While I Was Reading Ancient Spellbooks With My Non-Combat Power, Failure Talent [Translation], I Became the Strongest In the World


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Those born in the Aldeheim family are assessed for talent at the age of five.

While magical talent was expected, Noah, the eldest son, had a talent that had nothing to do with magic called [translation].

From this incident, the Aldeheim family despised Noah, who had no magical talent, and treated him coldly.

However, Noah discovers a hidden archive of the Aldeheim family thanks to his [translation] talent.

The hidden library contained books with ancient magic that was so powerful that it could not be compared with modern magic.

Noah alone read the ancient spellbook and learned a lot of ancient magic, unknowingly becoming the strongest magician in the world.

After Noah becomes an adult, he is kicked out of his parents’ house and becomes an adventurer which he has been interested in for a long time.

Associated Names
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I Was the Strongest In the World When I Was Reading Ancient Spellbooks With My Non-Combat Power Loss Talent
Sentouryoku no nai Hazure Sainou "Hon'yaku" de Kodai Madousho wo Yomiasatteitara Jitsu wa Sekai Saikyou ni Nattemashita
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yinko rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c5
The idea is alright, but the writing is fairly stream-of-consciousness. It also uses the 3rd person in a way that doesn't really work well.
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JustYourNeighbourhoodDegenerate rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: v1c13
I started reading this series because it has an interesting idea but all I got was a disappointment. The characters' personalities are flat, they believe the MC WAAAY too easly.

For eg.

... more>>

ch 11

"Actually, my daughter is suffering from an unexplained illness. To cure it, I need a secret medicine made from fairy flowers-an elixir." (allcure)


"Maybe the client is you?"

"Yes, as you might expect, I'm the client. Five platinum coins are all the property I can afford. Noah, please help me!"

"I understand. But can you show me your daughter's symptoms before that? I have some medical knowledge, so if I can cure it with magic, I think I can treat it on the spot."

"Huh, is that true?"

"Yes. If Karl believes in me, an F-class adventurer, I'll do my best to cure your daughter's illness."

"Thank you! I'll believe in you!"


So yeah, if you have a resistance to things like that go ahead and read it.

PS. I don't want to offend anybody. <<less
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