When the Stars Tremble


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The first time Jiang Chuyi met Zong Ye, she coincidentally saw him being confessed to.

In the dimly lit stairwell. Avoiding the surveillance camera, he leaned against the wall, cupping his hands to shelter from the wind, and lowered his head to light a cigarette. The confessing girl was shy and nervous, while he was completely uninterested.

Later she found out he was Zong Ye, the rookie who had skyrocketed to fame as soon as he debuted. Due to their collaboration on a reality show, the production team, in an attempt to boost ratings, had Jiang Chuyi actively interact with Zong Ye, capitalizing on his immense popularity. Many in the industry were keen to get close to Zong Ye. Knowing she was out of his league, she restrained herself and didn’t dare to fantasize about him.

After the show aired, there was an intense fan war online, and reporters deliberately asked about the ambiguity between Zong Ye and her. She immediately clarified on his behalf: “He is very nice, very considerate to everyone, and much of it was just for show.” As soon as the interview came out, Zong Ye trended — He got a “nice guy card”

That night, Jiang Chuyi received two messages on WeChat from him:
[Just for show?] [You don’t think I’m giving charity right?]

Little Star X Top Celebrity
#willingly letting you ride my popularity, what could it be other than love#

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midori_13 rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is about celebrities, an underrated beautiful actress x a raising handsome star singer. By the way, I finished the story with MTL (machine translation) and I definitely don't recommend that.

Warning, ⛔️ if you don't want to ruin the surprise of the plot, don't read.

... more>>



Basically, female lead, Jiang Chuyi or real name Ciao Rui Bi, started acting in her early teens.


She debuted and always filmed in artistic and non mainstream, non commercial movies, from the director and her mentor Qin Tong.

Unfortunately because of some bad rumors and because the movies she acted were never meant to be famous, but artistic, she never became a big star. With time she got forgotten, only acting in insignificant roles.

But I really liked her, she was very kind and down to earth, treating everyone nice and equally and always knowing her boundaries and most importantly, I liked her side that loved cute and fluffy pets.


Her actress journey changed when she bumped into the ultra mega famous Zong Ye, the bassist of the idolized band BloodxGentle.


I liked this male lead because despite being super famous, he was always gentle and was always smiling. He was very respectful to everyone no matter if the person was a fan or a famous artist, nothing of those cold and rude male leads, scumbags that humiliate or harass the sensible heroines.


The main characters start to interact together in some works, such as music clips and reality shows. Because of some rumors and some schemes of the heroine's agent, fans started suspecting they were a CP (romantic couple).


I think those actions were showing the ugly side of the celebrities world. How in order of achieve more fame, agents and celebrities would manipulate the gossips in their benefit. Of course female lead didn't like that, but she ended up benefiting a lot. Gaining a little more of fame and getting more work proposals.


Clearly, she...


... falls in love with him.

She discovers that his real name was Li Xiangyuan, and that male lead had a hard life of poverty and bullying and that actually he always loved her, since she helped him and gave him some hope when they were in their early teens and studied in the same school. Female lead didn't remember him at all, but he always considered her his brightest star.

Because of that he decided to become famous and get closer to her.


In the end,


because of his contract that didn't allow him to date, he decided to retire from the entertainment industry. And female lead in order "to take responsibility for him" and be able to "support him financially" (of course that was a joke, she only wanted to be worth of him and be recognized in her career as much as him). So she decided to go again her path of become a great actress that doesn't pursue fame, but recognition.


The final...


... of course, was a happy ending and they got together.


I really liked the premise of the story. It was different from all the other celebrities novels I read before because discussed about...


... the fact of how the entertainment industry relies more about appearance than talent, the industry of celebrities it's more about special effects than content.

That can be seen by the story of female lead. She used to film avant-garde movies with an excellent director. She became his apprentice.

But she never succeeded, because the movies which she debuted weren't commercial or mainstream movies.

(Avant-garde movies seeks to break with tradition and seem to be produced for the artist, which means original story lines.)

(Commercial or mainstream cinema adheres to movies that will be widely accepted and seem to be produced for the audience, which means those same repetitive plots.)

I felt that that this discussion about the entertainment industry was very interesting.


The story and the female lead that struggled with fame while trying to be a real and artistic actress really hooked me up, and I was reading with a lot of expectation, until I discovered who was the male lead...


... he was a bassist of a boy band...

Come on! A boy band?

I know it's my prejudice... but I never saw a boy band before that had substance.

Especially because the target of boy bands are teenager girls... so the most important thing is the appearance... they have choreography and a lot of special effects... the deepness is less important...

Not that they are not talented... but we all know how pop culture kinda lacks meaning...

Again, maybe I'm being biased... but songs with choreography is definitely a no for me.


Okay, okay... I understand he didn't have a choice since all he wanted was to become famous and get closer to female lead... but still... why male lead couldn't be an independent artist, a kind of a singer that is known for his rejection of mainstream values and his focus on artistic expression and experimentation?

Wouldn't they form a better couple like that?


Deep sigh... Alas, what we can do?


The story had a nice beginning a good discussion and critic about the entertainment industry.

