You’re Beautiful When You Smile


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[Yao Yao, if it’s you, how would you go about dating a professional gamer?] Tong Yao thought for a moment, before earnestly responding — —

If it was me, I wouldn’t date a professional gamer. If I had that kind of patience, then I might as well use it to get into Tsinghua University or Beijing University.

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41 Reviews

New peachtopleas
Jun 21, 2021
Status: Completed
My country has purchased the copyright to translate into the books so I have a chance to finish the whole story.

The story itself I gave 4/5 mainly because the detail of esport industry. Competition scenes are awesome. The love story is not that exciting. It’s fluffy but kinda normal. I’d love to see the struggle of FL since she’s the first female esport player, which normally will face with many obstacles and discrimination but the writer just added too few of it. I don’t like Lsc character too like isn’t... more>> this some kind of immature kids wil lact when they like someone.

Finally I decrease a star because of the thing that I came across when I searched for review in original site. For summary, this writer wrote this whole story based on the real person (esport players) and many real incident in competition scenes (basically all of it) without any permission. It could be said that this is lack of creative thought if this claimed to be the original. The esport fans question the writer and she onced said ‘the id (smile) will not be famous like this if it’s not bc of her novel’. It’s disrespectful af. You used their identities and their gaming experiences as inspiration to find money but still say this. <<less
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New huneybomb
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I've finished this novel since last year, and this is still one of my faves. Just ignore other low rate, this one is definitely a gem!! And cant wait for the adaptation drama ver! Xu kai and cheng xiao are the main characters.
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Mar 31, 2020
Status: c31.5
I really hope this gets better because I would never put up with this shit. He's a d*ck who's considerate sometimes. rubs face* The comments he makes are borderline verbal abuse, the constant putdowns as "teasing" (is it? Idk even know because it's not like he ever acknowledges he said anything wrong except by "making up" for it by doing some random other nice thing / which just is a normal decent thing to do & doesn't make him better... imo) compared to her honest compliments of him is really... more>> annoying. I don't think at this point he has said anything nice about her actually. Even once. Maybe that's not his love language. That's fine but uh doing the opposite constantly is not a healthy "love language" for any relationship anyways. I'm triggered. No one should put up with this. I just don't agree with this "teasing" god. Teasing. Ugh it's just so unequal right now imo between the two. Am I insane? What is so cute about the ML at all (looking at comments) ? I don't get it. He's borderline always indifferent. Even if he's "not". Ugh I want to believe in this book but I can't? Y'all out here making excuses and speculations for his behavior only bc y'all know he's rich, handsome, skilled, and the expected endgame. But none of that reeks of good bf material to me..

By 31.5, I feel like I'm crazy if the book's logic and even the readersr comments on what

luo did and the ""full picture" of why he started the fight as a wholesome protectors somehow releives him of any fault??

& y'all are like "yeah he's not in the wrong, he was just young and impulsive" / "aw" and even the teammates being like yes you're not the bad guy because we understand the whole dtory now... is like to me: what? IM FAILING TO UNDERSTAND THIS LOGIC?? Hello? He's still at fault. He's still the bad guy. He's still dumb. I must be a terrible person because I don't understand. But I rather be a terrible person.

Apso I keep on reading bc I HOPE FOR REDEMPTION for this novel... But I really don't see it... Any time soon....+-+ <<less
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Sep 15, 2020
Status: c191
Do not read this novel if you believe in copyright/originality or against plagiarism.

The novel itself is not bad at first glance. I liked it too, in fact, so much that I went to read up about the author and work in Chinese. I was surprised to see that it has a poor reception on Chinese sites. As I dug deeper, I understood why. There's a lot of controversies especially plagiarism from other novels (with hardly anything changed in the original), the author admitting and afterward, denying that the characters were... more>> modeled after real-life esports players because they were portrayed negatively later on. Esports fans were able to identify these professional players because the author used unique real-life incidents of the players' experiences in the story. It's almost like a romantic fanfiction between real-life esports players at some point.

