Zombies Falling Like Rain From the Sky


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One day a zombie came down like a rain and dominated the human land

The whole world got panicked by the zombie crisis and people hid in shelters.

with the whereabouts of Dr. Jang, who is like a father to Tae Yoo-joon, remains unknown.

On his way out to find Dr. Jang, Tae Yoo-joon encounters a strange man, Won Hyuk, the owner of a pharmaceutical company. He says Dr. Jang sent a new drug formula, suggesting that the two of them go to find Dr. Jang through a group of zombies.

“If you accompany me, you can get a pistol and a former F1 racer driving skills. also, I’ll give you my heart’s content, Father.”

“The first two offers are good, but let’s exclude the last one .”

Tae Yoo-joon feels a sense of repulsion at Won-hyeok’s smirk.

However, the city of Seoul, covered with zombies, is too dangerous to shake off his outstretched hand.

“What should I give you in return for your company?”

“Just a pat on the head every once in a while whenever I have a headache. I think it’s a generous condition, what do you think?”

A strange relationship with a man who appeared without a warn.

What will Tae Yoo-joon get involved in with a suspicious man in this ruined world.

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Zombies Falling Like Rain From the Sky
하늘에서 좀비가 비처럼 내려와
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