But those themes weren't discussed deep enough, and everything went downhill when we see that for female lead to achieve fame, she had to grab male lead's thighs and take a ride in his boy band's popularity...

It would be so nice if she got famous by her own effort while persisting in a career with meaningful movies and complex roles. Instead of falling in the hands of the mainstream and shallow dramas and reality shows, having to borrow someone's fame to achieve recognition.

If she could succeed by herself, she could compete head on with the extremely famous boy band male lead.

Like, I felt so humiliated in her place, seeing all those fan girls drooling over the boy band and everyone praising and licking their boots. While female lead was always ignored and considered a marginal figure in the entertainment circle, despite being so talented.

Okay, okay... to redeem herself she ended up accomplishing that... I just wished that she didn't get blinded by the pursue of fame like she did, before recovering and going back to the real path of art.

For all those reasons, I only gave the story a four stars, because female lead didn't keep being a maverick during the whole story.


Maverick, a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from a society that want to conform with what other people thinking rather than look for the truth, fragility and sensibility of reality. - From Thesaurus. com

I wish everyone can cultivate their maverick side.

I finish this review with a reminder to our maverick side:

Male lead wrote to female lead a passage of the book of J. D. Salinger's The Heart of a Broken Story.

In the Salinger's story, the prisoner thought about a hypothetical love letter that he could have written to a woman he met and fell in love with at first sight, Miss Lester, on a bus. Somehow he decided to steal her bag to get to know her and that's what got him into prison. - From SMTM

"Loving you is the important thing, Miss Lester. There are some people who think that love is s*x and marriage and six-o'clock kisses and children, and perhaps it is, Miss Lester. But do you know what I think? I think that love is a touch and yet not a touch." - Salinger

To all non mavericks in the world, I hope they all can see that love is more than physical touch or a physical presence.

Love is physical touch but also emotional touch. Love is unawareness and sensibility. Love is courage and fragility at the same time. Love can be our darkness but also our brightness star.

Like the title of the story that "When the stars tremble" I wish that our hearts can flutter and tremble together. <<less
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Avni rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Like ntww12, I rate this novel a 4.5/5

This was an unexpected gem.

From the synopsis, my understanding was that this would be a novel where a less known actress would "accidentally" interest the popular star. I had not read the reviews contrary to my usual habits and this novel did not disappoint me. It is a sweet but at the right amount of it. I was fully immersed in their story from beginning to the end even if I did not binge read it.

... more>> About the leads:

The Female Lead: Jiang Chuyi

Jiang Chuyi is a child actress and her beauty is said to be "literary". She was not intended to be a peony everyone likes, but a snow-in-summer (Cerastium tomentosum) loved by the right one. She was a non-mainstream actress.

What I like about her is the way her character was portrayed. A lady who knows her boundaries. She treats everyone equally and is a polite person. And I could relate to her love for fluffy animals, thus I am a bit biased. When I read about her the word that came to my mind was "dainty" and she reminded me of a white little flower. (Therefore, the above analogy)

The Male Lead: Zong Ye

Handsome, respectful and devoted. That is my impression of him. And again, the portrayal of him was done beautifully. I understand the circumstances that led him to love Jiang Chuyi.

My 2 Cents:

The one thing I love about this novel is the lack of the unnecessary drama that usually accompanies novels set in the entertainment industry and the way the couple was portrayed in the later stages. It was beautiful how his Achilles heel is "Jiang Chuyi loves Zong Ye." Just that. When I read this my heart teared up. Knowing the past, it was a beauty that pained you to read.

He is devoted to her. She is his religion. There is no other explanation.

I loved the lyrics. The reference to stars, clouds and rain. It was beautiful.

Another aspect of the story that I loved was:


When the relationship turned to the mature area, the author showed Jiang Chuyi's doubts and maybe discomfort as a conservative person. I do have some qualms with how it was resolved. But nonetheless, I did like the address of this topic, as it made sense for Zong Ye to be primal towards her. The circumstances through which he liked her, how long he loved her for was enough. He longed for her, and when he did get her, yes, he would be not very pink and pure you see.


As for my complaints:

  1. Zong Ye's past was revealed very poorly. One chapter. And it wasn't even through Zong Ye himself. The author could have at least had Zong Ye explain it. Although I would have preferred a more slow-paced reveal.
  2. Jiang Chuyi's rise to fame. It is understandable that she would gain popularity because of Zong Ye, it would have been much better if she went higher with her own efforts. Zong Ye worked hard to reach where he was for her. But that does not mean she doesn't have to work hard and gets to ride on his back. He has already given her his love, devotion. This was not an absolutely necessary thing to add to the list he has given her.
  3. Zong Ye's withdrawal announcement. I would have loved to read it. Rather than the author mentioning he said this this this, I would have loved to interpret the message he had for the world on her. The author lost a wonderful opportunity here.

