Gravity Tales

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Group Name Gravity Tales
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Series (41)
Releases 6464

Group News
(07-10-17) SW Prologue!
(07-02-17) CSR News

Group Releases
Date Title Release
07/20/17 Chaotic Sword God c791
07/20/17 Chaotic Sword God c790
07/20/17 Shura’s Wrath c2
07/20/17 Hedonist Sovereign c60
07/20/17 Master of the Stars c76.1
07/20/17 Shura’s Wrath c479
07/19/17 King of Gods c289
07/19/17 Ze Tian Ji c552
07/19/17 Ze Tian Ji c551
07/19/17 Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation c83
07/19/17 Chaotic Sword God c789
07/19/17 Chaotic Sword God c788
07/19/17 Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon c80
07/19/17 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual c303
07/19/17 Demon’s Diary c236
07/19/17 Battle Through the Heavens c918-921
07/19/17 Hedonist Sovereign c59
07/19/17 Master of the Stars c75.2
07/19/17 Chaotic Lightning Cultivation c241
07/19/17 The Trembling World c258
07/19/17 Shura’s Wrath c478
07/18/17 Ze Tian Ji c550
07/18/17 The Trembling World c257
07/18/17 Chaotic Sword God c787
07/18/17 Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon c79
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