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Young Chen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation.

When hungry, he refines some spirit pills to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with the goddesses, when bored he teases those martial artists who came to beg for spirit pills, when tired he lets his beautiful wives massage him.

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Prideful Medicine God
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alenotbeer rated it
March 10, 2016
Status: c3820

The story starts off with a lot of potential, but it falters in the later parts. It does have 3, 000+ chapters so it’s understandable, but the little problems in the story really starts to pile up after a while and gave me a lot of unnecessary frustrations. I stopped at exactly chapter 1, 750 and now have no intention to continue anymore. There are a lot of things that the author did well, but there’s also quite a bit that bothers the heck out of me. The two sorta cancels each other out. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to other people, just not as highly as other stories I’ve read.

EDIT: Nevermind. I will NOT recommend this series to anyone. By the end, the story became so horrible, so terrible that I basically have to force myself to finish it. I will also edit my rating to express my disgust.

EDIT2: Since I've been messaged by people asking why I was so disgusted by this story, I'm gonna copy and paste my comment here with this review.



There are a lot of problems with this story, but up to around 1, 000 chapters, this was still very enjoyable and fun. At least it was enough for me to read more. However, by the time I'm done with this, I was left with nothing but hate and frustration for the story and its author. I actually had to force myself through the last two hundred chapters just for the sake of completion. So I'm done with this whole story and this will be about all 3, 820 chapters, not only the translated ones.

Alright, spoilers. This is gonna be looong. Let's see, where should I start...

Oh, the ALCHEMY. I understand that this is a story about an alchemist, but descriptions and the preparation process should not take up two or four chapters each time. I'm much more interest in the plots and the characters in the story, not reading about a fake process that the author just pulled out of butt. There are a bunch of fighting tournaments for the MC which features the usual. MC joins, audience thinks he has no shot, wins. These are alchemy tournaments in addition to martial arts tournament. Although the latter drops off eventually, the alchemy tournaments persists all the way up to chapter 3, 400. Same pattern, MC always win. Then there are the experiments that he does with alchemy which sometimes leads absolutely nowhere. Like, he learns how to combine alchemy and weapon runes to increase the effects of his pills by at least 10x, but he hardly ever uses this discovery again (I'd say never, but I think he may have used this one other time) cause it's apparently too hard. Oh, sure, like two thousand chapters later, he finds out about a similar process, but this and that are two different things. Different runes, different system. So yeah. That was a waste of time.

Then there is a LEVEL SYSTEM. It is complete bullshit. Like, there are a lot of stages where it took most people thousands of years to reach, centuries if they're talented. Okay, MC does it in a couple years. Which is nothing compared to his friends, who achieve even it earlier than the MC because they are lucky as heck or their master essentially have a Hyperbolic Time Chamber that only girls can used for some reason. And rarely does the other character react to this miracle. They did it and that's it. So no matter how powerful the MC becomes, his friends/lovers will either be ahead of him or be not that far behind because of s*upid reasons. All the way up to the end. Seriously. Power levels are bullshit.

Which leads us to the IRREGULAR TIMEZONES. Oh boy, the MC keeps getting screwed over by this. In this story, there are a lot of worlds, and they almost never the same. Say, if MC becomes stuck in some place and is forced to spend two months there, as much as NINE thousand years could have passed in *his* world. This idea probably came from the old Chinese belief that one year in our world is like a day in the Heavenly world. But this is crazy from a reader's point of view. This process rarely works out in our MC's favor. It's just a plot point that the author relies on to let his friends/lovers/enemies catch up to him when he becomes too OP. It's as frustrating as it sounds and it feels really cheap whenever it happens. At first, it was just one century or so, then it become thousands of years, then tens of thousands of years. The last time dilution condensed millions of years into ten days. Fortunately for the MC, this one worked out in his favor. So if you intend to read this, prepare to experience a lot of jumps into the future.

