The Most Majestic You


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Author’s words:

Ye Qianxi, a five-star girl from a great family with looks, education, and personality, is a favorite (type of girl) among elders.

She thought that the rest of her life had all been planned out for her; stable yet boring.

However, he tells her of another world —— Ye Qianxi, come with me.

From then on, whenever she sees magnificent fireworks, fireflies, lights, or the Milky Way; she will be reminded of him.

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love-cutter rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c26 part2
Don't let the low review before me drop this story.

This plot is once again centered around e-sports. It is how the two meet after all. The romance is subtle (which I like~ makes me want more~ they flirt alot tho~) and

... more>>

I am anxious to get these two leads to officially be together cuz everyone else around them ships them so hard. Lmao. I love his teammates. But the biggest obstacle, the two have to face at the halfway point before getting together would be their interests. The girl is passionate about medicine but the boy is passionate at e-sports. I'm assuming the plot will make them choose their passion over love at some point, but I also have a feeling that they'll be together in spite of that, cause that's the author's style. But hey, what do I know? I'll give them 5 stars once they get together~~


The characters are definitely loveable. <<less
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WinByDying rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c30 part1
This novel is... nothing special. Luckily, it's still fun!

    • I still don't really know why the ML fell for the FL. The novel is like the FL: sometimes funny, ditzy and a little disjointed.
    • The esports aspect wasn't very well done. Teams in 2016 were a lot more professional than what's portrayed. In like everything. Sponsorships, organization, staff, players/subs,... The initial sponsorship presentation by the ML was a total joke.
    • There's not that much real interaction between the FL and the ML, and by that I mean that almost all interaction is the FL being a ditz/the ML flirting and FL being a ditz, Whereafter the FL gives a shy reaction. It's fun, but monotonous.
    • The eventual resolution to the parental problem was something I looked forward to, but it was resolved very suddenly. The buildup felt very unrewarding.
    • The last big romantic hurdle in this novel was the long distance. It didn't really feel like a hurdle while reading. It felt rushed.
    • What growth? I don't feel like there was growth at all. She's still the same person at the end, he's still the same person at the end.
So what do we have in the end? A novel that sometimes focuses on the personal lives of the leads, but doesn't succeed to give them depth or growth. A novel that sometimes focuses on romance, and does it... decently. It's fun at times, if you can tolerate the female lead and the plot. Some heartwarming moments, flirting, and kisses.

A decent read, but nothing special. 3/5 for some of the banter. I like e.g. Honey Stewed Squid and You're Beautiful When You Smile a lot more.
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katskusina_chika rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c25
I feel like, at this point halfway thru, the story is still all over the place. Is it about their love story or is about their personal growth that happened to coincide because they sort of work together?

I wish the author has cemented each leads' personality/character before the halfway mark. AND established whether to concentrate on a love story or their journey to adulthood.

A bit disappointed, but since I already started reading I might as well do my best to finish.
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missqaseh rated it
June 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Fun story line. Love the carefree FL and the cool ML..
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TheDaoistNextDoor rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: epilogue part2
I have a very mixed review but I loved the story. Let me clarify...

Summary-ish spoiler so...

... more>>

The story is about a girl who has childish impulses and a guy who sometimes seems to be a bit too idealistic. The girl comes from a somewhat conservative family who constantly emotionally manipulate her (or even just directly control her) into doing things that are "good for her" and that they believe must be done. The premise is not wrong and the way the author carries it out is also not bad but honestly, there are parts where it feels like she switches out controlling parents with controlling boyfriend. And that aspect never really feels like it was dealt with. Or at least not until where I have read so far.

As a whole, I felt frustrated and kept thinking, "What kind of life is this?" for the female lead simply because all the problems are not life-threatening or physically debilitating in any way or shape but mentally she is falling apart and no one seems to understand (or sometimes, give a f*ck). And that is the crux of the problem in this story for me. The guy is a sweetheart but throughout the story he doesn't seem to understand just why she was slowly mentally deteriorating. He seems to carry this- she is a naive child that hasn't seen the world perspective- which isn't entirely wrong, but simplifies her problems too much. Till the end, I loved the ship simply because she seems to pull through each time, but the guy's behaviour did disappoint me quite often.


All in all- frustrating but worth at least a skim. Also- great translators, which is a bonus... <<less
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SeiraJLoyard rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c39 part1
What I love about this novel is the interactions between most of the characters. Not going to lie, I laughed, teared up and just enjoyed some of the emotions I experienced while reading this. However, this doesn't mean that it is a very in depth kind of story. What didn't allow me to rate this novel higher is actually due to the interaction between the main couple.

It seems to me that it's almost only the FL putting in her whole heart into the possible/real relationship, and the ML is just like a wooden post. I understand where he's coming from and why, but at the very least give the FL some sort of reassurance or response. Bigger spoiler ->I absolutely hate the we're together, then break up because I'm not good enough for you, but I can't stop loving you and get back together again, but maybe break up again scenarios. Those are just so frustrating to read, not to mention this happens to the couple in a really short time period

I do agree with a previous reviewer. There is the romance and the personal growth element to this story. From the length and development of the novel, It would've created a better story if the author only focused on just the romance or the personal growth. Trying to mix the two in such a short amount of time makes the romance really rushed and the personal growth really convoluted/confusing (some of the decisions made just didn't seem to make sense/match the personality of the character)
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