Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss


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She, the “godly doctor” of an assassin organization in 21st century, transmigrated into the body of Yun Family’s abandoned, good-for-nothing Ninth Miss. Good-for-nothing? Then she’ll let the world see what a real good-for-nothing looks like. Summoners are legendary? Nothing is impossible in this world! She’ll become the first Magical Summoner.

He, the third prince in Long Xu Kingdom and the mysterious, behind-the-scenes owner of Zhou Dynasty’s monopolized business, seemingly handsome and uninhibited, is actually brutal and merciless.

The world knows her as a sickly good-for-nothing and her standing is as low as a servant’s, yet she solely dominates his heart. Trickery, schemes, overbearing, seducing… an exhaustion of methods, all to capture her heart. The scheming couple supports each other, producing stories about enmity, love and win-win cooperation.

Read to see how they stand side-by-side at the peak of this extraordinary world.

Associated Names
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Great Doctor Miss Nine
I’m Raising a Man in a Different World: The Divine Doctor, Miss Jiu (manhua)
Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie
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yango rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c15
It's weird how all these novels literally follow the same plot but still seems to intrigue me. This one is the same, starts out as the mistreated MC and then she proves to those no good idiots she isn't someone to mess with. Enjoying it so far.
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Liyu rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: --
Potential spoiler alert

Guys, really?

This MC is very very dumb which destroys the story completely. If it wasn't for the ml, her s*upid actions would have cost her way more than that, but worry not, the ML would bear them in her stead.

... more>> Not to mention that they really have the gall to call her assassin, even a modern ordinary doctor or a random cunning person would have more common sense than her.

Think about it, you just transmigrate in a CULTIVATION world where your tiny puny modern martial arts amounts to NOTHING and you decide to go to the family who basically killed you to "take revenge" and when you face experts way more powerful than you, the only thought you get is "oh sh*t I have underestimated this country's martial arts" but worry not the ML is here to save the day. (But she didn't know that).

She is also very veeeryyy entitled. She stole a phoenix egg which caused war and a lot of humans lost their lives to the beasts. When she gets out of the cave with the phoenix IN HER HANDS and a black face that desguised her identity, the phoenix got angry and threatened her, the MC then gave her her child under EVERYONE'S eyes. After that a general came and asked her to admit her crimes because she caused the deaths of a lot of people, she then proceeds to ask him "who told you I stole the egg, which of your eyes had seen it, what has the deaths of everyone do with me?" The officer then took her to see the general who was her father but he didn't recognize her (she had a black face) . When the general simply did his duties, the MC starts getting offended and was complaining that she didn't have a father in her last life and how this one was treating her. Like gurl, he doesn't know who you are and he is simply conducting his duty and you WERE the cause of the war and EVEN started insulting the royal family, WHICH general would let you go ?

But then she feels like she is on the right position to preach to people and starts saving villages and grandmas BY going after people who are CLEARLY more powerful than her ALL THE WHILE being chased by the empress who clearly knew her new appearence. She knows that the empress is waaaay more powerful than her yet she still attracts attention by starting a ruckus in the murong city, clearly an assassin reasoning, right ?

The most ridiculous is that she offends and DISRESPECTS more powerful opponents so to show her "unyielding attitude" but an assassin is exactly someone WHO KNOWS how to bide their time; it looks more like spoiled young masters attitude.

So far, I feel that any of the male interests would have been a better MC than her. (Because all the other females are described as extremely dumb) <<less
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Fathom rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: Completed
If you like the typical action Xiaxia power up adventures, this story might be for you. Not too detailed on the actions, but it's enough to somewhat keep your interest going. As a romance story, however, it was a bit lacking. The ML chases after the FL pretty much the entire story, and the FL basically just tolerates him and occasionally remembers him. It's not really towards the end that there is some emotion from the FL for a true romance. Throughout the entire story, the FL gets into one... more>> scr*pe after another and a lot of times it feels like for s*upid reasons.

