Wandering Warrior of Wudang


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Human life depends on Heaven’s. And now, my time has come too.

A Grim Reaper from the underworld, dressed in black clothes, sways like an illusion before me. Second call.

[…Hyeok Ryun…] Ha, yes, yes. Let’s go now. What else can I do in this life?

“It’s the Herb of Immortality! I’ve finally found the Herb of Immortality! My lord!”

What? The Herb of Immortality? Someone stop this damned Grim Reaper!

Evil Sect’s Heavenly Lord Hyeok Ryun Mugang. At the moment of death, thanks to the miraculous arrival of the Herb of Immortality, I head to Murim once again…

AHHHH, why Wudang of all places~~!!!

Associated Names
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Mudang Gihyeob
MUGANG : The Path Of Shaman
Path of the Shaman
Wudang's Cheater Martial
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