Overall, this novel is worth the read. I loved reading it. This novel provided me the relaxation I needed during my stressful days. Yes, it had its negative aspects but it is well worth the ratings. <<less
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December 23, 2023
Status: Completed
The good things:
- Gradual relationship development of FL and ML
- relationship development of FL to others
- Personality development where FL finally stop playing passer-by in her life and career and starts taking an active approach to it.
- No face slapping, no melodrama, no huge overt plot twists.
- Full fleshed out characters, even the side characters.
- Healthy female relationships.
- Boundary negotiation
- respectful ML (even when all he wants to do is possess her). Wasn't afraid to apologise, didn't try to deflect it or anything. Just straight up admitted to it and asked how he could do better. So rare, even in real life...

The bad things:
- ML was clingy. Not to say I can't empathize with the way he grew up but, I guess eh. Each to their own
- The last 10 chps, in my opinion, was kinda draggy. It depends what you're here for. There was plenty of healthy negotiating of boundaries and expectations in the last 10 chps, but my heart wasn't into it. I just wanted the plot 😂

Overall: This novel was a great, short read. I loved the development of all the characters and that friendship of 2nd FL with FL.
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MeIsMe rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is simply amazing for those who wants to read something sweet and focus on the romance.

There might be some spoilers below so read with caution.

Read this novel if you like:

1) Plot that focus on the romance. There's not much other things going on, even the celebrity life of the characters aren't focused on much except for the necessary parts. No family dramas, no third party dramas, no unnecessary angst. We are given the chance to immersed totally in the process of both leads falling in love, getting together... more>> and be happy.

2) Totally devoted male lead. He's very much devoted to the female lead, everything he do, it's all for her. He sometimes said he'll do things even if not for her, just to make sure she won't feel burdened, but we as readers knows he did everything for her.

3) Restraint male lead. He love her a lot, like, literally his whole life's purpose is her. So it's to be expected that he's very possessive. But I like that he didn't forcefully act on it, he restrained himself a lot so that she won't be scared. He didn't force her to accept him and didn't force her to do anything she didn't like, he literally just give her the power to decide on everything between them. But. He knows some tricks and knows the female lead's weaknesses so...

4) No dragging plot. Things pretty much are solved quickly. There aren't any part where I got bored cuz the phase of the whole novel is just right. Tho I do hope the author explore more on their celebrity life, but in the end their sweet moments make up for it. <<less
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ntww12 rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: Completed
This is probably more of a 4.5 but I rounded it up.

It's a pretty lovely story about our FL falling in love with the ML. FL is an actress and ML is a singer in a band. His band is called BloodXGentle but the four of them are also known as Xibao which is like a term called FourTreasures. The bandmates are named Fu Cheng (main singer), Zong Ye (bassist, ML), Ji Kai and Wang Tan. Don't remember what are JK and WT's roles tbh. But Zong Ye writes most... more>> of their songs.

FL and ML encounter each other during a movie starring the ML. The movie is like one of those movies for BTS/1D, about the lives of a music band and their rise to fame. FL acts in the movie and finds herself falling for our ML. There is some angst as both our leads have low self-esteem tbh, and they've encountered some things that made them fear opening up. So there was some mild misunderstandings that were cleared up fairly quickly. After the FL and ML get together, the story is really very sweet. The kissing scenes are actually really hot as the ML really gets into teaching the FL adult things. LOL. Ending was really sweet too but I do wish there were extras.

The entire vibe of this story is romance. There isn't any unnecessary drama other than the two of them trying to figure out "does she/he like me? Does she/he not?".

Some cons of the story:


I dislike the way they finally got together when the FL finds out about the ML's past as it just came as a flashback in one chapter where the uncle tells the FL about it. Not the ML revealing it, nor the FL remembering it slowly. Felt that was a cheap quick way to resolve the misunderstanding that I did not quite enjoy.


FL's personality:

Quiet, gentle girl who is mentioned to be quite plain when she is with other celebrities as she's not as flamboyant as others. She calls herself dull, but her best quality is her big heart and kindness. Our FL is kind to everyone she meets and does not think of herself as a star. She just wants to make good movies but due to circumstances, was forced by her agent to star in variety show and a movie she didn't quite like to become popular.

ML's personality:

He's one of those guys who seems gentle, smiles at you and talks to everyone but actually he's keeping a distance with others with his politeness. The only person he opens up to is his bandmates and the FL. ML had a tough past.

About FL's past:


Our FL was a child star and acted in literary film/movies that won't win her very much fame, but she would get awards. People naturally got jealous and mentioned that she was sleeping with a Director to get roles but the particular Director is actually her mentor whom she respects a lot. FL then got discouraged and developed a little low self-esteem and quit the circle for a while. After finishing school, she's back again but this time her agent wants her to be "popular" and so she makes the FL go for variety shows and a movie that her mentor Director thinks is useless and s*upid.


About ML's past:


He's actually been in love with the FL since junior high and only went into the entertainment circle to chase after her. FL and ML went to the same school. At the time, ML's mother had just committed su*cide and he was depressed. He was then bullied at school. FL had started her film career at the time and she rarely went to school, but when she did, she noticed that people bullied this quiet boy. She stood up for the boy and became his deskmate to protect him. ML has always remembered FL's kindness and he fell in love with her since then. Despite them not meeting often, every moment that he spent with her is his cherished memory. He grew up watching the literary film starring her debut and it's so funny cause he mentioned that he is probably the only one who gets aroused watching a literary film.

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