circumnavigate traditional norms and restrictions to give FMC all love and attention he can give to her, whether that'd be teaching her innovative techniques and positions of modern day s*x (unlike the boring, constrictive s*x during that time, focusing only on the male partner), or involving her with the political machinations of the clan, at least more than any lord would do to his wife at the time. Oh, and as in true ero doujinshi fashion, the MC has a 12-inch behemoth of a pen*s that makes Ichihime swoon and moan during their nightly escapades (this man so h**ny he has not missed a single day making love to his wife, barring external circumstances).

Now, despite what the title says, there is a harem tag attached to this novel. And yes, the MC eventually gets a harem. The majority of Japanese lords during this time had their main wife, their concubines, and then their mistresses and whoever else they lay their hands on. Some may have a huge array of women while others may have a small circle of lovers. The MC, most likely, will lean towards the latter. As of this review, only Ichihime (FMC) is present with MC. Though, according to history, Azai Nagamasa had a concubine and a previous wife before Ichihime (MC has no recollection of the body he reincarnated in, so any memories associated with Azai Nagamasa are gone), so they are potential harem candidates for MC. Most likely, MC or harem candidates will seek approval from Ichihime, the main wife and number 1 for MC; although, if there are political connotations involving the harem members, Ichihime will adhere to MC's request since society during this time focuses more on political marriages to secure alliances and non-aggression pacts. These are only speculations, so keep this in mind.

For the second aspect of this story: the historical drama of the Sengoku times. For the unaware, the Sengoku Jidai, or the Warring States period, was a time of extensive civil war and societal upheaval where local lords/daimyos fought for land, power, and control. The nation is at war, where today's allies can become tomorrow's enemies. One wrong move can end you and your entire family/clan. This novel is for a mature/seinen demographic, so actions of cruelty and s*xual assault are not off the table. All that lovey dovey s*x you see is only a brief moment of respite since sh*t can hit the fan at any time. The MC has no desire to conquer Japan; he just wants to live a peaceful time with his wife, and that desire serves as his greatest motivator to keep the Azai Clan and its people alive, intact, and prosperous, free their enemies that wish to conquer their land. The MC has to plan how to grow his economy, enrich or introduce local industries, secure loyalty and support from his retainers and neighboring clans, and lead armies into battle (kingdom building in essence). Of course, MC has that modern knowledge that can help him develop his lands and lead armies, among other things. He does everything he can to ensure peace and prosperity for his people and family. Defeat for the Azai Clan means his retainers, followers, and people subject to be killed, ens*aved, looted, and r*ped; for the conqueror goes the spoils of money, food, and women.

As an aside, many of the locations can be found on google maps. A good way to visually enjoy this novel is to see castle locations, towns, rivers, mountains, and terrain from google maps. Typing the castle name will pinpoint you to where the castle is. Alternatively, typing the "castle" keyword can also show you results. The terrain especially shows how mountainous Japan really is and shows why the really wealthy provinces are flatlands with the ability to greatly grow crops, which gives more people, more money, and thus larger armies. It also shows why Japan's most populous cities are on flat land.

Also, although there is a fantasy tag attached, the story keeps the fantasy minimal as it focuses on the historical aspects of the Sengoku times. In fact, the only fantasy elements you see as of this post is that the horses depicted are 3x bigger than modern day horses, have horns, are much rarer than other animals, are classified as a monster race, and can only be harmed by a special metal rarely found called Fluorite. Other than that, there have been no mentions of magic or other monsters, but if these elements are further expanded upon, they'll most likely be within the confines of historical realism that won't make you go "what kind of magical BS just happened now?!?!".

***If you're wondering which translation group to read from, I suggest you go with Curiosoth, the only person actively working on this translation. That person's translation is solid, fluid, and easy to read, not to mention it's the most ahead out of any of the other groups.***

***This novel contains s*xual assault/ab*se***

I managed to skim through the LN pictures and somehow got my hands on the first two book raws of the manga. The following text will show the harem members and some other tidbits I saw. As usual, major spoilers up ahead:


Main Wife: Ichihime. Self explanatory since she's introduced in the beginning. Gets pregnant pretty soon.

Concubine 1: Hanbei. This person's past is just awful (SA WARNING). Sent as a hostage to Saito Clan, but since women are useless as hostages as opposed to males, she gets mocked and disdained by the Saito's retainers. Saito Clan leader orders his subordinates to gang r*pe her, and then he comes in as a white knight and "saves" her, then has s*x with her. Hanbei finds out the truth and runs away in shock and despair back to her clan's castle, but her mind is so broken that she develops Stockholm Syndrome for Saito; otherwise, she couldn't live on with life. MC tries to persuade her to join him, which doesn't go well at first, but his words remain in her heart, and he succeeds at the end after certain events happen. I think during the certain events aforementioned, she was r*ped again by Saito and his retainers.

