What Can You Do With Accelerated Healing


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A spoonful of gingerol, a scoop of cumin, and a bottle of extremely sweet syrup.

Stir the crucible and evaporate the water.

Drink to gain new life.

In the land of alchemical punk, elements and monsters run rampant, and malevolent evil spirits are lurking.

Xia Zuo left the mage tower, focused on studying toxins, and forged his own path as a mage.

Associated Names
One entry per line
My blood regeneration is 100 million points faster
My healing is a bit OP
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    New zhanxian rated it
    February 11, 2024
    Status: c50
    What can you do with accelerated healing? Fellow daoist, walk with me along the path of consuming copious amounts of poisons, drugs, narcotics and elixirs. Why? Because the potions that don't kill you, make you stronger!

    What does this story contain? Videogame stat leveling system complete with stat points and exp, identify skill perk, photographic memory cheat, and a physical 'i cant die unless my hp reaches zero but my hp regen keeps increasing' body-cheat. Set in a fantasy world that has multiple cultivation systems including body cultivation, alchemy, magic... more>> and possibly some kind of hybrid system custom tailored to the mc's special cheats that is only briefly mentioned because its practiced in a different continent and therefore unavailable but might be relevant later! 50 chapters in and there have been basically zero fights, face slapping, or any kind of drama. MC is breezing through life and having a good time. He has his jade faced beauty and no young master dares court death. The government is benevolant and the citizens are kind. This is a chinese slow life isekai story similar to the japanese ones. It's not terrible, and some of the weirdness might be the translator's fault rather than the author's as this is clearly MTL, edited by ai. Who calls Hp levels, blood levels? Robots. Who ends a chapter with "Is this closer to the style and context you're looking for?"? Robots. But don't let that stop you from enjoying this fun little story. <<less
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    haanhaan rated it
    December 24, 2023
    Status: c31 part1
    3 stars as in mediocre.


    Here's a thing, it has "kinda" good story, good start, some interesting things going on, bu*t the author can't just help to put too much.. And I mean TOOOO MUCHHH *with extra characters* of unnecessary info dump, well I get it that MC in academy "arc" bu*t I don't need to know the details of dissecting mouse in novel, I need more interesting things going on, like magical mouse, magical tools, magical books, magical whatever in a MAGIC Academy, not details about BASIC science IRL that... more>> we already know *well some of us*, you can just skimp thru those with just surface no need to get into details too much for IRL science, we read MAGICAL story for the "magic" part not science study.

    Just saying.

    xD <<less
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    gegehehe8686 rated it
    December 5, 2023
    Status: c22 part3
    Surprisingly interesting so far. The writing style doesn't really fit my preferences, but it's not bad. I'm interested to see how the MC will grow in the future.
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    simasisius rated it
    December 22, 2023
    Status: c33
    It's decent, I guess. The MC is a bit too childish, if I remember correctly. My immersion is somewhat ruined by the cliche and very convenient circumstances that appear in the story. It still has potential to be fairly good, but there have already been signs of some tr*shy forced romance appearing, which makes me worried. If romance does appear in the novel, I will edit this review to inform fellow readers with good taste that this isn't worth checking out. Also, please note, the MC is a good guy... more>> and I don't see him turning evil. <<less
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