Warrior’s Promise


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The course of commitments never did run smooth.

After dying on Earth, the King of Mercenaries is reborn as Su Mo in the Firmament and Continent. In this brand-new world, Martial Art is the way of life, and the strong set the rules.

Having awakened a Martial Soul of the lowest rank, possibly meaning he will never go far as a Martial Artist, Su Mo is determined to rise to the top again nonetheless.

However, misfortunes never come singly. The love of his life is soon taken by one of the most powerful forces in the world. With no time to spare, watch as Su Mo overcomes all odds and struggle on the verge of death countless times, in order to meet his love again.

As the protagonist reaches the top in that world, he has to take on more responsibilities and face new challenges.

Follow Su Mo on his relentless journey to become stronger for the sake of those important to him, and uncover the deep, dark secrets and plots in the vast universe.

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10 Reviews

Oct 30, 2018
Status: --
A very typical cultivation novel but with ret*rded MC.

I prefer desolate era or warlock of the magus world.

The writing kept gliding downwards. With plot hole here and there.

But if you want to read it then read, I just state my opinion.
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Oct 16, 2018
Status: c22
Despite it being a guy who reincarnated, he acts like the typical chinese cultivation MC. He walks up to an arrogant young master who happens to be just under his level (or just a little bit over) and he faceslaps them (literally). They get mad and want revenge so they challenge him only to lose to him either immediately or after a period of time which he overcomes the cultivation gap. Rinse and repeat. Oh and he runs into cliches of every novel which means beautiful women (who turn out... more>> to be geniuses) and hidden cultivation treasures. <<less
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Sep 08, 2019
Status: c700
I rate this a 4/5 with a huge caveat. This is a tr*sh tier cliche novel, it is actually a pretty bad novel. But, it is quite entertaining as something to read to kill time. All the characters in this novel are mentally ret*rded. 95% of people are such. If they see a person that is even 1 level below them in cultivation, they will call them tr*sh and try to kill them. The MC is not the sharpest tool in the shed but all of his enemies being ret*rded... more>> drags down his intelligence as well.

However, are two main drivers for entertainment and sometimes the novel is quite funny.

  1. The MC's cheat power makes him a mass mu*derer. He basically can suck up the blood and Qi of others to increase his own cultivation. So he kills a lot of people, robs their cultivation, robs their pills and herbs. Now this is a really simple premise, but at the beginning of the novel, this is pretty cool power and pretty entertaining to read.
  2. The MC does have a primary goal, to get strong to save his little wife. His little wife is actually the daughter of a super power that is like 5/6 realms above him. She's also been engage to a super genius who is mentally deficient. I think the end goal is very noble and keeps me flipping pages to see when they will reunite.
Just a word of caution, pretty much everybody is mentally ret*rded in this novel. Elders, senior brothers. Even the scrub minions. Even heaven defying geniuses are actually just mentally ret*rded.

Its 100% junk food, you know its bad, but sometimes you just want to eat it. Its that kind of novel. <<less
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Dec 27, 2020
Status: c176
Like most everyone else, I agree that this is a mishmash copy of other novels' ideas. Nothing new. Either the author or translator/editor can't do math, and can't keep track of details in the novel, but numbers are all over the place.

Overall, read for the s*upid typos and bad grammar. Or not... I really tried, but got tired of it.
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Dec 21, 2020
Status: c96
For the first 90 chapters, the only thing I found interesting and original from other similar novels was his martial spirit and how it operated. Everything else, unfortunately, shows a lack of author imagination. As other reviewers said, the author keeps pulling out standard stuff other novels have already done / used as material for this novel.

Chapter 96 was a real bugger for me. The most powerful alliance in the sect is too dumb to realize the same guy is using them over and over again? There's no elder to... more>> oversee the death match arena? Then the author spelled out these strict rules for the death challenge arena, but later allows the characters to run wild and break all the rules with impunity. Huh?