Concubine 2: Introduced much later. Surprisingly a beast-person. Yeah, there are beast-people in this world. There are variations of beast people but she is one of the ones that looks fully human except for the ears and tail. IDK her name but it will be a while before she's introduced.

Also, there are other kinds of monsters, like worms from Dune and hawks.

Parallel world Kicho (Oda Nobunaga Wife) is a busty blonde. Nice

Someone said this before, but I'll be damned: the horse really does turn into a human. Though I don't know anything beyond that.


Also, the author isn't dead, just put the series on hiatus. He's been working on other novels. The light novels for this series go up to LN5 since 2019, which would be like around 80 chapters for the webnovel I guess? Anyway, there's been a manga adaptation of this series since 2022, though not translated unfortunately. You can find this stuff on searching the series name on Japanese Amazon.

With all this information given, I can personally say that this novel is really fun to read. I enjoy it a lot and wish to keep reading more. I'd rate this five stars. <<less
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yoga1102 rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c15
As said by @Japzone, the novel is quite tasteful indeed hahahaha.

I'm going in tought this is merely R18 novel with shallow lovescene like other novel usually, but left in surprise with how quite vannila it is sometime and surprisingly "cute" interaction between Nagamasa (MC) and Oichi.

It is also in my strikezone and helped by my experience and preference which I'm exposed extensively by romantization of Nagamasa and Oichi by Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara game since I'm kid (mid 2000).

The contradiction of this LN is well done hahaha. The eroticism... more>> aka lovescene or h-scene is done quite good by authors and the Translator (s) and yet the interraction and play by play of MC outside the H-Scene is very cute and lightheart warm lol. <<less
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girntaro rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c11 part2
Whoa just the premise of transported to the past already got me, eventhough it got a little twist like monster and magic but so far its not changing the story in ridiculous way, The MC quite good at thinking, have no cheat ability at all and only use his knowledge of his past life, so far he is not havent done much reform because most of the time he is traing his wife lol

The s*x is quite good I think, never read ero novel before but I can feel the... more>> explanation which is detailed but not overly dramatic and make my imagination lively in the process

Hope to see more and see how he manage to change the course of history since his future is bleak if we look at his OTL counterpart

Damn I need more historical novel <<less
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admira rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: c11 part2
Make no mistake, this is a R-18 story. But it also has a plot, and said plot is not gathering a harem.

A history nut travels back in time to become a historical figure shortly before his wedding. So far, the actual plot has been about developing his territory and deepening his relationship with his new wife, Oichi. He doesn't inherit his body's memories, so he has to rely on his own knowledge of the period to make do.

About half of the chapters are devoted to the R-18 parts with Oichi.... more>> So no, this isn't a story for minors; the s*x scenes are quite explicit. They're easy enough to skip if you're not in the mood, but they're still half of the reading material. No signs of a harem as of chapter 11.

All in all, this is one of those transmigration stories where the transmigration element actually feels meaningful. The plot is good enough to work without the R-18, and the female lead has more depth than the typical R-18 gal (ie we'd notice if the author suddenly swapped her out for a different female). <<less
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TheWorldICall rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c1
There are two types of people that read this novel. First one being the type that reads for its fantastic world building. The second being people that only read for the erot*c s*x scenes. I find myself somewhere between the middle of the two. However, whichever you came here for you won’t be disappointed. The novel is very similar to Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki for its amazing world building and the erot*c scenes are very passionate if I do say so myself.

The MC is a Tsukkomi MC so that’s... more>> always a plus for me. The female lead also gets good character development. Nevertheless decent novel I recommend it. <<less
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Forromir rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: c15
The MC isn't that realistic, he's automatically charismatic and he has the background of loving Japanese history using the excuse of it being the result of his 8th grader syndrome.

... more>>

Also, although the guy that took care of his horse also went and stole the sword and gave it to the MC, and was killed for it.. I don't see how the MC cares as much as he does. If maybe it explained in the following battle that he was only able to survive because of the sword I'd understand his amount of sympathy. But right now it just feels overboard.

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SisConEcho rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: c15
For a period piece, it is pretty light-hearted. While people do die, (coz what did you expect from this period), this is one of the rare stories that will not leave you depressed. Came for the R18 tag, stayed for the story.
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