Yearning of You for a Long Time


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Childhood sweethearts, two-way secret love.

As we all know, Tang Qishen, the student president of the third High school, is cold and arrogant, reserved and self-contained, and cannot be approached easily.

Until there was a post on the forum.

At the seat of the president who is not close to strangers, there is a bright and charming primary school sister. The primary school sister chattered, pushed all the homework she couldn’t do in front of him, and then dozed off as if there were no one else.

One classmate couldn’t help laughing: “What a brainless fangirl? She’s going to die!”

Informed friend: “Oh, no way? Tang Qishen treats her like a daughter.”

“No, no, no, it’s clearly a child bride!”

Shi Luo was ashamed and indignant on the surface. She privately confessed but only got a faint rejection. The young girl looked at him with red eyes wrongfully said, “Can’t I depend on you when I grow up?”, She then decided to close her heart and mind and distanced herself properly.

Later, the students found that the boss, who had always been attentive, was absent-minded, lost his mind and looked heavy.

After school that night, at the corner of the school gate, several gangsters blocked Shi Luo: “Follow me. Don’t think about Tang Qishen anymore. There will be no result.”

“What’s wrong with the school flower? I’m not bored with it and throw it away.”

The man who had always been too calm lost his reason and became cruel. His arm veins is about to burst: “If you don’t want to die, get out of here.”

Then he pressed Shi Luo into his arms and asked in a hoarse voice, “Don’t be afraid, will you come home with me…”

No one knew. That night, he kissed her wet eyes and said, “When you grow up, you can only rely on me.”

Small theater:

Holiday, Tang family villa living room.

Shi Luo, in her pink pajamas, sleepily lingered on Tang Qishen.

The girl looked at the cake as she put her little hand around his neck. “Want to eat!”

The man hooked the corners of his lips, tied the scattered buttons for her, and fed them to her bit by bit. She ate a mouthful of cream like a little cat.

However, the sticky little cat is coquettish: “Kiss..kiss me…”

The younger student who happened to come to get the materials of the previous year was shocked and ran away.

Shi Luo blushed with shame and covered her face tightly.

“Do you still wanna kiss?” he said hoarsely

The baby cat shook her head wildly.

“No more,” she said in a hoarse voice.

The man could not help but hold her chin with his big hands, bowed his head and kissed her lips deeply.

That night, the school forum exploded.

#Thank you for your invitation. I was in the same class. I saw the president eat the rest of her food with my own eyes#

#At the exchange meeting, ask her little ancestor to understand#

#A friend of mine said that he wanted to take kissing photos of President#

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