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Tian Man Continent is a world of martial arts. A young boy named “Su Yi” led countless yao (monsters or demons) and overrode countless families who had thousands of years of history. He rose abruptly in the world as the brightest star in the sky. He married beauties and walked towards the peak of of the world, and finally ascended onto the thrones of the ancient gods!

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November 29, 2017
Status: c9
Cultivation novel with a self-righteous main character, it is said that the main character Su Yi was exiled to stay is a forest for 3 years for taking advantage of a young girl, most likely around his age, now she is trying to get him killed for this. The most sickening thing about this is that the main character acts like the girl is taking things to far, as well as the fact that he turns out to be someone that is reincarnated which makes him a pe*ophile for taking... more>> advantage of a young girl. <<less
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BonTaro rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: c36
After reading the first 36 chapters, it feels like its heading down towards another generic and mediocre cultivation novel:

  • Missing parents
  • Endless enemies (young masters from other families and fellow disciples from his sect)
  • Reincarnated from Earth (this one was completely pointless and literally only mentioned in one sentence so far and has absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever)
  • OP cultivation technique of unknown origin
  • Questionable decision making by the MC

    Decides he is going to marry the girl despite her being all the sources of his problem and having no relationship between them at all except that one time he accidentally kissed her to which she then tried to have him killed. And also deciding to join the sect she belongs to even though he knows the whole sect will try to kill him and the elder that invited him has some ulterior motive and was also the one that injured his grandpa.

  • Again with the fat best friend and beautiful maid that he saved off the streets
  • Generic cultivation system and abilities.
  • The only trope this novel doesn't hit is the antagonistic family which is offset by MC treating his family like tr*sh.
Nothing special but not the worst either; right there in the middle of the road. Something easy to read and maybe worth bingeing if there are more chapters.
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Cute Potato
Cute Potato rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: c86
First of, I have to clear something up, there is no r*pe in this story (at least so far), the MC is not a rapist, hence the absence of the "rape" tag. I really don't understand why some reviewers think he is. What happened is, the MC got bullied by a girl stronger than him, he retaliates by drugging her, kissed her (his fiancee, BTW), some people saw this then assumed that he was raping her. Okay sure it's bad, but hey princes charming kiss unconscious damsels all the time...... more>> in children story books. So yeah.

With that being said, I'm dropping this book at ch 86 mainly because of the MC. The story is okay, nothing new, plot is okay, translation is good. But the MC is unbearably s*upid.


The girl he kissed got accepted into a powerful sect, she announced that she'll marry anyone who could kill the MC, so what does he do? He tried to get into the same school as she was, still determined to marry her, knowing full well that he is gonna be put through hell in there. Luckily, a school big wig tried to kill him halfway there and throws him off the cliff, sparing the readers from his would be frustrating school shenanigans. Unlucky for us, he survived and received guidance and techniques from a "mysterious old man" at the bottom of the cliff. Wow, totally new and unexpected, right?

He then got caught by another sect, forced into s*avery, almost escape but his plan spoiled by an old man who sneaked into the sect to steal some stuff. He was about to be executed, but eventually managed to escape, found the old man again, half dead after being beaten by the sect's bigwigs. The MC smiled, "Revenge time". When he was about to kill the old man, he found out that the old man is a beautiful girl in disguise. And suddenly he wanted to save her, saying that saving a person is good karma... Yeah, I stopped reading after that. You guessed it, he is one of those super virg*ns who would slay thousands of men without hesitation but would kneel and lick the shoes of b*tches who tried to kill him just because they're pretty. Whether I'm talking about the MC or the author, it's for you to guess.

It's not just this, though. At one time, the MC found a group of his enemies surrounded by beasts, about to get killed. If you're the MC, would you:

    1. Wait and watch until the beasts slaughter the enemies while eating popcorn
    2. Shoo the beasts away, fight the enemies yourself, get injured in the process, endangering yourself, wasting energy.

If you pick no 1, then congratulations, you're smarter than the MC.

Another example of the MC's extreme s*upidity. He wanted to get stronger, so he tried to find a good teacher and good school to enroll in. But remember, he already has the ultimate technique inside his head, techniques so great, even the school bigwig tried to take them away from him. The techniques are of course too high level, so he needs to level up. But leveling up is easy for him, he only needs to absorb energy. He also needs guidance. Gee, if only he could find a mysterious old man at the bottom of the cliff who can not only guide his cultivation, but also teach him other super strong techniques. Oh wait... he already met that old man... and he left him.

Sure the old man said he needs to be at certain level before he can take the MC as student. So what? The MC only need to find more energy sources, absorb them, level up, polish the techniques inside his head, receive more techniques from the old man, and done. He'd be invincible. He don't need schools or other teachers. The MC is like a guy who just won a billion dollar lottery, yet tried his best to get hired at McDonald so he could eat free chicken

Dude is an idiot to the bone.

If this kind of dumbassery is okay to you, then go ahead read it. If not, stay away.

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Chachingmel rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c1
Who would have thought I would stop reading a book, halfway into the first chapter?

