Double Trouble (Smut BLs)

Double Trouble (Smut BLs)
Are you a degenerate who wants that bottom to be thoroughly destroyed?! Here's a list for all you deviants who want MLs with double peens, double the damage!!!!!  ․·․·․·․·․·․·ψ (`∇´)"ψ Ahahhahahaha!

But....As you can see... There. Are. Not. Enough. MLs. With. Double! Peen! Action! 

Author-samas out there, hear me out... From one degenerate to another... Love your stories, big fan. 1x1? Love to see commitment. But... BUT.... I need my bottoms to have their hole fully demolished. Chrysanthemum? Bloomed. Thanks~

(comment if im missing any, ya spicy chicken)
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Created: Feb 24th, 2023, Updated: Feb 24th, 2023
Created Feb 24th, 2023
Updated Feb 24th, 2023
CN (3.8)
88 Chapters Every 53.9 Day(s) 4208 Readers 61 Reviews 08-12-2021
human mc gets transported to a beastman world. He meets a snake beastman with two popsicles that forces him to be his female. mpreg.
CN (4.2)
91 Chapters Every 36.5 Day(s) 6894 Readers 50 Reviews 03-03-2023
In this world one peen is females, two peens are males. mpreg(Im counting this one even tho harem, because the ML's BOTH have two sausages.... more>>
CN (4.5)
203 Chapters Every 128.6 Day(s) 17632 Readers 389 Reviews 04-09-2018
ML can shapeshift into any fantasy race in their world. And one of them... is a dragon. Soooooooooo....Two rockets are gonna blast off~
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  1. Couldnt_Tell_Ya
    Couldnt_Tell_Ya· Author · Feb 24, 2023 10:35 PM
    Was gonna make this a harem list as well since they do some destruction in there as well but we're gonna be dedicated. So any additons are one ml, one mc with ml having two peens. very specific. 
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  2. Aury512
    Aury512· Mar 29, 2023 11:34 PM
    Jajaja casualmente ya me los he leído todos clear.png gracias igual por la lista clear.png
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    • Couldnt_Tell_Ya
      Couldnt_Tell_Ya· Author · Mar 30, 2023 03:45 PM
      Haha, I wish this could have helped you read more. clear.png
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