And also fortunate for the MC, the ROMANCE in this story is pretty simple. The girls are all beautiful or at least attractive. Their hearts are very easy to capture. Some female characters barely has any interaction with the MC but somehow fell madly in love with him cause he did one good thing for them. Still, as flimsy as that sounds, they remain very loyal to their man. Even if that same man leaves them for hundreds, if not thousands of years without any communication between the two and is constantly out there seducing the underpants off other girls, they remain as chaste as nuns. Just like in real life! Okay, I can accept that cause this is a fantasy, but then... they just outright disappears. Even the original women who had accompanied the MC from the very start disappears for hundreds of chapters (if not a thousand) without much fanfare and by the time they make another appearance, they are reduced to cameos at best and their roles by the MC's side are replaced by OTHER women. Some of the best characters in the story are these original love interests, and then, poof, they're just gone. I'm serious, they're just phased out. They have absolutely no roles in the end game arc other than the fact that helping MC get back to their world (which is around 3, 400 chapters onward) and are barely mentioned at all afterward.

A lot of PLOTLINES are also dropped too. Like, you can tell when the author introduce some stuff, like some new information or named characters, to set up a future storyline. Then, they are never mentioned again. I understand one or two dropped storylines, but this happens a lot. The author seems to just set stuff up on a whim and drops them just as quickly. This wouldn't be so bad if they don't suck up so much words and chapters. Like, MC creates a sect of his own later on that took a lot of chapters to set up and a great deal of the story involves its conception and survival. Eventually, while all of his friends and lovers ascend to a higher realm of existence, the MC choose not to ascend so fast and waits a hundred years. (*actually 30 years) Why? To do nothing but create pills for this sect so that it would have a strong foundation and would be able to endure against the obstacles ahead. The result? The sect falls apart in his absence and its existence is never brought up again. A second one is the existence of dan lings, spirits that are born when alchemist creates pills that have reach the peak of their potential. They have the talent to become even better alchemist than normal people cause they were born of alchemy and have the ability to "eat" alchemist in order to steal their skills. Apparently, every alchemist worth their salt have at least one or two in a "higher realm". We do not see either of these two abilities used in the story. Ever. In fact, after their arc, we do not see any dan lings ever again. As if MC is the only one who has it. Lastly, have MC finally found something that that s*upid needle couldn't pierce through?

If that were not enough, the MC's INTELLECT starts to decay badly later on. Like, after a while, he just runs into every problem without any consideration for himself, his situation, or the strength of his enemies. Most of the time, he has absolutely no plan on how to face his enemies/threats which are often a lot stronger than he is. He just throws himself into bad situations and hope for the best. It's only by luck that he makes it out alive and ahead every time. Like, his arrival just happens to coincides with an opportunity that ensures his safety and eventually leads to his rival's downfall. Gosh, I know he's never been some super smart genius, he's a C+ student at the beginning, but by the end, I'm sure he qualifies as mentally ret*rded. It's just that he's the cleverest ret*rd in the story.

Speaking of ret*rds in the stories, I have to talk about the VILLAINS. If a male character is talented/handsome/famous but is not MC or a clear ally, they are always evil. No exceptions. They will always be s*upid and greedy people who wants MC's treasure or some super technique or even his lovers. They always will resort to either numbers and underhanded methods to get their way. Not only that, their families (or a whole set of families) will also be evil and greedy, and they will always be pulled into direct conflict with the MC so that he can destroy them later on without any sort of guilt on his conscience. It's fine cause they are all horrible people with no redeeming traits at all. Most of the time, these families or sect will be connected to someone even more powerful that wants to revenge or for sake of his treasures/technqiue. Then the MC has to destroy them too and... Well, the circle of life, everybody! And, the ones that MC hasn't got time for? Well, they will all join the next big antagonist that comes along cause they are evil and evil people always work together. This will make MC's victory all the more awesome! Or not. And, the villains are just worthless. They are often set up as the big bad, cause a lot of trouble and pain for the MC when he's still weak. Then, once MC becomes powerful, he just bloody kills them off instantly cause he's 10x more powerful than them now and they are nothing compared to him. Or, if they're really unlucky, they are killed by MC's allies offscreen cause karma? All that built-up and conflict that the author created between a hero and his rival... Ended with one stroke.