That said, it's just a romance novel so it's understandably unrealistic when it comes to players' lifestyle. In fact, Lu Sicheng's routine is highly unrealistic since the novel hardly depicted him practicing and brushed off his performance without consistent upkeep as his natural talent. The only realistic portions are that the focal point incidents did happen in real life and the author used them in this novel. Just treat it as a form of entertainment. Even the drama's casting idols only for the visual appeal. I just want to provide a different perspective. This novel is not representative of the real esports world. <<less
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Dec 15, 2018
Status: c36 part4
I really love the main leads of the novel!

The female lead has adorable moments, has her own strengths and weaknesses and isn't a "token girl" in the game world. She can be petty, but she never starts arguments "just because", she can be childish and unreasonable, but she admits her mistakes. Even when she falls in love with male lead, her world still revolves around games, her cat and petty grudges. And even though she bickers with ML (and very often it's his fault too), she still respects him as... more>> a player and her captain.

The male lead is surprisingly "human" so far. He is an amazing gamer and he always looks cool in front of his fans, but he isn't that "overbearing-mister-perfect" that is so popular in Chinese novels. And even in the games, he is not a one-man-team. "Perfect is the enemy of good" - but he is not perfect. Instead, he is very, very good. His strengths and weaknesses are very natural and he never feels like a "superior human being" - even if he pretends to be one, when talking to FL. <<less
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Jun 30, 2018
Status: Completed
I frickin love this. Huge TKA vibes, especially bc of the esports plot. I've grown to really enjoy stories about esports, probably bc video games are so prevalent IRL. I have many friends who are obsessed with LoL, and while I don't know much at all about the game, I don't really need to. I love that the FL is a pro gamer, and that she was a really strong girl, both mentally and in terms of gaming skill. Being the only girl in a competitive space is difficult, something... more>> I've also experienced a lot in my math competition days. The pressure and need to be better is pretty intense, even when it's not explicitly or intentionally made to be that way. I think TY really experienced that, and she was able to succeed, something that I find really important in supporting girls everywhere. I personally can't really relate to the FL's petite kindergartener vibe, but I'm sure that only compounded her problems. Sigh.

The ML is a somewhat OP, possessive, jealous, etc alpha, and I love the interactions between the FL and ML, a lot of fluff there in the later half of the story. Though I would have liked a more explicit buildup of feelings between the ML and FL (I kind of thought it was happening but I couldn't really see too many signs) esp since the ML is frickin tsundere lmao (though tooth-achingly mushy when he wants to be). HOWEVER. I'm very angry now after finishing the 191 chapters bc there's no epilogue?? Why does the story just end when they win? Hello? Isn't this story like half romance? You gotta show me their happy families! We didn't even get to meet the ML and FL's parents! What's going on here?? I was seriously frustrated by this frickin ending. You can't just give me a spoiler about what the ML wants to do for the rest of their lives and not actually write out some sort of HEA after the win! Pls!

Sigh. I would still seriously recommend this story for the romcom and esports vibes, though don't expect to get diabetes epilogues, unfortunately. <<less
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Lily Noir
Lily Noir
Jan 28, 2018
Status: c20 part2
This is hilarious. The MC is funny, the ML is funny, their interactions make you choke in laughter. The ML is a total little sh*t though, with a bad temper - which tends to get funny results.
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May 04, 2019
Status: c55 part2
The story is super fluffy but the translations sometimes leave out some details and it kinda ruins it. (Although it may not be noticeable unless you've read the raws). I don't know if the translator purposely left those out or the raws they had really lack those parts.
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Mar 28, 2020
Status: c84
This is one of my favorite Chinese novels and I'm so glad it's being adapted into a drama. It has just the right amount of e-sports and romance with neither of them overpowering the other element. I long the MC Tong Yao, she's fierce, witty, outspoken and she doesn't take sh*t from anyone. She can be a little annoying at times but overall she's so endearing and likable that you learn to look past it. Then there's the ML Lu Sicheng, I have to say he's one of my favorite... more>> male leads so far. He's not the typical tsundere, he's actually very shameless and c*cky but he's always guiding the MC and doesn't shy away from acknowledging her skills as a gamer. Despite his shamelessness he's also the more mature one in the relationship and isn't just an alpha male for no reason. He's always looking out for MC and doing things to protect her without her knowing, but he's also quite open in flirting with her and asking her out. I hope in the drama adaptation they don't water down this shameless aspect of him like they did with Ye Xiu in The King's Avatar drama. Overall they both bring out the best in each other and you can see them developing over the course of the novel. It's a really cute and refreshing read, even if you're not into LOL or e-sports in general. <<less
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Feb 22, 2018
Status: c22 part1
This story is about a girl who joins a Chinese LoL pro team. Her ex is on one of the different teams. So far, the story is great! I love stories where our MC is in e-sports. They're somewhat few and far between.

