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Gripes have their origins and debts have their debtors. We haven’t crossed each other in days past or present, nor formed any grudges. I am but duty-bound to carry this out, so apologies in advance!

In his past life, Yang Chen was a gentle person who was oppressed for his whole life.

Now that he’s reborn, he chose to become an executioner and severs ties and grudges with his executioner’s blade, killing all that climb onto the Immortal Executioner’s Platform!

Heads will roll! Humans’ in the human realm, demons’ in the demon realm, devils’ in the devil realm and immortals’ in the immortal realm!

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Immortal Executioner
Slaying Immortals
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Crea rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c34
Felt interesting at the start but gets progressively stale as no noteworthy events happens.

Lots of descriptive writing instead of actual story and dialogue. For example, before MC enters his sect, he decided to hide his parents since they were targeted in his past life but only mentioned it vaguely. His parents were not named by author, no explanation in dialogue or in description given why they have to hide or how he gets his money to his parents. The parents have no names, no roles in the story or any... more>> use in progressing the plot/story. Might as well just say they died or he is an orphan instead of wasting time mentioning them at all.

Dropping it. Might be better if read further but I don't want to force myself reading this. The only selling point of this story to me is only that it is not too cliche compared to most Xianxia. <<less
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Ziri rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c98
Interesting novel its different from the rest.

He doesn't go looking for a fight.

Knows how to advantage of his abilities instead of hiding them. He kills most enemy of previous lives instead of killing a strnger with no relation to him.

He knows how to take benefits.
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sidneyvan94 rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: c1330
I've read the whole novel and what I can say about it is that its a good story for reading and passing the time and had a lot of potential for improvement but somehow the author got tired of writing and rushed the ending. Overall its an enjoyable story and like every other story you will always find some parts you like, some parts you don't and the authors mistakes.

if you ask me whether I recommend reading this or not I say yeah go for it.

here is what I liked... more>> and what I didn't like about this novel.


i liked how the protagonist's harem is there for the whole novel


the story's title would make more sense if it had something to do with him being an alchemist

the plot wasn't well planned

so you find instances where the protagonists cultivation in the story is too fast and the cultivation realms aren't enough so the author tries to find excuses for reducing the cultivation speed like cultivating too fast is bad for your foundation, the protagonist has to reduce some cultivation levels so that his cultivation is more pure, the protagonist has to take ages to stabilize his foundation.


the worst mistake when it comes to cultivation in the story is like the author spent a lot of chapters describing the protagonists process of cultivation e.g how he stabilizes his foundation, how he enhances his cultivation's purity how he balances his elements respective cultivation. This happens like more than half the story which is past chapter 900 only to make the protagonist discard his cultivation and start from scratch. So this decision makes the first half of the story pointless because even though he recovers his cultivation to human immortal in like 50 chapters he doesn't go through the whole process he did in the first half of the story.

the author breaks the rules of the story's world and it feels like he contradicts himself.

he describes how cultivation shouldn't go too fast, should make your cultivation pure, shouldn't use external objects like pills to increase cultivation, should stabilise foundation, increasing cultivation too fast consequences would be insuficient mood and yet at the end of the day all these only apply to the MC and his wives like no one else does this in the story or even doing so can be fixed easily.

mistakes like forgetting which cultivation realm the protagonist is in.

loose ends

some of the disciplines he was supposed to receive weren't even mentioned in the story in the end he only took like 3 discipines of which their character werent developed.

a lot of the chapters the protagonist spends training but the protagonist rarely fights.

bad character development

the roles of his wives and concubines are to be messenger's of the sects or just making tea or alcohol (being housewives) in the story despite how the author author used to describe how they were well known strong characters in the story.

the other concubines don't have character development its so bad to the point the group of cocubines from 5 elements sect are described with one word murong 5 sisters no individuality. the author tries to make the MC like a type of dark hand who manipulates things from the shadows which fails miserably because despite how the mc's plans are complicated nothing ever goes wrong which is very unrealistic because no matter how good someone is at making strategies not all plans ever go 100% right.

the story's quality drops at the final world in the story

the final world's chapters are less than 200

most of the people the MC meets at the final world are at the like the last stage of cultivation including servants so the author cant even describe how strong the top characters are by cultivation level. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c102
This is 90% repetitive talking about how using this chi cultivation technique will awe others and give incredible results, and about 10% talking and actually doing things (like fighting).

The important stuff (the character interactions and conflicts) are so minimal and overshadowed by the verbose nothing that it feels like it doesn't really have any substance.
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KKristen rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c197
I finally dropped this series after months of not being able to motivate myself to read the newest chapters.

