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When Wen Ning was 20 years old, she was taken back to Hancheng’s Jiang house to fulfill her engagement. After marriage although, Jiang Shu was humble and courteous for half a year. In the end, she failed to warm his heart.

Leaving that night, the rain and cold wind made the little girl curl up on the cold chair with her legs in her arms, and her thin face was pale with cold.

In the car not far away, the assistant said nervously, “Mr. Jiang, shall I go and get Miss Wen back?” The man hung his lips coldly, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep: “Let her be might as well she learn a lesson. If she can’t stand it, she will go home.” Jiang Shu miscalculated for the first time in his life. After that night, he never even heard her voice again.

Few weeks later.

Jiang Shu received a call about his sister asking for family members to bail after she caused trouble in a bar. The man didn’t care: “Don’t let it out, just lock it up.”

Jiang Mengmeng heared the call: “Brother! My little sister-in-law is here too! She is locked up with me! Help us!” Jiang Shu sat up and said, “Ask her to say something to me.”

Wen Ning abruptly said, “No comment.”

The man suddenly lost his voice and replied: “Wait for me, I will come right away.”

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Ming Zhong Pian Ai
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New Rubyspecs rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: --
Plot was quite typical,

... more>>

ML and FL had reminiscing sweet interaction as kids, got separated and stood side by side again as adults, entering an arranged marriage, which ML doesn't agree to and is cold blooded, uncaring, arrogant deep to bones. While FL still remembers him when their kids back then and has expectations for him. But that bastard hurt her emotionally again and again and again.

FL applies for divorce, he also agrees due to his mountain high ego and arrogance, Then he misses her presence and goes crazy and here begins to chase her. But FL had long back become sober and is self aware.

And even after ML realized her identity as the little girl in his heart, she still remains unwavered. It's dog blooded indeed, but it's fun reading ML getting emotionally abused again and again as he is full of regrets and self loathing as what he did to her.

The suffering of FL under the hands of ML at the beginning of the plot is not dragged out, she only agreed to marry him because she had hope he would keep his promise. But she soon sobered up and went for a divorce.


So all in all a nice read <<less
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