It comes off a little bit ranty at first because, yes there's a lot of sexism in gaming esp. RTS & FPS, but I doubt any interactions between these type of guys & our MC would end the way they did in the first few chapters. XD

The story... more>> quickly moves on from that to mainly focusing on her new pro life, interactions with the ML, and some nice details about her matches. Once, it got to that point, I died of laughter. The MC and ML's interactions are absolutely gold. I'm grinning ear to ear and holding my stomach through half of the chapters.

There is a fair bit of jargon in it for people who haven't played the game, but I think the novel does a decent job of explaining everything.

So far, so good. I'm really enjoying this. <<less
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Dec 30, 2017
Status: c18 part2
I've barely started and I'm already hooked. Will update with more detail once I get farther. I have to say though that the pro-scene and League of Legends got me interested, as I've been an avid player since the game came out!

The novel has a lot of game jargon that will probably be confusing along with the game knowledge.
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Dec 22, 2017
Status: c16 part2
I'd like to encourage people to give this novel a try! It has a refreshing female lead, and her interactions with the male lead are playful and cute. Gaming references are used throughout the novel, but they're explained in a user-friendly way so they can be understood by a wider audience. (But if you happen to like both video games and K-dramas, this is a must-read!)

Edit: I docked one star because some unnecessary drama was added – it would have been more interesting to see the teamwork of an... more>> esports team, or at least some interactions between the leads. I'm sure that the author will be back on track soon though. <<less
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Nov 10, 2020
Status: c126 part3
I really like this book it’s so cute at first I thought lu sicheng was an a**hole but when I hit ch 50 I started to like his character I think tong yao and lu sicheng fit together perfectly and I would like to give my biggest thx to the person who is translating the chapters because I know it must be a lot to translate yet you still do it so thankyou.
Also lu sicheng is such a naughty person like damn tong yao watch your man.
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: c107 part1
As everyone else had said this is an absolute gem. Please do not listen to the other negative reviews.

The banter between the characters (main or not) are all hilarious. I have laughed out loud and startled the people around me countless times because of this novel. I shed tears only once or twice. The relationship between the main male lead and the female lead is adorable. The male lead is an example of a mature boyfriend. They are professional when it calls for it and a lovely cringy couple otherwise.... more>> This novel has put me in my highest spirit for the first time in f*cking months.

The English is superb, I have to thank the translator. So hurry up and get reading this. This is amazeballs! <<less
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Dec 29, 2019
Status: Completed


Firstly, I want to tell all of you that this novel is currently MY FAVORITE C-NOVEL! I just loved this novel so much you know... this novel is the best ㅠㅠ


1. THE PLOT: is very interesting. I mean, everything that have a game/e-sport element is always interesting in my eyes, but because this novel is in romance + youth category, it doubled~tripled!!

2. THE CHARACTERS: wow just wow. Have you ever seen a straightforward-shameless-clever-beautiful-cute-ButNotAPerfect Female Main Character?! Have you ever seen a tsundere-handsome-perverted-clever-rich-awesome-charismatic Male Lead?! Have you ever seen MANY HANDSOME MALE CHARACTERS that you can ship with the MC eventhough you know the MC is just for the ML (ML's one and only) ?! Let me tell you my favorite characters:

our MC Tong Yao, our ML Lu Sicheng, Greedy Wolf, and Lu Yue. OMG YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!