The author makes a point about the FL's assassin cold personality background. But the FL often does silly emotional things or things without considering the consequences, for example, swallowing random things without knowing if it's good or bad. Leaving her children with strangers without wondering who the strangers are.

The main points of mystery in the story with the FL being a witch and whatever the ML true background are hinted in the beginning of the story, yet don't get explained and come into play until the very end of the story. For the bulk of the story, the FL runs off everywhere gathering more and more followers, yet constantly getting separated from everyone and constantly fighting with one main villain for most of the story who keeps coming back like a comic book villain that can't die.

Overall, I can't quite say the story is bad but I don't particularly like the FL. She tends to run off half baked by herself, and not even sending a note to her loved ones before so. So for most of her life, the ML and friends are always chasing and looking for her. Most of the characters are not really fleshed out well and seem very 1 -dimensional. There's not too much detail on the power ups and even the true history of all the reincarnations. In fact, once the author decides to explain all the mysteries, it's done mostly in the simplest ways and as brief as possible. A bit of a let down with all the build up. <<less
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Tesex rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c3
The MC of the story seems super awesome and though she's started out with a bunch of hardship, you can already tell she's gonna start to wreck everyone. Also, the story is very descriptive, I can feel very easily imagine her wounds.
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RedsFable rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c22
This story does not have a nice start.

It's kicka@# way to draw the reader into the novel!

The MC is vishous, decisive, and strong. She transmigrates into a body with tendons and meridians broken and is then tossed off the side of the mountain.

... more>> F me running! Talk about a, "Hello how do you do world?" kinda' thing. *pauses* Only on a bad day... A really really bad day.

Male lead is mysterious with a decidedly wicked personality. Mind you that is only the first two chapters. Still straddling the fence on rather or not to read this? If my summary didn't put you off I highly recommend (unfortunately I can't demand, NU wouldn't like that lol) that you read this story. <<less
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alrahe rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c120
The early chapters are interesting, the interaction between her and ML at beginning sparkling my curiosity to read further.

But from then on she's beginning to take a role of green tea b*tch, like everyone wronging her. The way MC talks is without a filter makes me a bit annoyed, she is not roasting the enemy but a self righteous. Maybe she became like that because of the betrayal in her past life, but I feel that Su Luo in DKC novel is better character than she is when facing past... more>> life betrayal, at least Su Luo can move on in a good way.


There's also a doormat character, Grandma Medicine, is not unbearable but still makes me rolling my eyes.


I'm starting to contemplate to continue this or not after read the meeting between her in her father.


To be fair, he (MC's father) didn't know that she's his daughter (her face also change into her past life face). And she's indeed kinda take the pheonix egg. He just doing his job as general to maintain the stability and find out who's the source of this chaos. But in MC eyes he is a bad father, (me: →_→).

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wolfeng rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c34
mol*ster male lead and dumb, incompetent protagonist.

The main character is supposed to be one of the best assassin, thief, whatever else from her past life but she's so incompetent that it hurts.

On one paragraph she claims she can't let others know about her real strength, on the very next paragraph she leaves an enemy alive after leaving behind a pointless threat. Despite the fact that she is surrounded by magic beasts to dispose of the body.

... more>> She claims to be cold, and intelligent but is constantly being soft hearted and dumb.

If the female lead is going to be so useless and incompetent that the male lead has to save her every single time, then the story might as well make him the protagonist. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ddmengainingmeng rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: --
FL is an iceberg beauty with masculinities. This type is unique in online novels. So far, I like MC’s personality. He seems like a ruffian, but it is just his outside, his inside is different, my favorite type. I almost fall in love with him
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moonlhgt rated it
January 25, 2024
Status: --
I read this novel a few years ago, I didn't finish it because the mtl was terrible but I did appreciate this novel a lot.

Same start as per usual, the tr*sh girl, the strong mysterious guy with his own personal army, the too close for comfort white lotus, the bad family and the one helper/person who was with her from the beginning. Very stereotypical.