Finally, one of my biggest problem with the story... The MC is always a SUBORDINATE. Okay, he made his own sect. Okay, he becomes a very powerful alchemist and he's killed a lot of people... But I never got the sense that he ever becomes his own man. He's always the underdog, working his way up to the top. Though he eventually get there, comes the next arc, he's reduced to a nobody once more and has to start his rise all over again. Like, one of the last arc in the story, we see him in a new society, with everybody and their uncle is considered stronger than him, where he takes a job as part of a patrol company guarding a bloody tree! Really? 3, 600 chapters later and our MC still has to rely on the good will and protection of others to cover his butt? Haven't we done this already? Repeatedly? Did the author really have to make him take a job as a glorified redshirt cause he couldn't think of any fresh ideas for his story? This is in the last hundred chapters. And don't get me started about the number of times where he is stuck in another realm where he can't use his normal powers and has to learn to use another kind of energy! The last arc is all this.

All in all, not a story that I would recommend to anyone. The early parts are enjoyable, but after the first major time-skip, the quality starts to decline rapidly. There are a lot of other problems that I didn't mention, but I figure the ones I did talk about here are story's biggest and could essentially make or break a reader's enjoyment so I might as well warn you guys before you get suckered in by the translated chapters as I had. I haven't picked up another story of this genre since I've read this one. For good or bad, this killed almost all of the interest I had for xianxia.

Oh, minor spoiler.

I know some of you guys hate this so lemme just tell you first. Except for his father, the Shen family (in fact, everyone from the entire area he came from) will eventually ends up extinct/dead. As per usual, MC had to save his father's bu*t later and his father doesn't appear again. And MC never had any children with his love interest even though he promised his father he would after things "settle down". I think he's sterile by now.

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novelbrah rated it
September 13, 2016
Status: --
Very badly written. Author is targeting 10 year old kids I think. Dialogue is extremely childish and redundant. Half the chapter is author regurgitating useless information and re-explaining things that he already explained last chapter. This continues every chapter.

For example... I'll write something myself that copies the author's style:

["I will win this fight!"

Chen Xiang declared he would win the fight. Everybody understood his words. Why else would he declare such a thing if he had not recently surpassed the 9th realm. If this was before when he was at... more>> the 8th realm, he would never have done this. But now that he is in the 9th, he dares to do so.]

Ok, it sounds a little similar to that. Now multiply that by 10000. Every damn chapter.

I just skip 75% of each chapter and move on. Everything else is just typical rubbish and completely useless. Only read if you're bored. And by bored, I mean stuck in a deserted island with your phone and only this novel downloaded bored. <<less
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shuiko rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
Let me put it simply.
1) 3000+ chapters in raws, one of the top rated Works in Asia for over half a decade.
2) MC becomes super strong, BUT half his strength is actually relationships and the actually writing and character growth in the story is very well done (ignore the low rates the clearly only read the first 10 or so chapters).
3) Lets be honest there are only 2 popular genres of Asian Fantasy work and if you're on this site you either like it, or you're pretending... more>> to not like it for some weird reason.
4) Awesome Heriones/Wifu's that make me laugh and enjoy the story.
5) One down side is of course this story is quite long and development is important, thus unless the english translations magically get to 200+ chapters some people won't have the patience to actually see the bigger over-arching story lines. <<less
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Redmi rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c77
One thing I learned from this novel is that I find out I like a series with fast pacing. This is also a novel with one of the best alchemy sub-plot out there (better than ISSTH, PMG, BTTH et. Al.).