What made me stop was finding out the MC actually attempted or did r*pe a girl using drugs and now because people know raping a girl against her will is a crime, that its somehow the girls fault for taking things too far?

From the other review, the MC is also reincarnated as well?

... more>> How does this story have a rating of 4.0!?

I honestly don't understand how so many people can support a book which has a rapist as a main character who does it because he was bored. <<less
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MamaImBack rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c24
I would recommend this novel. Ignoring the fact that the MC took a slight advantage of a girl by accident which the author clarifies what exactly happened in the later chaps, everything seems to be going well!

The story is just starting to pick up the pace. Give it some time we are still so early in the chaps. Dont just read the first chap and without reading any of the rest of the story, assume that the MC r*ped some young girl! Give it a try and at least just... more>> read 10 chaps to get a rough idea, or else it will just be like your someone's stationary is in your pencil box and the owner accuses you of stealing his stuff and goes to call the police! Really looking forward to what happens in the future! <<less
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: --
purely typical xianxia story where the MC act s*upid only supported with Questionable Plot Armor and Heaven Defying Luck, oh and also tons of evil arrogant young master from powerful family and member sect.

the finishing blow is MC would kill thousand men in order to help a bit*h that try to kill him I mean in literal sense.
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Ignus rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c42
Great novel so far.

Intelligent MC. Different events, and good description makes the same old Xianxia feel fresh again.

Been waiting for a new story this good to sink my teeth into for a while.
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ZTF44 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c500

Hmm seems fine for the the chaps so far. There's potential for a nice novel. Gonna continue monitoring this and see whether me efforts pay off!The MC has gained a mysterious cultivation technique which allows him to be stronger than the average cultivator as per the usual chinese novel settings. Currently his character and all is still developing but he is not like the typical MC which lunges after every girl and girls like him for no reason at all. The novel is still in its infant stages and so far it isnt like the typical chinese harem novels where after the first 100/200 chaps the MC alrdy has so many girls

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Noahjeno rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c44
I did not see any sort of r*pe or pe*verted scenes in the novel. But I do find it bad when a reincarnated young man want to punish a 12 yr old kid by kissing her lips.. But even without that MC personality is not up to my liking. A very careless, over confident personality which doesn't care about the consequences. His actions didn't show intelligence to me. Only naivete and s*upidity.... more>>

In family selection match, he didn't put any elder in his eyes. One should say apart from grand father who spoils him a lot and his maid, he doesn't care about anyone but others are like that all due to his own actions. So when he showed his talent except a few everyone immediately accepts him. In fact MC himself feel regret about it only when he was close to death.

In sacred mountain selection process, from the beginning MC did everything that seems to provoke the other party. While everyone did their test properly MC started asking s*upid questions. Then he even dared to challenge other party head repeatedly when they could easily kill him.

Finally he even after offending the head protector, he still went to sacred mountain then atleast he should stay with the crowd why move alone. When head protector comes for his secret he is saying that he will flatten Sacred mountain

Even his family allowing him to go to the sacred mountain is very s*upid


MC is self righteous, s*upid and overconfident. Story is filled with cliches as well. I can't find any interesting unique elements for the story so far but it's too early to say anything iIwill continue reading it but for now I rate it as 3 thank you <<less
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July 15, 2018
Status: c54
I just feel like talking to avoid future reviews of saying r*pe this and r*pe that

I seriously find it strange at which part in the novel where the girl was r*pe? Ok let's call it s*xual assault as he force a kiss at a girl but against lets not forgot to mention that was just a quick kiss in the lips not a deep exotic or even erot*c kiss. So people shouting r*pe I am seriously questioning your mentality as your imagination arrive at a conclusion of r*pe some even... more>> shouting pe*ophile (Are you guys talking about yourself?) please visit the nearest psychiatrist to avoid future disaster. I got a little bit side track, let's talk about the girl before another unknown reader defend her.

Chachingmel review was seriously disturbing, are we still reading the same novel here?


Who would have thought I would stop reading a book, halfway into the first chapter? What made me stop was finding out the MC actually attempted or did r*pe a girl using drugs and now because people know raping a girl against her will is a crime, that its somehow the girls fault for taking things too far? From the other review, the MC is also reincarnated as well? How does this story have a rating of 4.0!? I honestly don't understand how so many people can support a book which has a rapist as a main character who does it because he was bored.

You rated 1, you have all the right and I am not saying you wrong but due to my curiosity I seriously wonder where is the r*pe part their?How did you imagine a r*pe situation of a 12 yr old girl from reading few sentence which has no what so ever reason related to r*pe?and although the MC was adult but he has a body of a 12yrs old kid. Forgive me for satisfying my curiosity.


And I also feel weird why some people defend a girl which was obviously given a villain character.


The girl was 12 yrs old, She is your everyday pampered spoiled and wicked young girl that you can read, the ideal villain. The reason why the people condemn the MC was not because the MC was wrong but the little girl's influence was so strong that if the girl say you are a dog then all you can do is bark. Now for some odd plot twist the girl bully the MC and result of that accident that made the MC suffer for 3 year away from home.

