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Gripes have their origins and debts have their debtors. We haven’t crossed each other in days past or present, nor formed any grudges. I am but duty-bound to carry this out, so apologies in advance!

In his past life, Yang Chen was a gentle person who was oppressed for his whole life.

Now that he’s reborn, he chose to become an executioner and severs ties and grudges with his executioner’s blade, killing all that climb onto the Immortal Executioner’s Platform!

Heads will roll! Humans’ in the human realm, demons’ in the demon realm, devils’ in the devil realm and immortals’ in the immortal realm!

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Immortal Executioner
Slaying Immortals
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Araragi Koyomi
Araragi Koyomi rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
Really nice story and concept where the title is explained right in the first few 10 or 12 chapters.

The protagonist feels incomparably lonely. I cant point out the reason though, maybe its because of so many chapters with pretty much no interaction with any harem or whatnot.

I love it.
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January 31, 2019
Status: --
It was a very nice and interesting read up until the 200s chapter where he accepted that b***h that used him as a shield, the MC has favours from so many dancheng cultivators and 3 tops sects so why the f**k cant he stand his ground and reject that b***h he fought a life and death duel which ended with him killing an opponent that has a higher cultivation level than him. The whole thing was planned so that when he dies in the duel the b***h will say she... more>> is mourning him and will never marry any other man but it failed because he survived. The only reason why she decided to be engaged to him was because he became her heart demon and stopped her cultivation from improving. From the start of the novel the MC has killed everyone that tried to kill him or meant him harm but choose to accept this b***h and even gave her Peerless techniques and took her treasure hunting. <<less
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AlanJones rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: c521
Well what can I say, it has a nice story, but the cultivation is annoying and tedious.

The MC is not stupid and does not even act like a 15-year-old son in the heat. which is a very rare thing

One of the good points in the novel is own MC.

... more>> He's not going to go around making enemies, he's very cautious, he's always trying to make alliances with strong organizations, and only when he really needs to get into 1 fight.

The leaders of organizations are not a bunch of old fools and idiots.

The MC shows a lot of talent in the cultivation, managing to defeat enemies with the level higher, and showing his talent in alchemy.

Very different from many other novels where MC just shows a little of his talent so that everyone wants to kill him, here when the leaders see MC talent, instead of killing him, they seek to make an alliance with his sect, always trying to stay on good terms with him, in addition to his talent in cultivation, he is an alchemist with a great future ahead of him, who can help everyone cultivate in the future.


Tedious as hell.

No matter if it is cultivation or when he is in alchemy doing some pill, everything is boring and tedious.

The author of much information on cultivation, if MC cultivation were interesting, I would not mind reading, the problem is that it is not.

Alchemy then... MC most of the time will need years just to make some pills. Worse than cultivation of MC, is only when the author will show MC in alchemy. When it has 2/3 chapters just showing how the MC is refining pills, you feel will spitting blood, it's very tedious.


I thought Meng Hao liked being chased, I was completely mistaken.

The chase here turn out to be ridiculous, had a moment when MC was chased for 5 years by one person.

It's a good romance even with your problems. <<less
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knightandstars rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c135
Cultivation/power ups, etc in this novel is pretty boring and doesn't make too much sense. I basically skip all the power up chapters.

Plot is alright though
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Night rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: --
Smart MC and pretty good novel. I'm enjoying it. Not really like it thought.

This novel always trying to say MC has something like a supreme awesome wonderful 100% great treasure or technique or whatever it was but till now the MC cultivation really slow. So yeah it feel weird.

Anyways, you should just try read it.
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ththth12 rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
This is a good xianxia story. Especially the beginning is very interesting. MC knows a forbidden method to increase cultivation talent. He just needs to kill a lot of people for it. So he becomes an executioner. He can kill a lot of people legally, and he will also get rewarded for it. Start reading from Blue Silver Translations. That other translation is almost unreadable.


This was yet another disappointment. It became quickly generic CN novel, and MC started to defeat cultivators ridiculously above his own level. He claimed that he... more>> was lying low to not appear suspicious, and not to change history, yet he stared doing ridiculous achievements very soon. Everything to save face, of course.

2/5 <<less
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ItsAlive rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: c269
The "core" story is decent with some believable romance. But there is a huge amount of the usual webnovel issues.