The harem sucks though, because the girls are falling over for him way too easily than hookers in Bristol. Or ATG for the matter.
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oezsoyb rated it
February 12, 2016
Status: --
How the hell did this novel get 4.2/5? This novel is so unbelieveably rushed I seriously didnt know what was going on in the first 5 chapters. Within 5 chapters, what other authors usually need 30-40 chapters for, the author of this series pushed the typical artefact powerup, skills powerup, cultivating talent powerup and alchemy knowledge into his brain and body added by shtload of information about rankins within 5 chapters. It felt like the author read other works and convinced himself to write a half hearted novel for himswlf... more>> and his own xianxia/s*xual fantasy (yes, sexual, 2 hot naked chicks in literally the first chapters).

I stopped reading after chapter 6 cause I dont need an adrenaline novel where u cant enjoy the atmosphere and build up. (Which is non existent here by the way)

So, I highly recommend u to avoid this series, cause this is not even an average xianxia, this is an extremely rushed bullsh*t xianxia even the author didnt bother to commit himself into. <<less
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dysry rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
Adjusted at ch140: Like all XX/WX novels, the MC begins as ‘tr*sh’ before receiving some divine windfall, taking up pill popping, women and the extermination of larger arseholes than him, allowing him to be the largest arsehole.

WDDG was decent at the start since the MC didn't spend a lot of time describing the injustices he's faced, or sexually harassing women as badly, so his ego was reigned in. Making the story very plain but inoffensive. While there was the potential for a larger backstory to develop.

However after a while... more>> you realize it's just him breezing through various opponents with little effort, and temporarily retreating when they're stronger until he's OP enough to dominate. There's very little to anticipate about the series, and it still lacks any real development - he'll just remain on par/slightly below primary antagonists in terms of levels but his real strength will just overwhelm them. He'll occasionally have friends to praise him and to care about, but he'll just act alone anyway. And the women are standard beauties for the genre, who occasionally drop by, but they're easily interchangeable.

The overall impact of this novel is like water – there’s not much flavour or a distinctive style, barely containing the essential elements of a Wuxia series, but enough to somehow form a story. Unfortunately, the most unique part of the novel is still how he raises herbs... <<less
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April 10, 2016
Status: c1000
As of 1000+ chapters.
... more>>

This is a light novel where the MC almost never loses. Just before facing a stronger opponent, MC will have grown stronger just enough to defeat the opponent.

The setting is nice, the different powers and other factors are also nice.

The powerlevel and the building up of environment is a lot better than normal xianxia.

This LN has a harem with many women some of whom are elder or both teacher and students with speciality in various things like alchemist and refining.

Overall the LN is not boring and you should give it a try as I didn't find it boring to read 1000+chapters

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melfer rated it
February 14, 2016
Status: --
The reason it got a 4.2 is because it was rated by ret*rds just like most of the novels on this site as well as the novels the majority of fast translating translators translate. Decent idea, not too many obstacles, weak problems surface and the author tries to make the MC super creative and a genius yet he forgot he already gave the MC super op skills that would allow him to resolve the obstacleswih ease. On top of that the whole cultivation leapfrog is rather ret*rded as the mc’s... more>> growth becomes stagnant yet he can amazingly kill more and more people at higher and higher ranks then himself. It appears that the author doesn’t remember what he wrote the chapter before as he just makes up random sh*t that contradicts things he wrote in previous chapters. Overall, it had potential, author kinda killed it, but still somewhat entertaining as any novel worth reading is either translated by a super slow translator or caught up with the author as it’s still ongoing. <<less
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Sharry rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I cant believe some people with completed status actually gave it more than 2 stars.. guess they never read anything good in their life...

Those 2 stars are for The first 900 chapters... It starts getting worst and worst after that... The end even deserves minus 100 stars...

But MC was awesome throughout the story.. its the 1) illogical plot, 2) buried Harem, 3) billion time repeatition of same plot and 4) very tr*sh end which makes me hate this novel... True regret reading this after 900

ALCHEMY is fun. at the start..... more>> It gets very repeatitive later on... After 2000 chapters I read 300 chapters a day.... skimming stuff left and right & I still never felt lost in the story... Its that much bullshit

FIGHTS ARE FUN THROUGHOUT the novel... Even if they get repatitive.. MC is very cool

So, for the first 900 chapters....

