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Group Name Gravity Tales
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
03/30/17 Chaotic Lightning Cultivation c192
03/30/17 Chaotic Sword God c682
03/30/17 King of Gods c222
03/30/17 Battle Through the Heavens c670-672
03/30/17 Chaotic Lightning Cultivation c191
03/30/17 Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation c7
03/29/17 Master of the Stars c20.2
03/29/17 Shura’s Wrath c365
03/29/17 Zhan Long c746
03/29/17 Ze Tian Ji c416
03/29/17 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual c254-255
03/29/17 Chaotic Sword God c681
03/29/17 The King’s Avatar c587
03/29/17 Battle Through the Heavens c667-669
03/29/17 Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation c6
03/29/17 Reincarnator c269
03/29/17 Reincarnator c268
03/29/17 The Trembling World c210
03/29/17 The Trembling World c209
03/28/17 Master of the Stars c20.1
03/28/17 Ze Tian Ji c415
03/28/17 Shura’s Wrath c364
03/28/17 Ze Tian Ji c414
03/28/17 King of Gods c221
03/28/17 Ze Tian Ji c413
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