  • huge dumbster fire of repeating words to "get" higher wordcount. You pretty much want to skip all the tool refining passages.
  • unnecesary long discriptions, which spoils the story.
  • powerlevels are pretty vague, especially for the MC. It's partially confusing how exactly his op abilities work besides MUH stronger.
  • numbers in all ways. Processed Flames, MC current "real" powerlevel, the years, MC riches
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Anonymousse rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c211
I start read this after a certain chapter in Emperor domination, and regret it.

this is one of the most unreasonable novel.

MC get killed and back to the past.

... more>> The story are good at the beginning until MC mindset seems kinda retarded with his obsession.

MC too obsessed with his teacher to the point of stupidity. Even with his knowledge of the future, he almost disregard all good stuff that he found so that he could met his teacher again.

The author seems want to make his teacher be his lifetime goal, but as an unhealthy obsession. All the story after MC met his teacher are declining...

Good for timewaster if we dont mind a halfasses MC. You know... The kind of MC that even when he had all he need to reach apex in a fast pace, he just wasted it by lazying around and progress slowly like a turtle for his teacher (probably become lover in the future). on one word, he is DUMB.

romance 1/5, plot 2/5, MC brain 0.5/5, TL quality 3.5/5

Now i`m gonna going to find an executioner blade to beheaded this MC. (# =_=) <<less
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lehur rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c26
  1. MC very kind-hearted, he treated (someone who insulted him) with benevolence, e.g. His servant and even make them to be stronger (MC very caring toward other people)
  2. MC very coward, he only need cultivated and meet his master, but did it in roundabout ways, too many unnecessary moves (afraid as spy, or others foolish reason).
  3. MC weak, he lazy, every day only act like sage to give others pointer, and with little training.
  4. MC rubbish
  5. The advantage of this novel was having a good plot only (revenge for master and so on)
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shura_god rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c135
This review is based on current translated chapters. I will add a rating once I read ahead and see if it is any good. So its one of those "reincarnated back to younger self" stories and its tries to use somewhat clever plot point to make the MC an OP character. And while it does go through the motions like other Chinese LN, the story is rather meaty. It has covered a lot of ground by chap 135. So it is meatier than other stories in the same league. I... more>> am enjoying this a bit but will be able to give a better review after reading the raws. <<less
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Danzerus rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c142
If you pay attention, it actually uses a lot of Journey to the West's world buildings: immortal treasures, Jade Empress and Emperor, Heavenly Court, etc... Clever way to reuse those elements with the rebellion instead of making a new alternative world.

Again very solid and brilliant start. Not the incarnation but the beheading of immortals and learning their secrets. A strong foundation before the story and this novel has that. What's more, good romance and comedy are always a big plus in my book. Better than most xianxia novels available.

MC's schemes... more>> and is as sly as Meng Hao from ISSTH is what make it fun to read.

There are a lot repetitiveness in the way author tells story but you can go ahead and skip paragraphs to make the story smoother if you feel like. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c123
The first 20 chapters were absolutely terrible and hard to understand. The Ranking and sudden Power up, I had no idea what's going on. If it weren't for the fact that I've read a lot of Wuxias and know a little mythology I would be more confuse. I recommend not to read this as your first Chinese Novel. The paste of the story is unbelievable.

Half of a chapter = one arc. And I thought DSI was fast. But it does slow down after awhile. (It does change later)

The first... more>> few chapters the MC acts really dark. The little Comedy it has reminds me of Transcending the nine heaven or World defying Dan god. In the end its your other typical cultivating Wuxia. Nothing new and nothing fresh. Honestly it gets very boring & repetive. So I drop this. All he does is kill and characters are to plain and bland. No personality whatsoever.

The "Romance" is dam to obvious and boring.

This guy has no morals at all... so don't call him "Righteous" <<less
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Mod rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c123
A great story about a righteous man who gets tired of being pushed around. Warning: infuriating enemies (although it does make you actually hate them which makes for good catharsis later). Overall an amazingly well thought out story about an unarrogant guy who just wants to protect everyone he loves in his next life and kill everyone who decides to try to hurt them. ... more>>

dumb shits keep focusing on the fact that our boy Yang Chen was an executioner before a cultivator, better get their necks cleaned and ready for the mc's blade hehe