Basically, an immortal is betrayed and killed, and he's reborn as his younger self in the past. Because he somehow remembers hundreds of tiny details about the future, he uses them to quickly gain an OP amount of killing intent, super weapons, storage space, secret garden, treasures, super skills, talents, etc etc etc.

This series is only interesting if you want to see how rich and powerful a guy who knows everything can... more>> get. Everything comes way too easily to him for hundreds of chapters, and there is zero suspense since he is never in any danger. Basically, he just used his cheat knowledge to level up endlessly without any challenges.

The writing isn't great. Lots of huge word/info-dumps and a veeery slow pace. The first 50 chapters are more interesting than anything that comes after. The other characters (whether they are friend or foe) are all super 1-dimensional. Typical arrogant villians, loyal beasts, easily-impressed girls. Their personalities don't develop unless the MC makes them develop.

The translation quality isn't too bad. Maybe 4 out of 5. <<less
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pomoli rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: --
Pretty good for a xianxia WN.


  • MC makes sense, and while he isn't the best MC around, he's pretty good natured, staying low key when necessary, actually using his knowledge of the future instead of brute forcing everything. I especially liked how he resolved

    the conflict in the desert, making two big sects at each others throats.

  • The story is interesting overall.
  • Not all of the side characters are psychopaths.
  • The romance is not bad, though it could have been way better.

  • Too much stupid arrogant antagonists.
  • Not enough development of side characters.
  • Too many repetitions everywhere. It is really tedious sometime to see the same thing repeated over and over in a chapter, just to make it artificially longer.
  • Too much techno-babble, with entire arcs around that.
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: Completed
Very good novel, would rate it 8.5 / 10. Extremely recommended if you like slow progression. if we go by arcs it would be - 9.5 / 10 for mortal world, 9 / 10 for spirit world, and 7 / 10 for immortal world.

... more>>

Immortal world arc could have extended for a 100 more chapters to explain everything and explore other places in Immortal world, but oh well.. he did do his job so it wasn't that much unsatisfying. Also author could have at least given us 1-2 chapters of MC's daily life with his girls and friends, but I guess this kinda works too, since he introduced a new world and that would be another adventure altogether. Overall, it doesn't lower my rating too much because the rest of the story was great.


About MC - he isn't all over the place and actually spends time with his girls and chills, instead of instantly going from 1 adventure to another without any breaks, he isn't brainless or hot headed going into fights against stronger people without preparation or thinking - he actually plans ahead and lets his goons (and sometimes even his enemies) do the dirty job of destroying each other, he only fights when he absolutely needs to or to sharpen his skills.

Harem - surprisingly, it was decently developed for a xianxia. It actually took some time for girls to like him, and it wasn't a bs like in other novels where women fall in love with MC over the course of several days (or even hours). And MC actually trusts and cares about his girls, he doesn't keep secrets away from them (except that he is reborn, he didn't tell anyone that) and gives them treasures and helps them in cultivation so they kinda balance out later on. Every girl is also unique in their own way, each one has a special trait that differs them from others, so they don't like too plain and 1-dimensional. Oh yeah, they also fight, and surprisingly the direct battles they had amount to more than those of MC.

World - it was kept simple with the 3 realms (Mortal, Spirit and Immortal) which is very good since they were almost explored entirely (almost every place / hidden spot and treasure were found by MC or people who are with him) beside Immortal World since author rushed it...

Cultivation - author went with the default route of gold core, nascent soul and immortals, however the cultivation was very slow since the MC cultivated 10 types of systems and helped his wives catch up to him in cultivation so they always ascend to higher worlds with him. <<less
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GDLiZy rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c98
Well, Dropped.

The beginning of the novel is very promising with a lot of potentials.

But it keeps letting me down with MC making stupid decisions when it comes to females, his master etc.

Pill concocting and cultivation is overly long with too many details like 10 chapters just for concocting a pill in the mortal world.

MC should be really wise or somewhat smart if he can survive to Golden Immortal but he keeps making weird and illogical excuse about many, many problems.
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Momongamymonga rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c34
This must be the stupidest MC known to Mankind.

He came from the future only to ignore minor matters and only focus on his goal, when he is clearly laying obstacles for himself and changing the future.

For example...