    • Girl was OP all most as OP as the MC
    • OP background compare to MC's background
    • Common plot where GIRL is perfect and MC is tr*sh
    • Girl was TAG evil from the very start (Imagine a 12yr old girl ordering a whole country to kill another 12yr old kid)

While their is some fault when can throw to MC that is technically normal, If you have mentality of an adult suddenly thrown in another world and got bully by a little kid then what will you do? and let's not forget that the girl was OP on everything that made the MC use underhanded method like paralyze poison but that a quick kiss in the lips seriously considered r*pe?


The novel is still not worth giving a decent review as for me I thoroughly gave a review after reading a hundred chapters or more before having a say.

The only reason I written this is to give notice about a certain review mentioning r*pe as a warning to future reader with the same MENTALITY please keep your FANTASY at moderation and don't made a bias review that include a disturbing part about it.

Review after chapter 53 rating 3

This novel is quite good but some author just want to make it bad, the plot where MC must be miserable as much as possible to become OP is to bland for me I mean I read many MC that was not that

miserable and not abandon by the world but it is much more alright than an MC who are force to become as much as possible pathetic as if he is fighting the world alone (why the hell will an MC fight the world alone? even one pun is not alone)

It was promising at first but It took a wrong turn and successfully made from worse to not feel like reading any more feeling. MC want revenge yes but their sometimes you need to question MC's mentality the last thing I wanna read is another ret*rded MC.


You know that people are trying to kill you, what will you do? MC was like 'meh' I am smarter than them yet got almost killed by the end lol

Mysterious granpa appearing out of nowhere kind of turn the whole story down I have enough with mysterious granpa thing I mean that grandpa appear around chapter 50 and I was like not again...

Another boring intense training that was boring and pointless to read


I won't drop this novel but decide to stack chapters, to few chapters not worth the time to read. <<less
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seaners23 rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c7
Either the author writes in a confusing way, or some things are getting lost in translation. Either way, I feel like the way the author set it up so the MC was forced to go to the dangerous forest was a little dumb.

From what I can tell, after reading up to chapter 7, the MC somehow someway managed to offend a 12 year old girl. While they were in a street, she decided to just randomly hit him. Because of that, he wanted to get back at her so he... more>> first tricked her into eating some snacks with muscle weakening powder. Why the F*** would that be the first thing that crossed his mind in order for him get back at her? That's the first dumb part.

I 'guessing' he did that because she was just too strong compared to him and he couldn't think of anything else? The story had just explained that at the time the "tr*sh" couldn't cultivate past a certain level because of a special secret blablabla inside him from when he reincarnated, so mayyybe that's why... but still...

Anyway, the second dumb part was that after the MC weakened her, he had no clue what to do next. By the way, even though the MC was in the body of a child, at that point in time he had about 30 years worth of life experiences and yet still had no clue what to do. So, in order to "punish" her for hitting him, he randomly decided to just kiss her... and then of course a s*upid and cliche Japanese MC move occurred where he accidentally tripped onto her while they were kissing, right when practically everyone in the city happened to be looking. *sigh*

So yeah, no r*pey r*pey stuff people, just dumb storytelling.

But hey, other than that, it's a decent novel. :-P <<less
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voydom rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c137
It has potential, but the writing or translation or both is pretty darn bad : (

Main problems:

  1. Cultivation is a mess. MC is too weak, but wants to take it slow, but also wants to rush. He ignores perfect cultivation opportunities and mostly relies on MC armor.
  2. Cultivation levels are random words. Everytime you read some cultivation level you can just randomly guess STRONG/WEAK.
  3. I swear in first 100 chapters if MC died 10 times it wouldn't be surprising and it would be deserved on account of MC being pretty s*upid and then being some more s*upid/arrogant. A first few times you can excuse him as being too young or passionate. But when it keeps happening over and over... it's like just go die MC, you deserve it.
  4. MC is both super weak and super strong, depending on what the story needs. If a god from underworld appears in chapter 138, he would be able to beat him, even if he struggles with average opponents in chapter 137.
  5. MC often does straight up evil things, because he can't be offended ever by anyone. Even if it does not benefit him in any way... he has to get even. Pretending to r*pe girls, drugging girls, killing ppl, all because they looked at him the wrong way... nothing is too low for MC.
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NotNassief rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c82
Strange novel,

Its like 'an introduction into every cliche xianxia trope on earth' the novel.

MC is a little slow at best and a dumbass at worst

Again, follows pretty much every bad xianxia preset ever

Snuck a peak at later chapters and wanted to bleach my eyes out afterwards

FL seems like a bad person to me but MC still likes her

Overall 3/5 😔
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GnomeStyle rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: c677
Despite being very cliché at the start, it was very exciting to see him adventure in the demon forest and his powers were great and really f*cking epic. I also enjoyed that we didn't get the copy paste sect novel like other novels usually do. However, all good things must come to an end. When he joins that shitty sword sect the author just completely loses it, a conflict about a pill gradually grows until the sect master solves the trillions of conflicts afterwards. Can you f*cking imagine how god... more>> awful that is to read? ''You hurt my little bro x1000000000000000''. A lot of things later on just drag on for hundred of chapters and the entire novel is just ruined because it is just another milking novel "/. <<less
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