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Dao Seeker
Dao Seeker rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c120
Although in this novel MC has yet to face any life or death moments, filled with many walk in the park scenerios, It is interesting in its own way because of narration. You won't hate this novel just because something isn't there, its an enjoyable read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sleib rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c95
If you love xianxia, you will love this. This one is not some low level xianxia novel either, but definitely one of the high quality ones. Story is interesting, MC is interesting, world is interesting, cultivation path is interesting. The fictional world reminds me of Murdering Heaven Edge's. There is also some mention of Chinese mythological creatures and gods. Also chapters are much longer than normal and I personally like it.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sayadewa rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
This story is very good. A smart MC is always welcome in any story. Unlike other generic xianxia, this one has MC that truly knows how to solve problems without using powers that come from last minute plot armor breakthrough, but only with pure tactic. Utilizing every single minor thing he can use and his environment to defeat enemies above his level.

He is also a smooth talker. Able to control his emotions and attack the weak point in their “Grand” speech instead, making them lose much face. Very different than... more>> other xianxia MCs who will be angry and manipulated by other’s speech and ultimately ending in a death battle, winning by using plot power. He also know when to hide and when to show his power and knowledge to get more allies and turn his enemy's plots into his advantage instead.

Sadly, the people around MC, whether its his allies or the peanut galleries, are twice more idiotic than other xianxias. The peanut galleries always support his enemy even after they saw the enemy is proven on the wrong side and his allies are so stupid they can’t even find one single culprit that always endangering MC even when said culprit come forward in front of the crowd and start spouting obvious bullsh*t that can make even a brain-dead person know that he is the one who did it.

Overall, MC 11/10, other things 2/10. I’ll just giving these 4 stars purely because of MC’s awesomeness. If only other things can reach standard xianxia I’ll give this 5 stars.. <<less
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hero.storm rated it
March 7, 2016
Status: --
Giving this novel a 2/5 from a 3.5/5 and writing another review after reading ahead of the currently translated chapters. Keep in mind that the review I'll be writing within the SPOILER tag contains spoilers. Do not read it if you don't want to get spoiled.

... more>>

I really like this novel. Just read my first review below about me wishing another translator picked would pick this up / edit the chapters because it's was that good for me. However...

It. Gets. So. Fucking. Drawn. Out.

Everyone knows that the main enemy of the MC in this current "world" / level is the Greatest Heaven Sect (GHS). Guess what? I read the raws up to chapter 615 before dropping it and THERE STILL HASN'T BEEN A MAJOR BATTLE AGAINST THE FUCKING SECT. You read that right. There have been extremely small clashes (in which the MC always wins) but that's about it. They're small and GHS doesn't know that the MC is the one behind it.

What happens between the current chapters and the last chapter I read is pretty much...

1) MC decides to travel outside the sect.
1.2) MC gets ambushed by GHS.
2) MC goes into some special area / different world and gets treasures.
2.1) If it's a different world, MC uses his skill refining in order to get rich in said world and buy / get some goodies. (And sometimes recruits monsters he meet into the sect)
3) MC gets ambushed by GHS (if he wasn't ambushed before going into the special area / world.)
4) MC either goes to his wives / goes to his sect.
5) MC gives his wives some power ups / gives his sect some powers ups. (Items or pills)
6) Pills are sold /traded to his wives' sects before getting sold / traded to whoever else (more expensive to the others, especially for GHS).

That's pretty much it again and again. (3 times from what I remember) They're all pretty much repeated fillers just to prolong the actual fight against GHS. It's obvious that his reputation / influence will have a hand in dealing with GHS be it by creating alliances / asking the sects he's had business with to do something to GHS. Too bad I never reached the actual fight because of how drawn out it already was.

Another thing is that EVERY SINGLE SECT especially his own is completely INCOMPETENT.

Anyway, just thinking of it grinds my gears so let me finish this off quickly. Basically, I'm dropping this novel. I mean... usually I read the raws to decide to whether to drop a novel or not (if it's not completely terrible). For this novel I did read the raws but I couldn't even stick it out long enough to read the conclusion of the MC's first major opponent. That's how badly drawn out it was. All I can think of is "oh he finally got some power ups and returned to the sect. I'm sure he'll finally fight GHS. Nope, time for the MC to go on a journey again.


Giving this novel a 3.5/5.
Honestly one of the most interesting beginnings among the novels I’ve recently read.

The major downside though is that it was only partially translated by Bagelson as a teaser and the new translator who decided to pick up the novel is leagues behind Bagelson in terms of translation quality. Lots of words missing, wrong grammar, constant switching from past tense to present tense, incorrect capitalization, etc. Feel free to read Ch.12 and compare it to Ch.13.