Start feels bit booring but it soon gets fun... This novel has one of the best harems which I have ever seen.... All beauties are SSS grade.... Quality Romance... great storyline... Good comedy.... Very stable story... Great stuff.I loved it

After 900

Old harem starts getting buried.... plot holes keep growing.... They become vey annoying... All characters Powers grow without any explanation... True bullsh*t starts... One story gets repeated atleast 10 times throughout the novel...... Worst end possible.... Its barely readable but I strongly advise leave after 900 chapters.. You will regret reading this ahead.. Believe me.... There are other great novels...I read this coz I loved the start characters so much that I wanted to see the end..& what I saw was the fact that I wasted my life on a garbage.... Its really heartbreaking seeing Gold turn into crap......I wanna curse the author to all curses in existence for ruining this....

I sometime enjoyed it very much & Sometime felt like killing the author for illogical nonsense and plot holes.... They were so annoying and bullshit..... Logic was killed in this novel... Harem gave me a sweet feeling (at the start).... FIGHTS WERE GREAT... MC was great.. But ever other thing brought this novel to crash and burn...

Overall I hate this Novel... But some moment were just too great... Best of the best... but the worst moments just are toooo toooo much.... True torture to read <<less
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Smooth Che
Smooth Che rated it
January 20, 2016
Status: --
This guy sure has a lot of plot armor, he gets OP relatively fast. But it seems interesting, will edit after some more chapters are out
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naviet rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c152
I recommend this novel if u search comedy and action xianxia or bored with typical xianxia (which plot offend enemy, power up, then kill enemies).

MC quite ruthless, cunning, smart. Romance quite good. Plot not repetitive, quite fast.
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Leon07 rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c338
Great Start, but terrible ending.

That's the best way to describe this novel. When it starts of, it's great. The usual Extremely lucky and Arrogant Protagonist slowly rising through cultivation while encountering and obtaining the best treasures, overcoming arrogant enemies who are much stronger than him with and have strong backgrounds (well, any male who is not on MC's side will be arrogant, greedy, sometimes talented, etc. Well you can guess it), making everyone who sees him shocked and exclaim due to his great displays, and flirting with countless women and... more>> making them fall in love with him with ease (well, they just love him, even if he didn't do that much). Well, a typical xuanhuan novel with a lot of words piled up together to make up the word count for each chapter due to which I like to skip through a lot of paragraphs. Well, if you've read other xuanhuan/xianxia's, you'll pretty much understand all this.

(I have not read the full novel, but a friend of mine did, and he told me the story so I know how the story line will turn out)

But the problem is that as it goes on, it gets terrible. The arrogant MC makes enemies everywhere he goes and soon, the story becomes boring. The harem is huge and might keep people interested. He flirts with his women a lot which is fun to read and all, but once you reach around chapter 3000+, you will find it extremely hard to continue with this novel. All the girls he's met during the beginning will no longer be with him then and it get's awful. This is a novel, which I would recommend to read, but only till chapter 500-1000. Going beyond that will be a waste of time and will just ruin your mood. It's better to not read that far. The beginning is fun and interesting and can keep you glued, but the later stages of the novel will make it really hard to continue reading this. Those who are able to complete reading this novel must have great willpower and must be willing to overcome great obstacles without having the heaven-defying luck of an MC.

Spoiler about the ending. Don't read if you don't want to feel disappointed.


During the ending of the novel, the MC is alone and becomes a guardian of some tree or something like that. That just ruined all my hopes of this novel


So, I'd give the first 500 or so chapters a 5/5, but the later chapters will get a 1/5 (well, I can't give a score lower than that over here) <<less
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Jarrow rated it
February 4, 2016
Status: --
The storyline seems basic Xianxia, Though things seem to pile up for the MC in a rather short order, as others have mentioned. Villains are so far entirely one-dimensional “heh heh heh – waste, I will destroy you!” [3 min later] “oh god, I so regret... !” Even the MC and Helpers are pretty much just cardboard cutouts, without any real connections. It has potential, though I doubt it will ever be an Er Gen level. Unfortunately, the translation is only 2/5, and seemingly getting more awkward, not less.... more>> That killed a lot of the enjoyment. If the translator got an english editor, it could get a lot better.