... more>>

He was to execute a girl but he knew she would be saved and join a specific sect. But by him being in the same city and drawing people in that shouldn't have come, he changed her future and his. Because that girl ended up in the wrong sect and the person that saved that girl was a famous female cultivator and that cultivator gave the MC a gift and with that gift the MC antagonised many males and the MC keeps on making enemies with this as the base without caring about the future. It will be a miracle if the timeline hasn't changed hugely


I see this as the author having an excuse to keep this story going. <<less
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Oshino Shinobu
Oshino Shinobu rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c208
Its a must read! If you like SOTR or ED etc this is for you. OP MC is very well done. Often the mc's future happiness feels one hair away from destruction.

Harem part is tiny so don't let that put you off.

You will regret not having read this sooner, trust me!
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oezsoyb rated it
January 23, 2017
Status: c70
I do not understand why this novel has such good ranking. I would personally give it a 3 or 4 Stars. And here is the reason why: There are way too many explanations and descriptions of items/cultivations, this novel doesnt feel like a novel surrounding the MC, but more like an encyclopedia for cultivation. There is next to no dialougue at all, which makes it really tiring too read. I have to take a break every 5 chapters because of the mass of information.

Cultivation wise this novel is a huge... more>> 5/5, the descriptions and such are s bit confusing but still possible to grasp. Character, story and atmosphere wise this novel is a 1/5. Overall, If I wanted to read an educational book I could have went to the library, I dont need novels for that. <<less
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Nedrey rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: c147
Great start (5 stars back then), but I've scaled it down to 4 because of the lack of interactions and because the pacing really slowed down. Something else that bothers me: why hasn't he collected everything in his world yet after all the knowledge he picked up from his job (plot hole)
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cnicks032296 rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c142
This book is a fantastic read, unlike other xiaxian novels the MC and the antagonists aren't retards. It is similar to tdg but instead of focusing on his revenge and repeating his same mistakes, he takes advantage of his knowledge of the future to set himself up for the future. My favorite part is now at c142 he realized that he's getting cocky, he calms down and forces himself to improve on his weaknesses. In other xiaxia novels after they get reborn they start acting even more cocky and would... more>> die within 5 years if they didn't have plot armor, over all this is more like a fantastic book and has an extremely relatable MC that doesn't dwell on his mistakes too long and learns from his mistakes. <<less
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Invisalats rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: c134
This is a great novel so far.

I was leary about the premise of having an executioner as the MC but the author did a wonderful job of giving the reason for the MC becoming an executioner.

Also contrary to what might be said, there is a good reason for him gaining the abilities and treasures at a fairly fast pace. The MC is not just a walking plot armor in my opinion as we are given an explanation of how he acquired the knowledge, resources and abilities, and it is obvious... more>> that the mortal realm is just a required area of plot and not where the real story takes place.

The pacing is fine and the main character is intelligent but not infallible as at times his overconfidence can cause negligence. As for the side characters currently they don't have too much depth but it seems the author is focusing on getting the protagonist to where the real story starts and there are hints that some of the characters will become more active later with possibly more substance to their personalities.

I'll revisit this review after chapter 300. <<less
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niax rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: c40
The MC is not the usual arrogant prick they usually are. Also, he used his brains and wit to the extreme, which is very refreshing. Totally digging it so far.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 3, 2016
Status: --
I like the premise of the story, but there are too few interactions going on. If you like stories with a lot of narratives and descriptions with almost no interactions, then this novel is for you.
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Asf rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
The MC is smart and very manipulative. He is selective with his words and he knows what to do to make some people like him, stay away from trouble while getting the most benefits from them all.
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taimoor2 rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: c320
Lovely novel. Many many complaints I have about Xianxia novels are all solved by this novel.

The protagonist is kind, generous, considerate towards his master, sect, and lovers, and is an upright person. He is intelligent, not afraid of getting in trouble but at the same time not an idiot, and is always making allies. Love the novel. One example, he says:

„Disciple never thought that escaping leads to loss of face. Deceased people do not have any face to lose." (Chapter 351-2)
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ZeroBlink rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: --
Here to answer One Simple Question: Is it Shit? No!

It's really a tough one for me, some bits are interesting other bits are outrageously boring.

It really needs less fluff and more concrete points.
If you can stick with long-winded meandering writing style, then You'll love this one.
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dragonray250 rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Overall the story was very well done. Harem was well done and each female character was developed well. Ending was a bit rushed and had some contradictions in the end but overall a good experience. MC's scheming and planning was very fun to read and how he interacted with his enemies and his wife's sects were pretty interesting to read as well. The novel can basically be summed up to 3 arcs: mortal realm arc, spirit realm arc and the immortal realm arc. The mortal realm arc took up around... more>> 60% of the novel spirit realm 30% and immortal realm 10% which made it seem like the story was rushed. <<less
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