I Pioneered Scientific Magic


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Lynn embarks on a fantastical journey to a realm reminiscent of medieval Europe, yet infused with extraordinary magical abilities. Here, the very fabric of reality is governed by the enigmatic theory of magic, which harnesses and manipulates fundamental particles.

In this world, wizards, who are essentially scientific spell casters, find themselves locked in a relentless battle against the oppressive Church.

However, when Lynn arrives, a harbinger of an otherworldly Renaissance, the tides of change are set in motion, unveiling a thrilling tale of discovery, intrigue, and the struggle for enlightenment.

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I Made Scientific Magic
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New lefinensis rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c12
Like other novels this translator has done, the translation for this novel is also garbage quality. Names, genders and entire paragraphs are mixed up. You'll read entire chapters confused and wondering what the f*ck is going on because of wrong names and wrong plot points. There are more than ten instances that I had to recheck the website and the link I cl**ked to determine whether I was reading the correct novel or not. There's absolutely no quality control or even proof-reading done on these translations, it's like they were... more>> copy-pasted from google translate. The translator clearly treats the story as an after thought, like they just want to scam the readers into paying for garbage they machine translated. I hope nobody supports this translator, because doing so only encourages them to continue scamming people. Hopefully, someone who cares more about the readers would pick up this novel in the future. <<less
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sedition- rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: --
It's an interesting story so far, nothing unique as it's more or less just copying the story beats of similar novels.

The translation is spotty, it's probably mtl with various editors who don't remember who is who, a bunch of characters are arbitrarily given the wrong gender and names change randomly chapter to chapter.

In chapter 12 for example they've accidentally turned the main character into a girl by using she and her all over the place by mistake.

Despite those issues, the translation has pretty decent grammar somehow.
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hypersniper159 rated it
November 5, 2023
Status: c41
interesting; pure gold rusted over by generic plot points. I have a feeling that this novel was not the author's own idea, and the author is trying to mimic something else. But its done well enough, clearly. (PS- I think its trying to mimic "When a Mage Revolts." I read 700 chapters of it, and its very similar.)

Plot - super interesting (to me) but again, rusted over by some generic things. I kinda wish there was more depth to the actions, descriptions, motives, and characterizations. This novel is just... more>> trying to reach certain plot points and try to steadily pass them at a consistent rate. It kinda goes down as it continues, however.

Characters - cardboard cutouts with names slapped onto them

Worldbuilding - again super interesting, but clearly not the author's original idea. It does not help that the magic is based on chemistry, and clearly, the author does not know much chemistry besides googling some general chemistry you can learn in high school. I major in chemistry, and that is why I know that the author has a very limited understanding of it. For example, they do not consider exo- or endothermic reactions (releasing or absorbing heat - and some reactions can be dangerous [even in a controlled setting] since they release so much heat.. They also don't consider how reactions actually work? Like you can't mash two elements together and get a compound... <<less
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DicerX rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c494
Actually, this novel is fantastic. Sure, the main character is a bit dull and there's no hint of romance, but that's not really the issue. I stopped at chapter 494 with an edited Epub I made from here. The novel does an excellent job of blending together magic and high-school level science, and it's pretty convincing too. The real issue is the translator, who's almost singlehandedly responsible for the novel's low ratings here. I mean, changing a female character's name from Jenny to Johnny? Great f#cking idea. And even after... more>> being called out, they just keep at it!

The best way to read this novel? Unironically, it's with machine translation. There's less gender confusion and it's on par with what the official translator is offering. <<less
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haanhaan rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c112
3 stars

Actually it was 4 stars before, but the TL confusing gender of characters plus the author random info dump makes the reader (me) annoyed while reading it, the info dump even takes as much as half of the chapter sometimes.
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