EDIT: Sorry – can’t help myself Re: Star_God’s review – His grammar is about the same as the translations. : }

EDIT2: English is the 3rd or lower language of the translator - As a monolingual, I'll shut up on the quality. <<less
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killjase rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c60
I'm so disappointed in this novel. The only good part is Alchemy and girls (if you like 1 dimensional woman swooning over MC - Which I kinda like because I'm male and at the same time don't because it makes for shitty characters and story).

Let me make this clear, I'm disappointed because this novel had the potential to be good. The read until C60 was a steady drop from 4/5 to 2/4.

Few points on why:

1. This story has multiple places, I would call - This would never happen in real... more>> life or if author had taken a bit longer to think about world he is creating, it would not be a problem. (When I say real life, I mean society that still has those powers, but has smart people.)

2. Characters currently feel shallow and full of contradictions.

3. Power system and knowledge of said system seem unpolished.

These are just main points. If you want in dept read on each of them click spoiler tags. Beware that those will contain some spoilers, while maybe not important ones. They are still spoilers.


Every tournaments in this novel is so badly designed. Let me explain:

A.) tournament was for the position of patriarch position of clan. You would think it's a real important thing, but nope. It seems you can just go 2v1 without any pauses in between for other party to rest up leading to possible result that someone in 6th level of mortal realm takes the patriarch position over someone in 8th realm. Question - If I can get 100 lvl 6 guys can I just swarm the sh*t out of the one lvl 8 guy and win by doing that? At some point he will run out of chi/chackra/energy/ or w/e bullsh*t energy they use, and I will win by default. Position seems important, the way to get to it seems like lottery.

B. Let's just start that making tournament once every 10 years is bullshit. Once every year - yeah, but once every 10? F*ck no! If I'm 11 years old and go to such tournament I loose badly against people 20 years old. After 10 years I can't even try again to prove I am now better because I'm 21 and it doesn't matter if I'm now lvl 55 or w/e.

C. The tournament is "free for all" format, to decide who the best is? Even in this novel you can see the problem this s*upid configuration is leading to. Ganging up on 1 guy even though by all means he deserves to be top 3. While they are just cannon fodder. Okay, they all still won, but in case they didn't (not everyone can fight 4 other people together being only 1 lvl higher. As in that girls case.) It would lead to the case where the strongest get last places in tournament, and the weakest get top ones.

This is such immersion breaking bullsh*t and only is there to show how OP the MC is at the moment. Everyone with half of brain would not design tournaments like that.

Oh not to mention that on 3 occasions in single tournament someone used forbidden method to fight and didn't suffer the consequences of such actions. There is literally no reason not to cheat, when judges are worth shit. This brings me to another point - society is f*cked up and should not exists.

The main evil of 1st part of the story as always is the clan that is against your families clan and uses all the possible evil/dirty methods to fight. For some reason though they don't do it openly and deny it. I don't even know why they hide that they are trying to assassinate someone. It's not like there is any public security force that punishes those that break law. For example, what changes after MC has told everyone that they tried to assassinate him/other people in a situation where MC loses and dies? People feel angry at Yao pricks? And? Not like anyone will punish them for actions. They will still hold monopoly over dan (pill) making, and still be in power position. The entire society is based on laws that are not enforced in any way. AKA the society is built to fail. It is royal families job to hire strong people to keep law, but it seems like the Emperor is some pu*sy that licks Yao's family balls. The imperial family is a joke, the sects can't keep their own disciples in place. I'm half mind to think that devilish arts should be more spread as there are no people to rain them in. Sure people say some righteous order will hunt you down. But will it really? Does it really exist? Is more than just 5 kids who decided to make tree-club house and name it righteous order? Who came up with rules that you can't just send assassins against people? It just seems like the society is living on modern days rules, but with the difference that there is no one to enforce those rules. If there is no one to enforce them. How did those towns/cities became as they are now? In every medieval town in history there has been someone to enforce that cities/towns rules. In here, everybody just do what they want, while being scared that invisible boogieman will find out.