But I liked how the plot went along more than I like most. I kind of like the cultivation progress (though it does annoy me when the... more>> ML and FL are apparently both geniuses at around the same level and then the FL catches up in like a year) and liked the different powers you can get on top of the normal fire, ice, nature, and water scenario.

One thing I had to cope with (and have to cope with in basically every one of these novels) is the assassin identity. Don't get me wrong, being an assassin is great. But when the only time you see the assassins skills are in the first few chapters and then the rest is just dumb luck or dumb stepping stones, the plot thins. I can't see how someone who is a top assassin irl can beat someone whose better when it comes to agility, strength, speed, and magical effects. It's just not something I can wrap in my head very easily, and yet she can do that (on a few occasions).

The complaints are long but my complaints are basically just a rant on these types of novels as a whole, if you've liked any other "assassin in my previous life" novels, you'll like this one. <<less
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Kiohoneyxx rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: c260
The author really did a good job. I like how the ML not starting with being a super powerful human like other novel but he slowly become stronger and have his own weakness. -The MC character is so attractive and so real. She's not a person that easily to fall in love and just keep being herself like why she need to change for others. She's not gonna please anyone and expecting them to like her. Her character is solid AF.

-The story plot also have a good development that makes... more>> you wanna know what gonna happen next.

-The only thing that I don't like is when the author keep saying about ML beautiful face many times. I get it he's handsome, no need to remind me. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chiii rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: c83
I realllly like this novel even though it's very cliche. The MC is definitely appropriately OP and at least the author attempts to explain some of the stuff that's a little unclear and makes the MC seem slightly s*upid. The ML is sticky and frankly my type of an overbearing and possessive ML. Although the reasons why he's chasing the FL aren't so clear yet, I'm glad he's willing to try to pry open her heart that's been chilled over due to betrayal. Her character matches with her past life... more>> as an assassin and she's quite level-headed. The evil characters aren't unkillable and MC is decisive so that's good. I like that she has a lot of potential, genius and special things to uncover about herself. The pace of cultivation has been pretty fast thus far and hopefully it stays this way. <<less
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aliceV rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: --
I like this FL, she is strong and tough, not a pushover. The plot is a mix of xuanhuan and mansion intrigue. I really like Long San in this novel, He is so cute!! I hope he is the MC of this book.
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josby18 rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: --
I love this novel!! Absolutely topped the list among all of those romantic fictions, I love how the character develops in which they are not clichey, compared to most novels. You will absolutely adore the FL and how she interacts with MC. The plot is kind of slow but it is compensated with character development. It is still quite good.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MajorGPuff rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: c560
And my patience is giving up on ch 560. To think that I have to plod on for another 500+ ish chapter until it's finished, I feel tired and bored.

The plot is maybe overused-- almost all stories began like this, no? With this kind of introduction, too. Then she overturned everything by relying on her OP ness--received purely because of the golden finger.

Gee I keep thinking of that other novel where she ended up travelling through different races and finally become the GOD, this one is pretty similar to... more>> that. So, no suspense, and bye. <<less
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January 31, 2023
Status: --
I'm looking for a novel about a girl named gu I think

She get killed by her father than get reincarnated into a good for nothing with a prodigal brother and missing parents

In the novel she tamed the 4 legendary beasts and she fall in love with a white haired guy and she have a phoenix I think

Can anyone tell me the name of it😢😢😢
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koco2018 rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c164
I love the storyline. It's one of those basic plotlines however it is more realistic, horrific, and gory. BUT not gory to the point you'd want to throw up and think "which psychopath is venting through this story?!".

The ML has that cold brutal temperament but never once abused our lead with choking or imprisonment (like other sh*tty ML in these basic plots). It's not like he stands still either... this one is a little perverse. It carries an adult flirting vibe.... hahaaa one thing to look forward too is when... more>> she pinches his "inner thigh" LMAOO <<less
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