Zombie Sister Strategy


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Lin Qiao remembers nothing from the past five years since the post-apocalyptic era began. She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman!

Having kidnapped a girl and raped her father, the previous host met her demise at the very hands of the conspiracies she courted all her life, leaving Lin Qiao no choice but to deal with the consequences while trying to figure out her own past and the fate of her loved ones.

As for the little girl’s father, can’t he just have a decent fight? He’s a human being, but why is he biting a zombie? She’s the zombie! She’s the one who’s supposed to bite!

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New estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c126
The protagonist is a cute dork that is great fun to read about.

Objectively it probably isn't much better than a 4/5, but that's still better than almost any other Chinese web novel I've read.
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wait321 rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c44
This is a rather mediocre story. The plot isn’t going anywhere. You would think being turned into a zombie in the apocalypse would force hard decisions, but, nope, the main character is just a nice girl that doesn’t struggle at all. The characters are one-dimensional (either perfectly good or perfectly evil). Entire chapters are nothing but trash talk. Overall, very slow and boring.
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November 21, 2018
Status: c29
"She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman!"

At first I thought she reincarnated into a literal zombie baby inside a woman's belly... but no, that's not what it was, I misread it even if that might have been exciting. Anyway, our hero transmigrates into the body of a villainess, not a fetus, under crazy circumstances, and then has to figure out how to get by in this unfamiliar, post-apocalyptic hellscape. The story... more>> itself borrows many elements from established works (I think the whole zombie system here is very korean, but I don't know where this style originated) but still turns out to be an enjoyable read, so don't let it bother you. There's action, there's adventure, there's... well, there's no romance... I don't think <ahem> that was very romantic, but we can see hints of where it's going so it's all good.

Thankfully the protagonist, while a bit naive, doesn't seem to be terminally retarded like they usually are in these kinds of novels. Plus there's refreshing lack of 'helpless dainty flower that exists to be s*xually assaulted' syndrome! Our cute protagonist's bite is worse than her bark (which is also pretty big), and she's not afraid to get muck under her nails to get stronger so she can protect whatever she chooses.

I enjoy it a lot, so I'd say give it a go and see if it's your thing. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c710
I MTLed it to 700+ chapters. While this novel isn't bad, it does suffer from a number of things.

... more>>

- Too OP MC. Her cheats have cheats, basically. She is presented with challenges but she solves them fairly easily, and tends to let go of guys that will be problematic later on (for plot purposes).

- Uninteresting support characters. Though some do have their own back stories and such, Lin Qiao doesn't rely on them much, so when they appear it's less excitement and more "oh, they're there."

- Lackluster villains. No one is matching up to the MC's powers at this point, she doesn't really have rivals, and the reason for her growth now is to protect her base/family and get revenge. But she can (easily) suppress villains who are a higher level than her with her cheats, so she solves "hard problems" fairly easily.

- Stagnant character growth. Other than "must revenge!" the characters don't change much from when you first meet them. There are basically no world changing relevations that flip their worlds upside down, and if there are events like that, it's mainly part of a back story and not happening at the present. It's not a story where people question the morality of their acts or are forced to make hard decisions.


In the end, I have been pretty entertained with this (though there have been some lulls cuz 700+ chapters is a lot), but if you're expecting a masterpiece then I can only say don't get your hopes up. <<less
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seaners23 rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c24
So far, the novel has been quite enjoyable to read. I've read quite a few apocalyptic novels and I'd say that this one is pretty high up there. The fact that the translation quality is really good makes it even better. For some reason almost all of these types of novels have subpar translations; it's a real shame. Anyway, I can't wait to read more of this once it comes out. The MC seems to be a little bit ditsy, and doesn't seem to have completely realized how much the... more>> world has changed since she was on it last, but it makes me eager to see what she'll end up doing next. <<less
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