Also, after reading Ch.13 I decided to check the latest translated chapter (Ch.33) to see if the quality improved. The paragraph from that chapter I’m quoting below answers that question...


“... Yang Chen’s mind had already returned to his previous life and the memories of Gongsun Ling started appearing bit by bit.

cultiIn every sect, some genius disciples brimming with talent would appear and certainly Gongsun Ling was one of those genius disciples. The

And so in his previous life, Gongsun Ling... ”


Not sure if the word “culti” is a part of a sentence talking about cultivation or if it was just misplaced. Similar to how I’m not sure if the “The” there is just misplaced or an entire sentence was omitted.

Those being said, I’m honestly hoping the new translator picks up an editor or ups his translation quality. If he doesn’t, I hope another translator would decide to pick this story up. Until one of those things happen, I’ll be putting this novel on hold as the translation quality really kills the beauty and mystery of the novel for me.

• Update 1 (11:42 PM 3/22/2016) •

Noticed the good amount of updates released recently so I decided to check if the chapters were already edited. I first checked the Ch.33 (mentioned above) and was happy to find out that it has been edited. I Immediately checked Ch.13 (mentioned above and where I paused reading the novel) and found that it was also edited. Seeing that, I decided to resume reading the story. Unfortunately, it was only edited up to Ch.14. Reading Ch.15 the errors found in the previously unedited chapters were apparent. Hopefully the translator / editors continue to edit the rest of the unedited chapters, especially since there are sentences / paragraphs which feel like they state contradicting ideas and sentences / paragraphs which don’t make sense because of missing words.

Looking forward to checking for changes in a few weeks. <<less
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TheRockyAvalon rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
I finished reading chapter 12 yesterday, only to find out that the 12 chapters released were merely a teaser. I am truly saddened as this novel is very promising and, on top of being well written, was very entertaining to scroll through. I thoroughly advise anyone reading this review to go ahead and read the 12 chapters posted as each chapter is rather long and carries on the story nicely. You won't be left on any big cliffhangers, at least not of the unbearable type. The story feels very similar... more>> to TDG and other types where the protagonist comes back in time, under-powered but completely over-potentiated and start kicking ass immediately. Again, this story has great potential and I would suggest anyone reading this review to go ahead and indulge in it. I hope it gets updated soon! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jiuyin rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: c1330
About 3/5th of the whole novel is describing the development rather than letting the development happen.

So instead of "He walked to the park", it's more of "He was breathing really rapidly, and moved forward. The location of destination is not remote as people visit it often..."etc. Full of redundant details which helps make the setting but makes the pace of the story incredibly slow.

Best comparison to this novel is watching a sink-hole being created as the hole underneath the road gets bigger and deeper. When the road collapse, it's satisfying,... more>> but not enough. You expect some explosions or some form of 'big' scene but it's just a sink hole, it's what you expect.

About the main character


It uses so many word count each chapter to explain how the foundation of the MC and his wife had upgraded but the whole novel, he really never fought any one. No major enemies other than leaders of the sects which he doesn't even really fight. There is such an emphasis on power development but in the end, it resolves with a 'small' plot and the enemy surrenders. Nothing to put the power to any use.


If you want to have fun do this activity:


Drink every time:

- a whole chapter is dedicated to describing his development of fire

-a time skip thats says X years past, in order to advance the plot

-he gives his wife something to upgrade them

-he actually fights

-he sells pills and negotiates

-he goes on a 'retreat'

-The Palace Master says he's proud of this disciple

-"Pure Yang Palace has such dogpoop luck"


In the end, the author had very good imagination and goal in mind, but the approach wasn't the right fit. <<less
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AutumnSnowz rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c315

So after 500 or so chapter the harem that I said was good became pure crap. Literally girls are force into his harem and he's to stupid to say no and they get injected into his harem with no big romance or story behind it beside the athour wanting him to have more lovers. It was suppose to be a gem in the harem pile of crap writing but turn out it just part of the pile of crap that shines a bit more than the rest of the crap. 3.5 out of 5 now.


Old review: This is a great novel that I really enjoy. There is some filler and words count added to have more words but over all I think the novel still is a great novel. I love the harem in here since they all have personality and background. The romance is all build up in one way or another and they don't just fall in love for no reason.
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