Wishing You Eternal Happiness


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The brilliant and young high minister, noble and benevolent in character, was once renowned in the capital.

Once the situation at court changed, his identity was questioned, and his name had since been tainted. As such, he left for a faraway place.

The pure and innocent pearl of the Zhen family, favored and loved by all, once led a smooth and tranquil life.

Overnight, the great mansion completely collapsed. She married a bad husband, and her soul succumbed to eternal rest. One day, she awoke from a great dream.

Confronting the junction of fate, she was determined to change the course of events.

Their reencounter transformed the trajectory of their lives.

With his life-saving grace and meticulous care, Pei You’an brought hope to the helpless her.

Staying by his side in happiness and in sorrow, in life and in death, Zhen Jiafu reawakened feelings of concern in the apathetic him.

A letter replete with ardent love: traveling a thousand miles to be with the gentleman.

Despite the chill of the snowy night, with warmth sustained by love, the two hearts were the most intimate they had ever been.

Although the world has its ups and downs, with you keeping me company, this life is enough.

Associated Names
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Biao Mei Wan Fu
Greetings, Cousin
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9 Reviews

Aug 07, 2021
Status: Completed
Translator here!

The synopsis makes it sound like an extremely passionate love story, and while the novel does have its moments, it's a lot more plot-driven than just purely romantic. The two other major tags here would have to be: complex family relationships (more on the ML's end) and political intrigue.

The main leads are two pitiful people who were both met with tragic ends in their past lives. The FL then returns to the past, and as she struggles to change the trajectory of her life, she ends up dragging ML... more>> along with her.

The female lead, Zhen Jiafu, aside from being an outstanding beauty (which has done her more harm than good), is just an average ancient woman. This is not necessarily a bad thing. She isn't overly intelligent or has a golden finger of some sort, but she's rational and very aware of her own limits. Though not of noble birth, she is the beloved daughter of the most affluent merchant family in her province. She was sheltered all her life, but the marriage her family had initially thought to be excellent instigated a series of extremely unfortunate events. After she's reborn, she doesn't magically become an omnipotent and deep schemer. She uses knowledge of her last life just enough to liberate herself from her past's tragic fate. When faced with a major ordeal, having no other means to protect herself, she strives to obtain the ultimate protection a powerless ancient women could possibly gain:


Marriage to an influential man who she knows will never hurt her. At least, this time around, the husband is of her own choice.


The male lead, Pei You'an, is very much a product of his time (a staunch and upright official who abides by ancient rules) but is, at the same time, ahead of it (he actually respects women - the bar is low, I know). From the FL's perspective, he is basically perfect, his only flaw being that he was sickly. But the thing is, while he ticks all the boxes that constitute your typical ML (very intelligent, handsome, noble, etc.), he is also one of the most pitiful characters ever. I would also like to note that, while he has a tragic backstory (I mean, which ML doesn't?), he still grows up to be a very decent person, a gentleman in the true sense of the word. Rare to see in the realm of Chinese web novels.


Seriously, the man has gone through SO MUCH. I'm just gonna go ahead and honestly say that what motivated me to translate this novel is Pei You'an. He is a stellar and very well-written character with so much depth.


There is only one character who I can say is a textbook antagonist, but the rest of the side characters are morally ambiguous.


Xiao Yintang stays in character most of the novel. In both lives, he's impulsive, selfish, and delusional.

You be the judge of the emperor, Xiao Lie.

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Sep 03, 2021
Status: Completed
I have so many mixed feelings about this novel. It is very well written. The author has a way of describing emotions that ends up affecting the emotions of the reader as well. The translation is exemplary and I wouldn't have understood half the things in MTL if I hadn't read the previous translations. Thank you for your hard work, marchmallow.

Is this an HE? Depends on what you define it as. For the main ship it was but the rest of the story had a bittersweet feel to it that... more>> I still haven't come to terms with.

Should you read this? If you are into complex characters, yes. Every single character with moderate screen time in this story is well fleshed out and complex. I have cried with Zhen Jiafu and at times, I have felt Pei Youan's helplessness. You feel the desperation of Jiafu. You see Youan's heart becoming human. Xiao Yu's thirst for freedom will resonate within you. You won't be able to ignore Xiao Lei's attempts to be a good emperor while trying to be the only monarch in his son's eyes.

None of these characters are perfect. They all do the best they can. It's chaotic and happiness is always tinged with something bittersweet.

I personally feel that there should be a tragedy tag to this because of how many sad elements this story has. The main characters try their best to be happy in their circumstances but it is painful. That being said, do give this a read. Will I read this again? Yes, I will. In a few months, when the translations are complete and the maelstrom of emotions this novel has evoked is forgotten. <<less
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: c1
The writing is very different from what is normally expected from web novels. This novel's prose is considerably denser and more layered in it's meaning than 99% of what is found on novel updates and it takes this novel out of the category of light reading. The text is also incredibly enjoyable, luring the reader in with subtle descriptions of the world often imparting meaning only indirectly.