Long story short - It's a lawless society that for some reason instead of being portrayed as it needs to be - Wolf-Eat-Wolf World AKA lawless. Is portrayed as lawful society that somehow accidentally breaks all moral rules all the time, and there are important laws that everybody ignores, but are afraid of breaking for some reason.

2. Characters.

Every female in this story is shallow girl that after first 3 sentences start feeling crush on MC and after 5 sentences secretly loves him and flirts with him. Some doesn't even make past 3 sentences.

Our MC has 2 beautiful girl mentors that are presumably thousands of years old, but after 2h of interacting decide they want to get into his pants because he "might" be strong one day. Really? You literally came from another plane of existence, lived for thousand of years. Possibly seen many wonders in this life and the first mortal that gets a bit of your power is worth getting your panties wet after few sentences? Same goes for other girls that can be surmised as - MC bought them expensive shit, so now they love him. The only girl that can remotely described as normal is MC so called wife. That following common troupe gets taken by big sect leader because she is probably special.

On another note, novel keeps stating our MC is not arrogant, which is, in my opinion, full of sh*t statement. Yes he does not go around ordering peasants to lick the dirt of his shoes, but every interaction with another human being that is not of fairer s*x and is not his dad. Is full of arrogance loathing. Yes, less than evil troupe villains this novel have, but still he is like that. You portray him in one way and he acts in another.

3. Power balances.

How the f*ck are the clan heads lvl 8 max? While children 14 years old can get to lvl 7. They are old man, do they just one day stopped cultivating? Even if they made no effort they should still be lvl 9 or the next stage. In one moment MC roars (lvl 7 at that time) and kills 100 people, multiple lvl 6 included, with that roar. In another moment he is lvl 8 and is happy he is now up from lvl 7 because 4 lvl 6 dudes otherwise would be hard to deal with. Really?

Speaking of strange power balance, up until now MC can't create good pills for himself. Simply because you need to be higher power level to create next stage of pills, but when he gets to that power level those pills are basically ineffective for him. Thus making all the huge alchemy sub-plot pointless. So much time wasted on alchemy just to open little alchemy shop that he doesn't even work in. He opened it and gave the pill making to other people.

You know all these things alone are not big deal and are things that multiple xianxia novels struggle with, but adding them together you get story that is hardly worth the read.


P.S. Before you tell me that those problems are in other novels too, I should point out that I have read all the novels in Wuxiaworld/ Gravity tales/Quidian international/ and multiple other sites. Yes I know how many mistakes other stories make. That doesn't mean there are no good xianxia novels. This one doesn't qualify as good xianxia novel. <<less
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Celebration rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: --
Honestly, the beginning starts off really bad and 1 dimensional. There was zero character development and the plot was basically splochy and summary like. The pace was horrible. I kept reading cause I was bored. But suddenly after 100 chapters (yes I am persistent and it wasn't so horrible) It turned into a really good story with great character development. Even the pacing started to go beautiful. I don't know if this will continue throughout the rest of the story, but how boring and cliche the first 100 chapter were... more>> the next 100+ were excited and well written. It deserves a 4 for now. <<less
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Vali Lucifer
Vali Lucifer rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: c130
Let me just say that this is enjoyable to read, after you finish a chapter you want more and more. By far my favourite novel. The start of the novel is very interesting for starters. Let me say a few things.
1) The MC is not OP broken, he is very weak at the start and his progress is very slow and after he goes to a new place there is always someone who is 10 times stronger than him. But he is getting stronger and stronger and the process... more>> is rather slow, It takes him months even sometimes years.