Oh, and you have this large, powerful alliance of disciples that doesn't even have to listen to the elders after you, but... but... but you still are going to stay in the sect that is clearly missing the reward part of risk vs reward equation? <<less
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Jan 04, 2019
Status: c192
Ok the beginning is cliche as hell the setting being lowest martial soul that evolves, gf gets taken away, he antagonized the strongest group in the sect. The novel does have good potential as the MC is a psuedo demon cultivator
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Feb 06, 2021
Status: c1137
A former mercenary king from China transmigrates to a new world of cultivation. Due to fighting too much in his previous life, he brought his brain injuries to the new world and would act like an idiot picking fights with whomever he can. There's no subterfuge or acting like a pig to eat a tiger, MC will just lash out at whoever steps on his almighty dignity. One of the Mc's favorite line is "I'll kill you in one move!" or something similar. *Puke* The sad thing is the way... more>> the novel is written, you don't cheer for the MC's c*cky personality and it actually annoys the reader, well it annoys me anyway. He's like a guy that has been poor his entire life and then gets rich overnight, and suddenly turns into an arrogant prick treating the people around him like crap. I actually don't mind when MC's become c*cky when they're powerful, but the MC here is c*cky and dumb at the same time.

I can also understand why other reviewers say it's a mish mash of ideas taken from other novels because when I started reading it, I felt like I already read it before but I wasn't certain when or where. A lot of novels either repeat adventuring in forbidden grounds to get loot or rehash the tournament thing - this novel does the tournament thing. MC fights tournament at his clan, at his sect, at a war zone, in a arena, and now a pre-tournament to see who will fight in a tournament for the continent's top talent competition. So we have five tournaments going into six in under 300 chapters. I've been skimming a lot of the tournament parts because his opponents name will be destined to be written off to oblivion so there's no need to know them or how the MC wins. He will win and make more enemies, rinse and repeat.

The good thing about this novel is that it hasn't been dropped, unlike the 30+ from webnovel that I can no longer enjoy. The bad thing is that Transn translated this so it sometimes reads okay and sometimes reads like MTL with edits so bad that they might as well not edit it.

***Update: I'm at chapter 1137 and I don't know how long I can endure for. I've got wolves galloping and people roar out in pain by going "ouch!" <<less
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Jan 14, 2020
Status: c960
Rating: 4.5/10

At first I thought I found the driest xianxia cliche novel out there, but reading so far, I did find some readeeming qualities to it. Yes, the plot is formulaic especially the neverending trials with geniuses in treasure planes. If you can bear that then you can enjoy the effortless entertainment which is quick-paced and minimalistic. I would advise to skip 20-odd chapter at times if you feel bored, because the novel has its ups and down.

The plot premise is entagled with the main love interest. The romantic... more>> trope of everlasting love at first sight drives the narrative. It irritates me but luckily it is not mentioned in entire arcs until MC power ups.

Now, I have mixed feelings for the MC. He pretends to be stoic, always keeping his promises even when facing certain death. Then he luckily finds a deus ex machina, which is not realistic - I dislike that foolishnes. On the other hand, at times he knows how to hide his strenth and even bow to his hated enemies to stay alive, which is rarrisimo in this sort of novels.

Lastly, the enemies and young masters.... (almost) all characters get veery arrogant and immediately jump to show off their status, not matter how pitiful, in front of strangers who they deem more ordinary peasants. This straightforward "evilness" is not so epic as the author thinks compared to sinuous schemers, whi don't blabber but make you suffer in cold silence (e.g. Reverend Insanity). But this gets less frustrating once you accommodate to the ethics/manners/mindset of this world; you won't necessarily perceive their belligerence as downright s*upidity. <<less
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Apr 11, 2021
Status: c1223
Rate: 2.5/5

I'm putting it on hold. *I still recommend this as a snack if you have no main dishes yet. Not enough flavors but it's chewable*.

I know MC is a youngster in the current world, but from the beginning until ch.1223 currently, I recall almost nothing shows or indicated that he was KING of Mercenaries before. His mind is like real youngster, no real planning, strategy or schemes worth enough the former title. Not once until now. His memories from former world is intact but I guess it's unusable. Instead... more>> MC is a bit impulsive & sometimes ret*rded - these were used for the plot in the end.

Good things are the story manage to picture in details about the adventures -the fighting scene are well described -, the world, and the cultivation system. Even though the level of the realms below Emperor realm a bit blurred because of MC peculiar martial soul, still distinctly enough to differentiate. I wonder how about the realm after that.. Well, on hold for now, will read later after some time. <<less
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Oct 24, 2019
Status: c505
It's a good story if the MC act at his mental age not just like an idiot kid who got an broken ancient sword and think he can dominate the world because it's a flying sword a king of mercenaries that reborn to another world but did not read or study the world he is in to the history or the world he just like a frog. He's ignorant arrogant thinking highly of him self and looking down to other is ok if he is an anti hero and detached... more>> to people but it's an ok story to read if a fan of merciless MC and to waste time <<less
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