The translation is certainly doing justice to the and the effort that went into it can be felt with every paragraph.

While it's too early... more>> to know for sure the quality of the current contents promises a great read to come. I'm very much looking forward to it. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
Nov 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This story a little bit hard to read after mtl. I have to thank the translator who translating this great novel.

I don’t want to point out the plot holes or the contravention of this story.

Not many novel could make me cry while reading it but this one made me cried a few times. I mean this is because the author could write a plot that the readers could easily feel the emotion of most of the characters especially our duo main characters.

... more>>The translator tells the readers to judge the character of Xiao Lie, in my opinion, as a man, he is a scum but as the emperor he is a good one. This novel is about an ancient lady effort to chase after her dream man. Because in her past life, only ML could help her from her despair and after her rebirth, she keeps believing that he could be her shelter, just like the famous plot about the beauty who fall in love with her saviour.

The author and the translator make this story enjoyable and I’d love to recommend this novel to the readers. <<less
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Oct 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This was beautiful! What a great love story. I finished this via MTL but the translator is doing an awesome job and I look forward to reading it all over again.
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Feb 24, 2024
Status: Completed
Notable for the FL being a very ordinary woman (with the exception of her second chance at life). She isn't a genius strategist and doesn't have any extraordinary talents; instead she's a normal girl who imprinted hard on ML (like a duckling really) in her first life.

Interestingly, while it is ML who is the genius strategist in the novel, it is FL who is quietly clever when it counts - she knows when to bend and when to stand firm, when to do something outrageous and when to stay silent,... more>> when to confide her thoughts and when to act. This discreet intelligence makes her both very realistic and very striking. <<less
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Mar 20, 2023
Status: c37
The story is pretty good but the MC is so naive and helpless I can’t help but dislike her and the plot points that involve her (her entanglements with PYA and XYT) are kind of ridiculous.

I understand she’s a product of her time and she’s constrained by it but there should be a limit to how naive, helpless and resigned a person would be after living such a tragic first life and dying in such a terrible way.

... more>>

I mean... she literally lived through being given away by her husband to XYT who somehow kept her by his side without a name or title (I don’t even understand how or why she wasn’t kept in the palace in a normal way. Yknow divorce her husband and then get taken in as a concubine like so many emperors have done? Isn’t it more ridiculous for a woman to be next to the emperor for so many years without any name or title? It’s not as if it can genuinely be kept secret?). And most of all, XYT did all that and literally ordered her to be buried alive with him.

and I can understand if fine she’s not OP and like trying to involve herself in the political scene or something, but at least she should be desperate to do anything within her own limits to avoid getting dragged into XYT’s life again right?

she saw him twice, he obviously showed interest and she KNOWS he wanted her in her first life because of her looks and he’s immoral enough to take a subject’s wife, and she kind of just waffled around until he kidnapped her. Uhm, why didn’t she just cut her own face up after he saw her the 1st time. She didn’t really want to get married anyway. At least if she did so she could just never get married and stay home safely with a brother who clearly doesn’t mind taking care of her, and XYT wouldn’t want her and her family wouldn’t be in danger.

And I know the whole kidnapping thing is a plot device to push PYA with the MC but the whole thing is so illogical. Like XYT had to hide and scurry around to get out of a province to avoid the eyes of the imperial court but somehow had enough influence and balls to organize a whole pirate attack to kidnap one young unmarried woman? And then MC bumps into PYA and just decides marrying him will keep her safe. Which is s*upid because she already knows he died early in his 1st life and it was partially due to XYT. Dno why she thinks that would keep her safe. I mean XYT was ridiculous enough to take her from her 1st husband, what’s to keep him from taking her away after PYA dies. And after she lies down next to PYA and is supposedly ruined, she drops the plan to marry him out of guilt and says she will just see how it goes if XYT comes for her.

Like she got buried alive... how is the woman actually resigned to going back to the guy who buried her alive? idgi


The rest of the novel does seem pretty good though. Like other than the MC, and XYT, the other characters do behave in a way that’s logical for that period of time and the political intrigue is good as well. <<less
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Oct 16, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a good novel with a nice build up. I really liked the ML in this novel, not my favorite type of ML but a nice change from the scummy leads of the author. The FL was also very likable though a bit weak. The romance was slow but very cute.
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Belly Button
Belly Button
Aug 14, 2023
Status: c27
I have only read up to Chapt. I will MTL the rest. It is a slow start about MC being reborn and how she tried to change the trajectory of her fate by not making the same mistakes. MC comes across as intelligent finding ways to get out of the previous tragic fate. As the story progresses, I am curious to learn how the MC will eventually find happiness. Romance is not obvious yet as this point so this is a slow burn romance and some place scheming and plots.
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