3. THE NOVEL IS WELL WRITTEN: this novel is PERFECT. The Author knows how to write a youth novel. We can find a lot of shameless but realistic part.

4. MANY LOVE INTERSESTS: you can ship The MC with many Handsome Male Characters!! For me, if it is not our ML Lu Sicheng, I liked Greedy Wolf character! Our second ML, that I don't wanna say his name so you can find out which one is the 2nd ML by yourself, is also a nice character (after so many chapter, I found his character was not that bad. Poor him).

5. THE ENDING: overall it was a happy ending, and just like other e-sport genre,

the ending is when they are winning the tournament

I'm hoping the Author will write some side stories though, I want a story of Greedy Wolf and I want to read Tong Yao finally meet with Lu Sicheng's mom HAHA. Nevermind. The ending is good.

6. THE HUMOURS: this novel is hella funny and made my crazy. You'll non-stop laughing while reading this novel, ok, except when they are doing LoL match at tournament. Gosh~ this is my first time reading a youth romance novel that is shameless + humourous + romance at the same time. I already read this novel for the second time and I'm still laughing and smilling like crazy.

7. THIS NOVEL WILL GET A DRAMA ADAPTATION: our Main Casts is WJSN Chengxiao (Tong Yao) & Xukai (Lu Sicheng). They are both beautiful and handsome. I can already imagine the couple~ I'm so excited!! I can't wait to watch the drama!!

YOU BETTER STAN WJSN, Queen of Cosmic, their songs and MVs are so magical


7. WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS NOVEL: At first I thought this novel was for the innocent young adult, but actually

you will find many mature content after Chapter 90 of the orginal/raw version. I was shocked (I'm 22, btw). Definitely not for people under 16 but you'll find it funny because they are A FUNNY COUPLE.


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Dec 16, 2019
Status: c73
It's an ok novel in the e-sports genre. Not one of the best but isn't the worst either. I would have liked it more if the author didn't thrown in the extra unnecessary drama around ch66. The MC Tong Yao is a the first female professional e-sports player in china. She is not a strong intelligent type MC that I usually prefer but is a cutesy type MC. This is fine for the most part until ch66. The drama does not contribute to character development and the whole story could... more>> do without it. Its honestly just annoying.


The team attends an anime convention at the behest of the sponsors. Its at an inconvenient time since they have matches on the days both before and after, and everyone is annoyed. Understandable. Then Tong Yao apparently looses her sh*t just cus this annoying girl mouths off at her and TY tries to beat her up with a chair. Now the thing is, people don't generally resort to violence when they're irritated unless they are drunk. They might think about it or even fantasize about pushing someone but few actually do it. The author expects people to believe that the MC who up until that point was presented as a cutesy, clingy timid kind of person will just loose it and start beating people up? Right after her captain specifically warned her not to cause trouble? It breaks character for her to just loose her temper and beat people up esp since she cares a lot about her team and they already have a black mark in their record for fighting and she's completely aware of it. The worst part is the she doesn't believe she's in the wrong even after dragging her team down and creating a mess. Zero character development. The whole drama is just plain unnecessary


On the other hand I greatly appreciate that the ML doesn't throw everything to the wind in the name of love. He's professional, sensible and not too overpowered.

It's entertaining but the details tend to fall short. The main focus is the romance btw the MC and ML and esports is kinda like a side dish served with it. Read it if your bored. <<less
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May 18, 2021
Status: Completed
It made me want to learn how to play LOL. I like how she is small, witty, naive, funny and all that.

I wasn't really into stories revolving into games or the likes but I like this one
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Apr 24, 2021
It’s alright, but since I know the controversy behind this story, my feelings are kinda bias so I’m not really gonna rate this one. Since the author didn’t copy from another story they technically didn’t plagiarize, but I disapprove of someone just sitting down and writing everything that happened in an actually eSports match and then saying they came up with it. Also, even the title was an actual username that an eSports player used and it was in reference to his exgirlfriend who he was still with at that... more>> time; it’s kinda rude just taking it and making it your own isn’t it?

