Warrior’s Promise


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The course of commitments never did run smooth.

After dying on Earth, the King of Mercenaries is reborn as Su Mo in the Firmament and Continent. In this brand-new world, Martial Art is the way of life, and the strong set the rules.

Having awakened a Martial Soul of the lowest rank, possibly meaning he will never go far as a Martial Artist, Su Mo is determined to rise to the top again nonetheless.

However, misfortunes never come singly. The love of his life is soon taken by one of the most powerful forces in the world. With no time to spare, watch as Su Mo overcomes all odds and struggle on the verge of death countless times, in order to meet his love again.

As the protagonist reaches the top in that world, he has to take on more responsibilities and face new challenges.

Follow Su Mo on his relentless journey to become stronger for the sake of those important to him, and uncover the deep, dark secrets and plots in the vast universe.

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Kzhckz. rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: --
A very typical cultivation novel but with retarded MC.

I prefer desolate era or warlock of the magus world.

The writing kept gliding downwards. With plot hole here and there.

But if you want to read it then read, I just state my opinion.
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tyes77 rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c22
Despite it being a guy who reincarnated, he acts like the typical chinese cultivation MC. He walks up to an arrogant young master who happens to be just under his level (or just a little bit over) and he faceslaps them (literally). They get mad and want revenge so they challenge him only to lose to him either immediately or after a period of time which he overcomes the cultivation gap. Rinse and repeat. Oh and he runs into cliches of every novel which means beautiful women (who turn out... more>> to be geniuses) and hidden cultivation treasures. <<less
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mmsupreme rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: c192
Ok the beginning is cliche as hell the setting being lowest martial soul that evolves, gf gets taken away, he antagonized the strongest group in the sect. The novel does have good potential as the MC is a psuedo demon cultivator
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