The two beautiful women that are always with him makes things interesting and unique. They hide so much from him but the MC doesn't give a f*ck because he thinks in time they will tell him everything when he gets OP. They are potential love interests from the very start and you can feel the progress throughout the novel.


3) The harem part... there are multiple lover interests and there will be more to come because this thing has 3000+ chapters and as of chapter 130 there are about 4 or 5 potential waifus without including his own wife. There isn't much to go on for now, he is still a virg*n. I am telling you this because I know some people will read this for the harem like myself but let me just tell you that the harem is a bonus to this novel, the story is epic and there is always new sh*t going down.

All in all this is a really fun read. The problem is that you may not be able to read it all because you may die of old age but hey your grand children might be able to read it all.

Let me sum it up for you - If you like fights, harem, unique training and a good story with an interesting MC then this novel is for you, if you think the harem will be all over the place then you are wrong, it will take some time to build it, most of the time the MC trains and fights and gathers/grows herbs. <<less
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Star_God rated it
January 28, 2016
Status: --
Introduction is pretty nice the sentence formation in the entire story is very good after analysing every prospects and able to understand the meaning of Martial way the young Hero gets the power to analyse and create medicines he gets the supports of the two well-known Goddesses they help him too become stronger Martial Warrior. In the entire story There is discussion of 4 Hevanly beasts like Azure Dragon, Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, etc. Just like in martial god Asura. But the entire story is pretty interesting.
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herman285 rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
Currently reading at Chapter 6. This novel is really suited to my taste. I love novels like this. MC have lots of hidden advantage (almost cheating) and no one knows.
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NeverSerious rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c3637
This story just goes on and on. The MC becomes enemy of the powerful people of his realm who then chase him around. He then escapes to a realm which is on a higher level and the powerhouses chasing him are never able to go there. Along the way he collects every single girl he has conversed with for a moment and moves them to his storage ring (or dantian... uhh... or whatever thing he is currently using to store his girls). Then when his power level is sufficient he... more>> returns to his previous realm and defeats all the powerhouses that were chasing him and then deposits the girls in his all-girls-sect (he took in the leader of the all-girls-sect and then boom the sect became his de facto harem) which by that time has also progressed to his power level. He then moves the whole sect to the higher realm and then goes on to a mor ehigher realm.

This is just the story in every arc.

I don’t remember how many realms he has been to or how many girls he taken in.

It just all gets messed up where you don’t even know what was part of this story and what was not. I read this only because I didn’t have much experience with LN and just kept going to see if it gets better but... <<less
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ale kiba
ale kiba rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c3460
I strongly do not recommend this novel. It has a good initial plot until chapter 987, from there the plot is sh*t without exaggeration even if every short that word... If I were to recommend this novel after chapter 987 it would only be for those with mental problems. Giving it 2 stars are only in honor of the 987 good chapters of the novel, giving more insult my intelligence and my education..
If they asked me to rate the chapters after Ch987, I'd give it -5 stars. The... more>> author killed the novel and ruined the plot and the character. Very repetitive, very vague work, without a stable plot, all work from ch987 is crap... And I will repeat it as many times as necessary for those who put more of 3 stars even having read almost the whole novel, they are crazy or insult one's education and intelligence. All the novels after ch987 is crap and even so they say that it is good and that those who say otherwise only read the first chapters, I read almost the entire novel passing disgust and Anger because of the bad plot and you say it is good and recommend it.. If you have cognitive (brain) problems then do not validate and insult others saying that those who put 2 stars did not read or did not like the novel for personal reasons. We did not like the novel not for personal reasons but because it is very extremely bad, it is a plot crap after ch987 and anyone who says otherwise without proof and facts, with an understandable reasoning with its causes and because it is good, they cannot refute the comments that degrade this story. If you liked it well, I congratulate you, you do not need to overvalue the novel so that more people see it and in the end they leave disappointed... And if you want proof that more proofs than most of the negative comments that this novel has, I them corroborate them and confirm that what they say is true. <<less
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