If you don’t know the controversy:


Basically, the author of “You’re beautiful when you smile” had based a lot of the book on actual eSports teams, even writing down what happens in actual matches or events and passing it their own writing. They were called out on it but refused to admit that they based any of the characters on eSports players/teams and gathered a lot of hatred later on when they portrayed these characters negatively which slandered players in the eyes of Chinese eSports fans.

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Dec 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I love it!

I even started playing online games cause of this novel because I can feel the characters love for the game, and I think that's good writing, right there.

I like that FL has her shortcomings. She's not perfect. ML can be s*upid, stubborn and make bad decisions sometimes too.

... more>> Not too cheesy dialogues and not too much drama or unrealistic events etc.

Lu Si Cheng is very straightforward with anything, from his professional to love life, and I like his leadership skills. People might find him an a**hole, but compared to overbearing CEO's in other novels? I'd take a hundred Lu Sicheng anytime.

I like that both of them talk. They have great camaraderie as teammates, and even more as lovers because THEY TALK, solve problems by discussing it. And they came at that part slowly, because they both had character development.

Tong Yao taught Sicheng to be more 'aware' of other people's feelings, she calls out his bad behavior, and he taught Tong Yao how to take chances and be braver.

Above anything else, the best part of this novel is hands down, the dialogues, they are simply THE BEST. <<less
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Mar 06, 2019
Status: c80
Story: 5/5, Trans 5/5

We're only a quarter into the story but I am enjoying it immensely! DHH is doing a fantastic job (albeit, rather slowly) with the TL. I recommend reading their other projects too! The cast of characters features a group of passionate young adults striving to make it in the world of professional E-sports. There's a focus on team spirit, fair play and self improvement. Overall there's a great mix of E-sports and romance! The pro-gaming aspect is written very well and I can tell the author did... more>> extensive research!

Personally I do not play League of Legends but being a 21st century internet savy young adult, I can follow the rules of the game well enough to understand their matches.

I am also a sucker for Tsundere MLs and our ML here is a high quality, pure breed Tsundere!


Using Text to speech (TTS) app I caught up to c80. The young MC is experiencing a lot of character development. I can see why some ppl may be turn off by her rash and childish reactions to certain events. But honestly that's growing up, and first hand experiencing the uglies of life can be shocking to anyone.

Fortunately she has the ever so strict and impartial team leader ML guiding/mentoring her. <<less
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Mar 03, 2019
Status: c50
This is a really endearing story that I can't wait to read more of.

The FL is this awkward, silly funny girl who just kinda slips into the e-sports world after having her talent recognized by a pro team that needed a new member. From then on it's about her life at the base with her team, who have real personalities. Their jokes keep cracking me up but it also gets serious at times. When it comes to the competitions they're always very detailed, even if you don't understand LoL there... more>> are people explaining it in comments and it's also described by the translator.

Anyway, the FL isn't someone who only has love on her brain, she has the game on her brain and the love interest is just there on the side Their bantering is great though, I very much enjoy them trolling each other.

ML comes off more arrogant at first, but he just seems afraid of people finding out he's not so tough. He's one of those characters that grow on you over time.

I really like this story, really like the characters and think the translator has done a great work with all the jargon and summaries and overall makes it an easy read. <<less
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Feb 23, 2019
Status: c48
It’s just not my cup of tea. The humor is amazing but I just can’t like the female mc’s personality since I find it too clingy towards the male lead.

The female MC hit me as a cool type in the first few chaps. Until she became a pro and is suddenly very childish and clingy to the other team members.

I just didn’t like how the story is revolving on their love story too much that the main plot on her journey as a pro just became a bonus.

... more>>

I just find it absurd that the female MC didn’t even get some tips and stuff from the previous mid player, since he (the prev mid) just became the team’s adviser/coach per se.


Again, just not my type of female MC. So, if you want some strong and/or smart female MC, this is not for you. <<less
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