The God of Sky & Earth


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Tian Man Continent is a world of martial arts. A young boy named “Su Yi” led countless yao (monsters or demons) and overrode countless families who had thousands of years of history. He rose abruptly in the world as the brightest star in the sky. He married beauties and walked towards the peak of of the world, and finally ascended onto the thrones of the ancient gods!

The God of Sky & Earth average rating 3.9/5 - 42 user ratings
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November 29, 2017
Status: c9
Cultivation novel with a self-righteous main character, it is said that the main character Su Yi was exiled to stay is a forest for 3 years for taking advantage of a young girl, most likely around his age, now she is trying to get him killed for this. The most sickening thing about this is that the main character acts like the girl is taking things to far, as well as the fact that he turns out to be someone that is reincarnated which makes him a pedophile for taking... more>> advantage of a young girl. <<less
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MamaImBack rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c24
I would recommend this novel. Ignoring the fact that the MC took a slight advantage of a girl by accident which the author clarifies what exactly happened in the later chaps, everything seems to be going well!

The story is just starting to pick up the pace. Give it some time we are still so early in the chaps. Dont just read the first chap and without reading any of the rest of the story, assume that the MC raped some young girl! Give it a try and at least just... more>> read 10 chaps to get a rough idea, or else it will just be like your someone's stationary is in your pencil box and the owner accuses you of stealing his stuff and goes to call the police! Really looking forward to what happens in the future!

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Chachingmel rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c1
Who would have thought I would stop reading a book, halfway into the first chapter?

What made me stop was finding out the MC actually attempted or did rape a girl using drugs and now because people know raping a girl against her will is a crime, that its somehow the girls fault for taking things too far?

From the other review, the MC is also reincarnated as well?

... more>> How does this story have a rating of 4.0!?

I honestly don't understand how so many people can support a book which has a rapist as a main character who does it because he was bored. <<less
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ZTF44 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c500

Hmm seems fine for the the chaps so far. There's potential for a nice novel. Gonna continue monitoring this and see whether me efforts pay off!The MC has gained a mysterious cultivation technique which allows him to be stronger than the average cultivator as per the usual chinese novel settings. Currently his character and all is still developing but he is not like the typical MC which lunges after every girl and girls like him for no reason at all. The novel is still in its infant stages and so far it isnt like the typical chinese harem novels where after the first 100/200 chaps the MC alrdy has so many girls

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